Sanders: I’m Willing To Work With Trump

“Hillary Clinton is not ‘qualified’ to be president.”

“Hillary Clinton has very bad judgment.”

Those two quotes are NOT from Trump, they are from Bernie Sanders; the first one on April 7, the second on October. I could add many more that he used with his campaign tactics of misogyny and  ‘character assassination” (google ‘character assassination’). Sanders spend the primaries attacking Hillary Clinton, not Trump or the globalists, as corrupt and dishonest, “crooked” and “criminal”, as an ‘evil woman’.

Bernie Sanders opened the path for Donald Trump’s victory; no one can forget Trump THANKING Sanders for what amounted to passing the baton of character assassination and Hillary-hating mantra to him.

Trump copied ALL of Sanders’ tactic of character assassination; but worse, Sanders NEVER went public to reject Trump’s ‘thankfulness’. Sanders could have done it considering that he came in the open supporting her, but he NEVER challenge Trump.

I said at the end of the primaries, when he lost the primaries, that Sanders was “moving to the sunset of the gods”. That was when no one could have imagined that the politicians of the electoral college were going to give a coup d’etat to democracy in the USA.

Now, look at the white men in the Dem(ocratic) party battling, cannibalizing the party, to grab the position of ‘leader’ of the party. Look at Sanders, who one year ago no one knew he existed, except in his own state, who has never achieved anything as a Congressman, see him unfurling the Bolshevist red banner of class struggle. But he dropped the socialist from his campaign, within four months, when the MSM basically told him that they can’t support him with free coverage unless he drops it. He did, didn’t he?

Sanders Joins Trump

“We look forward to working with him 

I also said in the primaries that Sanders was looking dangerously like Trump. His misogyny (refused to denounce Trump’s attacks on women and call his statements ‘clownish’), his inability to denounce Trump’s ‘anti-globalism’ for what it really was, campaign bait.

Now, Sanders says that he is willing to, paraphrasing Lennon’ song, give Trump a chance. He is like Ted Cruz (and the GOP) that, after sweeping the floor with Trump, he then goes to praise and join him. Well, at least Cruz insulted Trump; you will never see Sanders doing that.

Why would Sanders  support Trump, what has Trump done that can make a so-called ‘experienced in class politics socialist’ believe that Trump is trustworthy?

I have given the answer on this blog: The white male Leftists sympathy for chauvinist pig Trump.

“It’s class, stupid, not race” [Counter Punch Mag]

One of the reasons these politicians are willing to work with Trump, and for the Left to go head-over-heels, totally enamored, in love with Trump is because of his focus exclusively on class issues while at the same time he was threatening with Mussolini-style male bravado to violently push everyone who is not a white male to the side.

In other words, Sanders has always supported Trump’s anti-Identity Politics (IP)

I have denounced this anti-IP as fascist in almost every post published after the elections; I have provided the historical background for that position. If you are interested in the topic, check those posts.

I know there will be enough material, as days come by, to see Sanders for what he really is: an opportunist, misogynistic, power-thirsty flip-flopper pseudo-socialist; an enemy of women and of people of color.

He was unvetted by the MSM in the primaries. I did the vetting, you can still search for it on this blog. It’s not mere antipathy for him.

It’s his record, stupid.