Trump on Conflict of Interest And Getting Away With Murder

The Donald once infamously said during the primaries that he could kill a person on 5th Ave. on broad day light and nothing would happen to him. He meant by it that his followers loved him so much that they were willing to ignore all the REAL crimes and misdemeanors uncovered about him. It was a tacit acknowledgment of the misdeeds, without regrets or remorse.

He also bragged about his business acumen saying that combing the tax code looking for every hidden tax loophole he could use makes him “intelligent”.

After having been appointed president by the Electoral College (if they were truly interested in protecting this nation they would vote against Trump, but they will not), the Don has already combed – not his hair but – the federal laws on conflict of interest, and claims he found the necessary loopholes that allow him to mix his personal business with the business of running the government and not be prosecuted for it.

The law’s totally on my side, meaning, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” Donald Trump, interview with the New York. He is right, the president is not allowed to have a conflict of interest, but leave it to wily Trump to find loopholes everywhere, even in a sentence that clearly states the opposite of what he is implying. There’s a lawyer next to him to make sure the spinning is legal.

As president ‘elect’, he is showing the same attitude about evading the laws he had during his campaigns: peace of mind and proud about it. Expect him to show no shame, regrets or remorse as he fattens his and his kids wallets with our money.

You don’t need a magic ball to see that his ‘administration’ will be the most corrupt there ever was. The Donald will use every loopholes and interpret the laws to allow him to fleece this nation. When it comes to scamming his ‘business partners’, and government is a business, his attitude and actions have always been in harmony.

And because he still can kill anyone on 5th Ave., nothing will  happen to him as he fleeces us, his ‘business partners’.

I’m waiting to see who is the first person he is going to kill, and how soon after he signs his brand name on the dotted line of the Constitution.

Trump’s Victories and the Schizophrenic Working Class [updated]

Factor #1: Anger over the ‘establishment’: The Two-party System Fulfilling its Duty
Factor #2: That Pesky Working Class Bitching About the Economy
Start the Revolution

I just watched Trump’s Nevada victory speech on YouTube. He crowed that everybody loves him because he won with  the highly educated voter, the highly uneducated (he particularly loves them), the fat, etc., and now, he said, “even the Latinos love me”: he won 45% of the Latino votes there. That’s an eye opener for the same reason he said  “even” the Latinos loves him. He was as surprised as we are that this group would support him after his attacks on them as a group and as a people.

So, what gives? Well, that’s the purpose of this post: a search for any facts that could reasonably explain a highly bizarro picture of the working class people stampeding to embrace the oligarchs who offend and oppress them.  I have here some of the pointers deliberately ignored by the MSM.

Factor #1: Anger over the ‘establishment’: The Two-party System Fulfilling its Duty

Most MSM pundits, voicing the thoughts of the oligarchy for whom they work, point at voter anger over ‘the establishment’ as Trump’s and Sanders appeal to voters. The elite would have not  noticed the level of that anger were it not for Trump and Sander: they are the only ones verbalizing the anger of the working class.  I propose that when the MSM describes the Donald’s and Sanders victories as voter anger, the oligarchy is expressing awareness  that it  is exceeding the levels of oppression tolerated by the population they are ruling over. They have to do something about that, don’t they?

But I also propose that the appeal voters see  in these two candidates is plain anger,  that both Sanders and Trump verbalize angry and violent class sentiments; and that the other qualifiers (‘at the establishment’, ‘at the party’…) are the only licit objects provided by the oligarchy’ media to them  over which to discharge their political class anger. It’s not the elite who owns the parties, or the two-party system or capitalism; the problem identified for them by the elite is the politicians who control the parties and sell their souls to the elite: they are the  ‘establishment‘.

Thus, the voters have no choice but to choose from inside the parties the ones that say what the voters are thinking, not the ones who repeat the same old promises. As in life in general, it usually happens that the ‘different’ ones are the most outrageous and ‘colorful’.

Look, Trump and Sanders are ‘outsiders’ inside the two-party system; they have both promised to the powers that be that they will not be ‘spoilers’.  Their appearing to be ‘alien‘ to the establishment (pun intended), provides a psychological outlet to the frustrated citizens, but within the safe confines of the two-party system controlled by the oligarchs. It’s a repeat of Obama’s fake anti-Wall Street populism. Trump and Sanders personify, with their angry remarks, working class sentiments and, at the same time, keep the ‘solutions’ within the confines of the two-party system. The message is: There is no class struggle or  class wars in the USA, only greedy politicians.


Either way, the oligarchs always win.

The Purpose of the Two-party System

Trapped in the two-party holographic democracy ,  at the end, after having voted for each party and seeing their misfortunes unaddressed, the citizens see their political power reduced to choosing from between the less of two evils, the party less likely to reduce them to the status of discarded squeezed orange. That’s the purpose of the two-party system, to castrate the working class.

The absurdity of voters protecting Trump’s violent, sexist and all other immoral attacks on the working class consist in that they are giving him the power to denounce the system from his own elitist point of view.

There is nothing more disturbing and indecent than the working class willingly relinquishing its power to their oppressors: Donald Trump as representative of the interests of the working class. Now, that’s rich.

If the class anger were to spill outside the two-party system coop, the elite would be unable to control it. Therein the danger mentioned by Lloyd Blankfein,  Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs CEO  (and the closest you get to having a king), referring to Sanders dragging his name, vilifying him and other oligarchs in these primaries:

“To personalize it, it has the potential to be a dangerous moment, not just for Wall Street, not just for the people are particularly targeted but for anybody who is a little bit out of line.”

That was a public scolding of Sanders, telling him to tone down his ‘anti-Wall Street’ rhetoric. You see, Lloyd is not afraid of Sanders, a member of the establishment; he is afraid of the out-of-control angry citizens, just as kings became afraid of their angry plebs running amok beheading kings during the ‘glorious revolution’ of 1789.

No king or bankster CEO have being able to forget that “dangerous moment” in history. Lloyd even said to the media in 2009 that he would start carrying a gun on his person if people continued to express such ire at him and other crooks over the 2008 financial debacle and the bail out. He is terrified of the angry mob demanding he and his pals be brought to justice for his crimes.

Lloyd to Sanders: Don’t you dare use my name in vane, specially after YOU voted to bail me out and said you feel PROUD to defend that vote.


People, if your memory has not being yet totally deleted, it should remind you of Obama’s first year in the WH when, after he publicly shamed the banksters and said “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”, they ALL marched there to tell him in person to stop badmouthing them who bought him the presidency.

It worked in both cases: Obama never again spoke in that tone and refused to prosecute them, despite his campaign promises. Sanders, well, after the scolding and the not-so-veiled threat (“There is a pendulum that swings in markets and also in the political economy as well.”), his plans for WS is to ‘ask’ them to be less greedy.

Given that Sanders, as Obama before him, protected them from prosecution and proudly bailed them out…

Yet you voted for a number of programs to try to get the economy moving including the Recovery Act, otherwise known as the Stimulus.

[Sanders] So I am proud to defend it.[!!!]

I see no reason, except posturing for the naive voter, to believe that he will be a Marx in the White House breaking banks right and left by fiat. The ‘establishment’ is safe and in secure hands with ANY of the candidates as long as they keep the voters confined in the two-party system.

When the citizens, as a group, can not correctly identify the source of their anger, it becomes an emotion easily manipulated by experts in molding public opinion and channeled into objects that function as punching bags, defusing their political power. That’s the purpose of the two-party system.


Factor #2: That Pesky Working Class Bitching About the Economy

The real anger of citizens in the new millennium is...class anger.

The republican voter’ scorn for Mexicans is a misdirected anger over lost jobs. The blame for lost jobs and the economic suffering of the working class ought to be cast on those who control the economy: the oligarchs and the banksters. Elected politicians are paid workers of the oligarchic class. (You know that, I’m not saying anything new here. I have read your comments online, and, whether you are a republican or democrat, you have stated the same sentiments I have just described in this paragraph.)

As for anger over ‘big government’, same deal. The working class delusion is YUUGE, and schizophrenic.  It is two-fold: 1) thinking that the problem with ‘big government’ is that it regulates and stifles the elite – they think the crumbs will not trickle from the ‘trickle down’ economy if capitalists are not free to create profits, and 2) that big government is ‘welfare state’, you know, good for the ‘free loader’, (described as anyone below ‘me’ or who isn’t ‘me’). Adopting the neo-liberal ideology is what makes the working class schizophrenic.

So, what we are witnessing in this presidential elections is nothing more than the working class having a temper tantrum: big capitalists refusing to drop some crumbs to them. As long as the baby stays in the crib, daddy will be fine. If baby tries to get out of the crib more than twice, daddy is bound to have a fit of anger  and seriously spank the baby.

As long as the working class refuses to look at itself in the mirror and see that they have nothing in common with the likes of Lloyd Blankfein, Trump and even Sanders, they will remain like angry babies in the crib of the two-party system.

Start the Revolution

I have discussed here and here the reasons why Sanders is not the ‘socialist revolutionary’ his followers have deluded themselves into believing he is. The only radical revolution his followers can start is creating a third-party; call it whatever, ‘the party of consumers’ or ‘the workers party’, whatever. As long as you are in the two-party system begging for crumbs (reduce student debt, relief from police brutality, reform Wall Street, jobs), that’s what you’ll get: one crumb to quiet you down.

I don’t expect them doing that any time soon. We are running out of time. Disorganized we can’t fight against the oligarchs’ wars and the police state. It ain’t gonna be like in the 1940s. The future, with its digital technology, is rendering human mind down to software.





The Trump Appeal

So many MSM pundits trying to understand the Trump phenomena unsuccessfully. What is confounding to them is not that the public support the Donald’s  fascists policies about immigration; they would have no problem seeing the public supporting those same policies coming from the other candidates who have the same ideas as Trump…or worse. The confounding thing for them is that the public would agree with a card-carrying elitist, for they (the pundits) know  that Trump is not interested in the well-being of the regular people.

This is what they don’t see, what makes the Trump appeal so difficult to comprehend to the MSM pundits: that he is the product of their success. The myth of the business elite as apolitical and outside of partisan politics in Congress and the presidency is the valuable tool that must be kept intact in these presidential primaries, no matter how many politicians or which party may be hurt in the process of protecting said myth.

The Elitist Donald Coming Home to Roost

Trump is not ‘an outsider’ of government or politics; he may have not sat in Congress, but he is not an ‘outsider’ because he is part of the elite that manipulates politics from behind the curtains.

Trump himself just told the American public how politics are run here: he said he  owns politicians that, as he ruthlessly put it to embarrass his opponents in the first debate,  that suck his knee-caps (as Gordon Gecko said in the movie) for campaign donations. But somehow voters just don’t register in their minds that a billionaire himself has just opened the curtain and showed them that it is TRUE that they control politics from behind the curtain.

One of the reasons Trump is so despised by the GOP’s  ‘big donors’ (other billionaires) is because he just let the public look behind that curtain. But the public is still not looking. They continue to like the billionaires who corrupt our politicians, and hate the politicians. In a way is like arresting the prostitute for prostitution but setting free the man who paid for it: you can’t fix the problem by releasing those seeking the ‘favors’.

The believe that the Donald is an ‘outsider’ is the successful chicken coming home to roost.

The powers that be have for the longest been successful, with the help of the MSM they own, at hiding from the regular Joe and Jane how the political sausage is really made behind the curtains, and at portraying themselves as saviors of the nation from outside of politics. The elite hides how they control Congress and politicians with their massive donations and lobbyists to pass the laws that benefit them, how they buy their way out of the justice system. And, with their MSM, they cast the blame of the nation’s problem on ‘corrupt politicians’. Politicians are OK with that; to take the fall for the hand that feeds them is the price of privilege.

So, now they have an elitist who, in the eyes of the fed up segment of  the republican party, comes ‘clean’; clean of ‘blame’ as an outsider and ‘clean’ about how the politicians are the toys of the elite. What to do with him? The big donors can’t say he’s right about government corruption, that would be suicidal; so they cast him as a nut case, although they would rather call him a ‘traitor’ to their class. I’m just describing the situation, I’m NOT defending nor supporting him, God forbid.

The thing that irks these politicians and MSM is that their success at blinding the people about how the elite is behind our problems doesn’t allow them to attack Trump as an card-carrying elitist, which in normal situations would be his Achilles tendon. To claim that the Donald is lying about politicians being the puppets of the elite would be an invitation for him to  open the curtains of power in Congress and the presidency and name names. That will never happen on this planet.

But why do the people believes in him?

The Luxury of Telling It as It Is

Buying the myth that the elite is outside of politics allows the public to give moral qualities to Trump that he doesn’t have (honesty, e.g.). They view businessmen as honest because businessmen don’t ‘dwell’ in the house of  corruption. Out of sight, out of mind. Just because they don’t ‘dwell’ there doesn’t mean they don’t ‘visit’ the house. That’s how it comes to be that Trump has the luxury to say it ‘as it is’: he has the ‘moral’ superiority over his contenders who dwell in the house of corruption. But people confuse that brazen exhibition of power with honesty.

The Trump appeal to the public is a sign of their desperation, of fear, and of the delusion that fear begets, in relations to politics. The Donald appeal is the powerless’ cry for the powerful to come and rescue them from this debacle that is today’s politics because they don’t see in themselves the power to bring a modicum of decency, of humanity in this cut-throw capitalist elitists, and because they bought the lie of the elite as ‘an outsider businessman’, not a politician. Trump is ‘an outsider’ with ‘business acumen’. That’s what they think the nation needs. No matter how unpolished and pedestrian the elite member might be (Trump) he is better than the polished lying politician, in the voter’s eyes.

The confounding thing to the MSM  about Trump’s fans  is that they (the MSM owners) know that the Donald represents exactly what his followers hate in politicians, but attacking him would cause the elite in general to become collateral damage.

Michael Bloomberg will show more finesse and loyalty to his class if he runs for the presidency.