A Fascist Presidency Courtesy of Millennials and Sanders Supporters

Now you understand?!

Now you see how the media made you hate Hillary?

Now you see it was all misogyny?

My fury against you all is burning me. You are the scum of the earth. You propagated hatred against Hillary and asked people to not vote for her. You convinced Black men that she ‘hated them’.

I hope Trump and Cheney will torture you.

Nope, I have a right to RANT and Vent. That’s all there is to these words. But take them to heart, ’cause you are the ignorant scum of the earth.

You, the zombie living-dead Left and ‘progressives’ are the scum of the earth.

Because of your stupidity, you brought Fascism to the USA.

The blood that Trump and Cheney will spill in our nation is in your hands, you own it. LIVE WITH IT.