The (dis)state of the dis-union

First, a reminder, ’cause the masses tend to have very short memory (the oligarchs count on that). So far we have had the following (the news clips bring back the emotions of those moments):

  • threats to unions
  • threats to bigly corporate globalists
  • playing with nukes, China and Taiwan
  • fake news about Trump’s fake fight with the media (please, read the captions)


These two pieces of news are related. Can you tell how?


The media showed you on those two headlines the power struggle between Trump and the military vultures. Not many people noticed, though. And it is not about saving you money.















A FAKE FIGHT: Two different tweets. Top tweet says 3:16 AM. Bottom one says 6:16 AM. Different ‘heart’ and re-tweet amounts. The first has more on all counts, which doesn’t make sense.

My point being:

You are living in a FAKE existence, fake politics.

The media decides what are the news of the day, then they stop reporting about it; and the breaking news, the ‘threats’ are forgotten. Forgotten are the angry voters, the emails, the fights and hatred between the Bernies and Hillary’s against the deplorables…that is passé, not a problem anymore.

The people’s anger is under control by that charismatic leader of the sewer. As Trump said the other day, after acknowledging his followers’ anger during the elections:

President-elect Donald Trump (above) spoke in Orlando on Friday to a crowd of more than 11,000 people during his Thank You Tour rally where he admitted that his supporters during the election were 'violent'

“But now, you’re mellow and you’re cool and you’re not nearly as vicious or violent, right? Because we won, right?’

The true existence, the one that matters, is going on where you are not allowed to enter: in the news rooms, in the private meetings between Trump and the oligarchs. It is there where the extortion, the threats, and the in-party cannibalism covered daily as ‘news’ is going on; that’s the real world.  The news are intended to get you ready to take sides when the bell rings for the start of the real fight between Trump and the oligarchs for a piece of the loot.

That’s the purpose of propaganda, keep you reacting. Today with anger, tomorrow with anxiety…always waiting for the next jolt of shocking news to get that machine moving as planned.

We are passive observers of our lives being destroyed and a new world order being erected around us. All of this with our consent because we are being deceived by Trump, the media, and those holding the true power of our government: the GOP, Congress and the CEOs of globalist corporations.

We, my friend, are the weapon these corrupt and greedy elitists use against each other. Trump is winning because he has the angry deplorables on his side.

But don’t count on that for too long, pussy grabber.


Larry Summers: Presidential Elections Crisis Evidence That Globalism May Have Run Its Course

Why Is Trump Causing A Crisis In The GOP?

Summers: Primaries Are Evidence Globalism Has Plateaued
What Is To Be Done? Weathering the Global Storm
Managing The Consequences Of Globalism
Summers’ Veiled Threat To Americans: Ostracize Trump or Else…
Conclusion: The Left’s Distorted Thinking


I read in Black Agenda Report a comment  by Glen Ford about this primaries cycle similar to those found in other leftists blogs:  that the duopoly (the two-party system) is bankrupt, destabilized to the point of near collapse due to Trump and Sanders’ campaigns challenging each respective  party’s owners. In Ford’s words:

What makes this election season different is the crisis in the duopoly system, itself: the possibility that the U.S. corporate-controlled electoral arrangement might be shattered beyond repair by irresolvable fractures in both the Republican and Democratic camps, creating more space for a broad left politics in the United States.

He also says there:

On the Republican side, the fate of the duopoly hinges on whether the GOP’s corporate leaders will choose to coexist in the same party with Donald Trump, an unpredictable billionaire who cannot be counted on to support perpetual U.S. military occupation of the planet and race-to-the-bottom global trade deals.

Rest assured Glen, the elite will avert the crisis. As I will show in this post,  they are working on it as we speak.

Missing from Ford’s and the other leftists’ analysis is the why: Why is it that the oligarchy cannot handle run-of-the-mill entertainment mogul Donald Trump, allowing him to ‘sequester’ the GOP? Sanders is in the other party doing what Trump is doing in the GOP: he too is ‘denouncing’ the elite. But the democrats seem to be handling him better; the impending doom for them is not as palpable as in the GOP. I know, evil-Hillary has him by the neck.

But Sanders has never attacked the globalists directly.  His mantra has been  against the “0.1% of Wall Street and against Hillary Clinton as the evil witch who has corrupted our nation’s good CEOs. As of late his has focused exclusively on her. He has stated his support of globalism. That’s why he has not directly associated voter anger with globalism as Trump has; that’s why he (and HC) is not a threat to the elite. I’m not endorsing him, for crying out loud!

But I think there is something else: the constant on both parties is that which Ford dismissed in his article: ‘voter anger’.

angry - Copy

Since March 1 I have been writing (inartfully, for sure) in this blog (here, here and here) about the relation between voter anger, Trump, the globalists and Larry Summers, and as it so happens, not only the relation exists, but it should have been taken into account by the left long time ago. Had they done that, they would have saved themselves from the embarrassment and disappointment at getting sucked into the Sanders ‘revolution’ day-dreaming campaign and falling for Trump’s pseudo-anti-globalist ‘rebellion’.

Why Is Trump Causing A Crisis In The GOP?

I will discuss Larry Summers’ two recent articles that illuminate the real causes behind this presidential election cycle crisis. Let me frame the conversation.

I argued, in the posts links above, that this electoral crisis is due mostly to voters anger, an outcome  of globalism, and that the elite sees these elections as the evidence that they have inflicted as much pain and disruption as the  middle class and the global humanity are capable of withstanding without rebelling. I also suggested that the Trump effect, the disruption of the GOP’s order, is not due to his anti-globalist position, as the left has suggested.

Trump’s crime has been daring to open for public discussion the crimes of the globalist elite, inciting the anger of the middle class against the elite. Of course, that is Trumpism, i.e., opportunism; he just wants to get those votes, he is part of the ‘billionaire class’.  The regular people is not allowed to discuss the evils of globalism anywhere, least of all in their presidential elections. Trump opening the discussion merely for winning votes is the ultimate betrayal to the elitist class to which he belongs.

aim - Copy

Image from somewhere in the internet.

So let’s see what is it that Larry Summers wants Trump to stuff it.

Summers: Primaries Are Evidence That Globalism Has plateaued

What follows is based on these two articles:(a) Global trade should be remade from the bottom up
April 11th, 2016, and (b) Larry Summers: Donald Trump is a serious threat to American democracy March 1.

There is nothing surprising about these elections to the elite because they are watching the effects that their rapacious greed is having on humanity. Larry Summers made the diagnosis: the political crisis that is this presidential election cycle is  merely a symptom...of the success of globalism.

This [globalization] has proved more successful than could reasonably have been hoped. [On article (a)]

Summers is sort-of paraphrasing Trump: globalists have had so much success that they are saying “please, no more success”. But, seriously, Summers et al globalists are listening  to your complaints:

They read the revelations in the Panama Papers and conclude that globalisation offers a fortunate few the opportunities to avoid taxes and regulations that are not available to the rest. And they see the disintegration that accompanies global integration, as communities suffer when big employers lose to foreign competitors. [(a)]

poor - Copy

For Summers, the evidence that  globalism has plateaued, overachieved, is in our current presidential elections. The oligarchs have taken notice of the importance of this elections cycle:

Elites can continue pursuing and defending [global] integration, hoping to win sufficient popular support — but, on the evidence of the US presidential campaign and the Brexit debate, this strategy may have run its course. [a]

Yet a revolt against global integration is under way in the west. The four leading candidates for president of the US — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — all oppose the principal free-trade initiative of this period: the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Proposals by Mr Trump, the Republican frontrunner, to wall off Mexico, abrogate trade agreements and persecute Muslims are far more popular than he is. [a]

candidtes - Copy

That last phrase, “far more popular than he is“, it says it all.

So there you have it: the elite is watching you and understands better than you do yourselves from where that anger is coming. How do they know that the damage has been done? Let’s just say… they know:

The core of the revolt against globalintegration, though, is not ignorance. It is a sense, not wholly unwarranted, that it is a project carried out by elites for elites with little consideration for the interests of ordinary people — who see the globalisation agenda as being set by big companies playing off one country against another. [a]

So our dysfunctional presidential primaries show that the people are angry at globalization and can’t take it any longer. What is the elite to do to help us?

What Is To Be Done? Weathering the Global Storm

Globalism plateaued and there’s no way to convince the masses that it should be protected: the damage is beyond repair.

Elites can continue pursuing and defending integration, hoping to win sufficient popular support — but… this strategy may have run its course. [a]

The inevitability of popular unrest due to globalism having plateaued will result in a situation like that scene in the God Father were the mob went underground for cover after Michael killed Sollozzo: it was a “hiatus”.

This is likely to result in a hiatus in new global integration [a]

The elite will then concentrate on:

efforts to preserve what is in place while relying on technology and growth in the developing world to drive further integration. [a]

Like the God Father’s mob, the elite is weathering the storm.

solloazo - Copy

Managing The Consequences of Globalism

Voters fight with each other defending/attacking Trump and Sanders/Clinton: but Larry Summers knows how childish their fights are because he knows that they are fighting the wrong enemy. He also knows that they can be like an elephant walking in a ceramics store. The elite knows that the unmanaged anger will lead to chaos. So manage the anger they will.

Much more promising is this idea: the promotion of global integration can become a bottom-up rather than a top-down project. The emphasis can shift from promoting integration to managing its consequences. [a]

Larry Summers doesn’t go deep in this article about how he envisions this “managing” of the consequences of globalization, except to say this:

This would mean a shift from international trade agreements to international harmonisation agreements, where issues such as labour rights and environmental protection would take precedence over issues related to empowering foreign producers. It would also mean devoting as much political capital to the trillions that escape tax or evade regulation through cross-border capital flows as we now devote to trade agreements. And it would mean an emphasis on the challenges of middle-class parents everywhere who doubt, but still hope desperately, that their kids can have better lives than they did. [a]

One thing I can take from that quote: that our lives, our jobs, our unemployment, our education and entertainment, our housing…it has all been managed for us for a long long time, and will continue to be managed for us today. The solutions, the bandages or the profound alternatives to move away from this crisis will come from them.

They will use the MSM to ‘educate’ us, to influence our opinions, to tell us how to run our lives because, to them We the people are like children having a bad temper tantrum and who need to be disciplined. But he is afraid of the unruly children:

I have had a strong point of view on each of the last ten presidential elections, but never before had I feared that what I regarded as the wrong outcome would in the long sweep of history risk grave damage to the American project. [b]

Summers’ Veiled Threat To Americans: Ostracize Trump or Else…

soon - Copy

Thus Summers proceeds to give a warning to the American middle class, a veiled threat of what will happen to you if you don’t behave:

The United States has always been governed by the authority of ideas, rather than the idea of authority. Nothing is more important than to be clear to all Americans that the tradition of vigorous political debate and compromise will continue. The sooner Donald Trump is relegated to the margins of our national life, the better off we and the world will be. [b]

Did you see it, or am I misinterpreting that quote? Those two quotes tell a story: The elite will not allow you to disrupt their status quo, they  have no patient with you, so you will be better off ostracizing the Donald, not only from the campaign, but from our “national life”; and “the sooner” you do it, the better for you. If you elect Trump, you will be governed by “the idea of authority”, there will be no more compromises. But it is not Trump’s idea of authority: it’s the elite’s.

This veiled threat has been used before: by Bush Jr. in 2009 when he threatened to use martial law if the people refused to bail out the big financial and insurance corporations criminals.

Another thing that will “remain in place”, according to those quotes,  is the elite’s privilege to avoid paying taxes. Summers recommends to the elite to devote as much of  their financial and political resources to protect the “trillions that escape tax…” as they will devote to trade agreements.

Conclusion: The Left’s Distorted Thinking

These primaries are special. The reason the duopoly is in crisis is not because of Trump or Hillary; both parties are in crisis because of the middle class’ anger, because globalism has reached its peak.

In times of turmoil, it is expected that opportunist politicians will try catch the big fish out of the dark waters. Trump and Sanders are those politicians. Hillary Clinton? Well, you have wasted your energy on her: she is not the one running as the revolutionary or socialist. You chose to follow two of three of the worse evils. Instead of seeing what I have described here, you engaged in vilifying a woman as the sole corrupt element in the ‘establishment’. With all due respect, that is so male of you.

The oligarchs are as deep in this crisis as we are. But they are organized, they have traced their course and goals, they have a VISION. What does the left have?

Well, they are united in their Hate-Hillary fest. You allowed your emotions and, often, misogyny to take control of your mind. Your hatred lead you  to publicly consider the most shameful thought a leftist can have: voting for Trump. The amount of energy spent on vilifying HC was at least 3x higher than that spent on Trump, and 10x higher on advocating for Sanders. Your hatred distorted your thinking, made you forget that Trump could NOT POSSIBLY be the anti-globalist he has claimed he is: it was all an act. You forgot that he is a member of the elite; if he wins, he will bend over to the military and oligarchs bigger than he is.

The left has nothing to offer to the middle class. Well, maybe the Green Party does. Go cast your vote for whoever…

At the end of this elections cycle, we will end up exactly where we started: in the hands of the oligarchs.

Donald Trump’s Pre-Crimes

Important Update: I wrote this post in March, when the primaries were only a dress rehearsal for the real and scariest Trump that was to show up later in the presidential campaign. Back at that time, Trump was a cipher even for the MSM who could not understand the appeal of Trump nor the reason behind the ‘angry voters’. Thus, I tried to contribute in this post a deeper understanding of the Trump phenomena than the one discussed publicly in the media and otherwise at that time: that the fear in the heart of the oligarchs was not Trump, but him discussing publicly the failures of globalism, which they understand is the cause of ‘voter anger’ (see posts about Larry Summers).  At no time was I supporting him nor making a case against Hillary Clinton. At the beginning of the primaries, the oligarchy was divided on the issue of how to quash the people’s anger, and attacking Trump was a sign of desperation, they believed he was serious on his attacks on them. While Trump, with his ability to find the pulse of the public to make his products palatable to them, knew how to sell anti-globalism without using the term, it was no reason to elect a man-child over an adult. He identifies himself as part of the elitist class, the oligarchs will lose their ‘fear of him’ and probably continue to be divided on how to use the opportunity Trump provides to clamp down on the ‘angry people’. Now that the oligarchs are at ease with him, now is when we are in danger.


Consider the following.

We went  through the presidency of Truman – who detonated TWO atomic bombs on Japan, and the world and the USA survived it.

We went through the presidency of Richard Nixon with his eight years of genocidal war against Viet Nam; and we all survived it.

nixon - Copy

We went through the presidency of Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan, who sucked up the wealth of the nations for the elite and made wars on Latin America; and the world and the USA  survived it.

We went through the presidency of Bush Jr ( you all know what happened there), and we barely survived it. His administration (Cheney) went to Congress to OPENLY demand that torture be allowed as a regular US military policy. No, MSM, that policy has not being changed, and no, Bush Jr. didn’t ‘prohibit’ it. Don’t try  to attach moral qualities on a president and an administration utterly lacking it.

G.W. Bush joking about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at a black-tie event for radio and television journalists in Washington.

We are about to come out from the Obama presidency, one bloodier than Bush’s Jr., and we have so far survived it (cross your fingers). The people in the Middle East may rightly want  to disagree with me in that they have NOT survived Obama’s presidency. He not only defended Bush’s torture policy, but he continues to practice it.


“His record on torture has been abysmal, to the point of obstruction, concealment, and ultimate complicity,” said Wells Dixon, a senior attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights,” Photo of US drones damage to communities in Syria.

And now, if we were to believe the media (national and global), the US and the world would not be able to survive the  presidency of a Donald Trump,  the man whose big crime so far has been that he has entertained  the American and global addicts of vacuous reality TV shows with The Apprentice and Miss America. 

His pre-crimes:

  • that he will continue these genocidal policies from the ‘nationalistic’, ‘isolationist’ and anti-globalist ideological position.
  • that he is “not a real conservative“,
  • that he will kill families of terrorists and neighborhoods where they are,
  • that he will use torture and cause a revolt in the military
  • that he is racist.
  • that women will suffer from his sexist policies

But Trump’s threat to the globalist is in that he is anti-globalist. If you believe the media’s characterization of his thinking, then there’s nothing to fear: he would be a continuation of exactly what the neocons are doing now. Yet he has not shown his immorality in practice, in terms of war policies; the main stream media that protects Bush Jr.’ war crimes and Obama’s current genocidal wars have shown us theirs.

I think that it is precisely because the Donald is “not a real conservative” that he would be less egregious to the world than the neocons ruling the USA in the two-party system. (That post in the link is long but covers a lot.)

Do I support or would vote for Trump? NO WAY! Is he contemptuous and racketeering? Sure, but so are our elected officials. So far, we haven’t seen the Donald bombing poor people. I’m just highlighting the hypocrisy and duplicity of the globalist-militaristic oligarchy. Their bone of contention with him is ideological, not moral. The GOP is the party of racists, they have no moral standing to reject him as one.

The oligarchy uses the GOP as its tool to openly advocate policies against humanity. The Democrats are less cut-throat or evident about it.

That’s the purpose of the two-party system: one is extreme, the other appears to be less so. It fits both the oligarchy (they too have internal divisions) and the people – voting to choose from between the perceived less of two evils, or between the lesser war mongers.

Until the working class gets the courage to dump that system, they will continue to be the serfs of the oligarchs.

The revolution doesn’t require much: build that working class third-party. That would be a beginning.

One advantage of the third party is that they can challenge special interests maintaining a duopoly of the U.S. government.  They provide a means of protest against the status quo.  They allow non-corrupt candidates to run and have ballot access.  The small organizations can support honest people running for office.  A big advantage is that they can promote ideologically pure platforms without the need to compromise for the sake of propaganda money.

Lawrence H. Summers on How Trump Hurts The Elite

There’s nothing more rewarding, to me, than having the elite itself validate my opinions about the meaning behind the rise of these two  long shot candidates in this primary process.

The latest reward just came from the pen of no other than Lawrence H. Summers, a former treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council in the White House, who published his opinion about the Donald at the WaPo opinion section.

My point all along has been that the elite is TERRIFIED of the angry voter (i.e., the working class) and of the threat they are posing to the peace of  the elite’s establishment, but not afraid of Trump or Sanders. Summers’ opinion is pretty angry and to the point, and flaunts the usual threats to the working class. Of course, the situation for the elite is dire but not so much so as to require OPEN threats, so they come out veiled.

Trump is about to be given a coup, and so is we the people by extension of those supporting him. His campaign and the people’s anger has been so strong as to smoke the elite out of their wall street vaults. The real complaints against Trump are: that he is subverting “the modern world order”, and the order of the elite in the GOP, the tool of the globalists; that he is not a neoconservative-globalist, that he is ‘isolationist’.  You will see complains about Trump as  a “protectionist demagogue”; protectionism is code for anti-globalism. And then there is this:

Donald Trump’s rise goes beyond his demagogic appeal. It is a reflection of the political psychology of frustration – people see him as responding to their fears about the modern world order, an outsider fighting for those who have been left behind.

It is an acknowledgment that the people “have been left behind”  and that Trump’s rise is the rise of those people. When the capitalists’ democracy is in danger, count on the elite to come to its rescue. They are the only ones perceiving the ‘fears’. We are busy fighting their brand of  corporate democracy.

I will ‘deconstruct’ part of Summers’ opinion, for it is an excellent show of how they use language to send their subliminal messages.


Outstanding first line.

Trump’s rise does illustrate how democratic processes can lose their way and turn dangerously toxic when there is intense economic frustration and widespread apprehension about the future.

I’m sure you can translate that line (“democratic process”) into ‘proletarian’: When the economy (meaning the elite who controls it) is screwing  everybody (“frustration”), democracy is a threat. It doesn’t name who is “threatened”, but you can rest assure is the one who saw it fit to come out from his ivory tower to lecture YOU, the angry voter, ALL of you, not only the Trumpists. And the “can lose their way” means YOU, you are losing your way. There’s a whiff of threat to you there, if you care to sniff it; it’s at the end of the article.

In other words, democracy is toxic and  a threat to the elite when the working class gets angry.

And now to the traitor.

…when some previously respected leaders scurry to make peace in a new order — yes Chris Christie, I mean you.

Holy mack! This is the translation: it is dangerous when members of the club, Christie, side with the one shaking the establishment. “a new order” is a YUUUGE hint at the earthquake going on at the ivory tower. Angry voters in the GOP, through Trump, are destroying the old order, and Christie has directly been named a Judas, a ‘et tu, Brute?

I advance to you that the destruction comes from Trump not being a neo-conservative or extreme right-wing, despite what you may believe by his crazy comments. The elite is not angry at his ‘racism’, they are furious at his more apparent centrist positions in what matters more to them. The voters are too emotionally involved to notice what the elite is seeing, his ‘centrist’ position. More on this later.


I have had a strong point of view on each of the last ten presidential elections, but never before had I feared that what I regarded as the wrong outcome would in the long sweep of history risk grave damage to the American project.

First, “I have a strong point of view’ means he knows ’cause he has controlled the last ten presidential elections. But those previous elections were NOT A THREAT to the elite; Obama’s ‘change’ was never a threat to them. I opine that “hope and change”  was a con game  to neuter the signs of distress starting to show in the working class.

Back to the paragraph, now he FEARS, what does he fears? The ‘wrong outcome” is the people subverting the status quo, which is the “American project”. From there on he goes on to describe how it is the world order what they are protecting, not you or anti-racism morals or your economic situation. It’s their glorious world order that they are protecting from you, the one who is suffering “the economic frustrations” that come from that order.

Does he propose any suggestions or ‘arrangement’ to calm you down? Of course not. He gives you an ULTIMATUM:

The United States has always been governed by the authority of ideas, rather than the idea of authority. Nothing is more important than to be clear to all Americans that the tradition of vigorous political debate and compromise will continue. The sooner Donald Trump is relegated to the margins of our national life, the better off we and the world will be.

Translation: He makes “clear to all Americans” that the status quo will not be disrupted, that the elite has no patient with you, so you will be better off removing the Donald from the campaign, “the sooner” the better for you.

There you have it, people. Get ready to RUMBLE!