Trump’s Art Of The Deal: Leaving Mental Illness and Depressed Economy In His Wake

Do you really, but REALLY want to stop Trump? It’s so easy! The MSM can talk about his millions gained from promoting an illness called ‘compulsive gambling’. What are the odds the MSM will go there? The same as  you winning the lotto.

Don’t expect the MSM to attack the elite class. Pouring the cleansing light over Trump’s so-called multi-billion ’empire’ would inevitably put many oligarchs’ head on the guillotine, for their billions too come at the cost of a nation’s health and well-being.

All those casino moguls feed the political elite class and the MSM; don’t bet on having the moguls exposed publicly by the same media and politicians who lied to the public and disregarded their constituents’ pleas to not open more casinos in their states. Anyone can check the stats showing casinos have not been the economical jackpot the people were made to believe  they would win in order to accept having them in their states.

Now the MSM is giving 24/7 coverage to Trump. You may think is bad coverage, but keep your eyes peeled and your ears unwaxed to hear the subtext. By not denouncing the source of his ’empire’ they are helping him: the implication is that he and his businesses are ‘clean’. And invariably they give more air to his attacks on Hillary than to hers on him. While he is ‘most hated’, he can ‘redeem’ himself by ‘looking and sounding presidential’; Hillary is not given that opportunity.

Money gambled in casinos is money that doesn’t come back to the communities. And the impact of the mental illness called ‘compulsive gambling’ is devastating to the person and the states. Religious fanatics are supporting Trump with bible in hand, but no one talks to them about the contradiction of supporting a business man enriching through immoral transactions, not that they care. Few people do. But it is because they are been lied to about the casino business.

The MSM is the art of deception, don’t expect to see it by just turning your TV on. You have to be critical of what they feed you, which means you can’t be passively absorbing the messages.

So, yes, bringing Trump down is easy if you have the will to do it. But, IMHO, it is becoming clearer that, despite all that ‘negative’ attention, the oligarchs and the MSM would rather have a corrupt billionaire in power than a ‘feminist’ woman, no matter that she is not a ‘threat’ to the nation.

Think about it for a moment: if Trump is so corrosive and ‘toxic’, why don’t they give more and better coverage to Hillary, or even Sanders, to counter him? The regular people is more open to having a woman president; the white male oligarchs are less inclined to it. And don’t dismiss either the fact that the Israelis are not ‘convinced’ that Hillary will do their bidding for them. These are some of the hidden political elements driving the deceptive MSM’s messages. It’s not only Trump they are ‘attacking’.

The MSM gave you the invasion of Iraq and now they give you Trump.


Note#4: The False Battle of The Outsider (T) vs The Insider (H)

The battle of the outsider vs the insider will be one of the themes the MSM will use to represent  the battle between Hillary and Trump. Psst: it’s a false battle. [See also Trump, Sanders, and the Myth of the Outsider]

Saying that Trump is not part of the ‘establishment’  is like saying that because your hair is outside your skull it is not part of your body.

The Trump appeal is the product of the success of the MSM at implanting in the people’s mind the myth that the business elite is apolitical and outside of partisan politics in Congress and the presidency.

Trump himself stated that all the republican candidates against him received money from him, that he “bought them, because politicians are corrupt. You can buy them to do what you want in Congress”. That is NOT an outsider; that is someone making use of his property: Congress.

But attacking Trump as an elitist, heartless billionaire businessman would imply attacking the myth: the elite would be the collateral damage. You can bet your derriere on the elite not allowing that to happen. The MSM can defeat Trump, they just won’t do it attacking him as part of the elitist class.

So, whenever you hear the “battle of the outsider vs the insider”, remember: they are selling you the myth. They will NOT question Trump’s business deals, profiting from promoting compulsive gambling…They will attack him as a racist. But you know by now that the GOP is as racist, if not more, as Trump, don’t you?

Pay attention, people. Don’t let them manipulate your emotions.

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