Is It R.I.P For The Bern Movement Yet? Don’t Blame Him: Blame The Left.

Is it RI.P. for the Bern movement yet?

I certainly hope so; any movement named after an establishment politician is a bogus movement, IMHO. I don’t recall there was any ‘MLK movement’ or a ‘Malcolm X movement’ in the 50s and 60s. Hopefully, we can all go back home from our vacation at the ‘Feel The Bern’  theme park and get back to reality. But will we ever?

You can expect the traditional analysis about why Sanders failed in his ‘revolution’. In this blog I have focused not only on him but on the left itself. The left has itself to blame for their disappointment with Sanders’ revolution. But you will NOT find ONE article where the left takes a look at itself and takes responsibility for this recent ‘revolution’ debacle. They bought into his mystical aura (never tells a lie) and into his ‘moral economy’ or moral ‘revolution’.

UPDATE: The ‘Sanders fooled us‘ parade started as soon as he lost NY. And as I say here, the left doesn’t look at itself: they were ‘fooled’ by Sanders, just as they were by Obama. This Counter Punch article ( April 22, 2016 Bernie Sanders: the Candidate Who Came in From the Cold by Jeffrey St. Clairis) is excellent at its criticism of Sanders. It says what I said in this blog, including that Sanders used his followers when he could have used their energy to put the fear in the oligarchs hearts, like taking the (fictitious) 27k people rally in NY’s Washington Square park to march to Wall Street. Worse:  NOW they come with the true facts about Sanders’ the imperialist hawk. All that I said in this blog is now been ‘uncovered’ by the disappointed and disaffected professional left.

Then there is this article at Politico, again, sucker leftists taken for a ride:

Bernie’s Failed Revolution
How Sanders fell short of changing the Democratic Party.
By Bill Scher April 20, 2016

As I asked in my post about the left’s failure to learn from the Obama ‘movement’, What happens now to all that anger and ‘hope’ the Sandersnistas  burned for him, provoking Trump’s followers at those rallies, even getting physically hurt? Don’t expect Sanders to channel that energy into more effective tasks after he wraps up his campaign.

There are links on this blog to Bernie’s pre-primaries statements about how he is “now” part of the democratic establishment, that he will run as a democrat from now on, and that he would not only not hurt the party, but will also actively protect it. Protect it from what? For one thing, protect it from any efforts at the creation of a third-party. That alone and on itself should be enough cause of mayor disappointment and depression to his berniebots: the locus of the ‘revolution’ was restricted to the democratic party.

And because of that, the ‘feel the bern’ movement is heading towards the same leftist’ graveyard where they buried their Obama Hope and Change movement after he won the elections.

So what went wrong this time?

The answer to that question will be debated by professional political analysts and leftists  for months to come, if not years. I offered for your consideration the points in  the posts about the left and their inability to learn from recent history. Now I add a few more elements.

What is a ‘Movement’?

There are many definitions, but, to me, if there is no coordination of any kind, then it is an anarchy movement. The OWS and the BLM movements reject authority and hierarchical organization, and don’t have any philosophical base. Who benefits from that ‘arrangement’? The oligarchs, the ‘billionaire class’.

The oligarchs have their own organizations with its own philosophical underpinning. They may be internally divided, after all, they too are humans and can’t agree on everything, but the effectiveness of their organization is seen in that they control all the power in our society. They can get together and organize new ‘grassroots’ movements when necessary for them, disrupt the legitimate ones, use the MSM to vilify and discredit leaders and movements…we are in their hands. If it were not true, we would be living in an Eden.

But the new left eschews ‘traditional’ types of organization and pretend to gain power by ‘will power’. The Bern movement functioned like the OWS and BLM movements. Sanders didn’t create any structure to integrate the ideas of his followers. When he goes back home to Vermont after the primaries, he will be pondering on what to do with his post-feel-the-Bern once-in-a-life-time adventure. He probably will focus on his campaign to be re-elected to the Senate. For sure, he keeps the money he raised, of course; it doesn’t go back to help continue the ‘movement’. It goes to the DNC and the democratic party, and to his Senate campaign effort.

As for the Bern movement, it will probably die with the primaries.

Any movement to come, for at least the next 10 years, will suffer the same prognosis: death by delusion.

Class identity and Sanders’ ‘0.1% of the billionaire class’

I know, class identity sounds so old fashion and passe. Is breathing passé? Is money passé? Is class divisions passé? Is class struggle passé? Reformed capitalism is ‘the new political black’. That didn’t happen by magic, people. The struggle to reform capitalism is the  by-product of the defeat of the working class by the capitalists, that’s all we were left with: try to reform the system, try to make Wall Street and Monsanto grow a heart.

One of the most appalling characteristics of the OWS movement, made painfully patent during these primaries, is that most of them belief that Wall Street can be reformed, they don’t say how, of course. And Sanders losing the primaries is due in part to that NY Daily News interview where he came across as an ineffective leader incapable of giving a simple draft of how he was going to fix that ‘greedy’ institution.

And the fact that Sanders’ followers are ‘threatening’ to vote for Trump shows the limits of that ‘revolutionary’ class consciousness.

Today, the ‘struggle’ is about reforming WS, about ‘consumer protection’.

The working class has become a ‘consumer class’. For that we can thank Sanders and other  ‘leftist’ politicians. It’s not Elizabeth Warren’s fault or any other elected politician; as far as I know she is not a ‘leftist’, she is part of the establishment with a progressive bent, which is fine; we need people like that in Congress. But I expect more from ‘leftists’: they are supposed to know better.  Instead, we get from them Orwellian language.

Orwellian Language

In my post “Bernie’s Fight Against the Billionaire Class is Bad News For Us” (I know, I’m bad at catchy titles) I discuss the ‘historical’ shrinking of the capitalist class we are fighting against.

The Evolution of the Fight Against the Capitalist Class:From Against All of It to Against 0.1% of It.

From about the beginning of the industrial revolution, the working class have fought against the capitalist class, against all of it. Then, from the middle of the 20th century up to 2010, and as evidence of their loss of political power,  ‘we the people’ was wagging  a battle against  a ‘mere’  10% of that class.

Then, in 2011 came the new wave of leftist progressivism in the form of the OWS movement: their fight was reduced to against a bare 1% of the capitalist class. 

Image result for ows against the 1%

Now comes ‘socialist’ Sanders, who has decided that the youngsters should fight against ONLY the 0.1% of the capitalists, and that said class should be known from now on as the ‘billionaire class’, not the capitalist class. Also, a vote for him is a vote “for yourselves” or for the “working family“, not for the working class.


In other words, the last vestiges of the socialist ideology of class identity (capitalist or working class) is finally gone in the new millennium with Sanders’ new brand of ‘socialism’.

Sanders revisionist formulation of who is the enemy of the working class (only the 0.1% of the billionaires), is not based on ignorance or omission, not even on ‘tactic’ to bring the voters into his ‘movement’.

He has almost exclusively identified as the evil class only a portion of Wall Street, “the greediest” elements in it. He seldom mentions any other elements of the capitalist class: the war mongering armament corporations (he has even used police force to defend them from protesters), the surveillance corps, not the globalist health insurance corporations…Only WS is our enemy, per socialist Sanders. His agenda for reforming WS, shall he become president of the USA, reflects clearly his true class alliance.

It’s not to the one  you think.

Next: I’ll finish this ‘assessment ‘ of what went wrong with Sanders’ revolution, and give a more optimistic assessment of what is to come for the leftist movement.

I recommend this article from the Jacobin, it has excellent (from a professional writer, as opposed to this bloger) info about Sanders’ support of the democratic party.

The Problem with Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders’ choice to run as a Democrat means he can’t present a real alternative to Hillary Clinton.


The Left’s Envy of Populist Sanders

Today, most of socialist and communist groups in the USA are feeling the bern…in the same way they felt the “hope” in the 2008 primaries.

After having read some of their analysis online justifying their support of Bernie Sanders, it is clear to me that what lies behind that support is…envy. OK, don’t go away yet. Let me explain.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”
Vladimir Lenin

Unappealing Socialists

Let’s start with a socialist truism: there is no revolution without the masses. Today, a  70+ years old politician with 30+ years of experience participating in the capitalist’s electoral process, with no (official) affiliation to any of the US political parties or organizations, a self-proclaimed independent socialist whose major success has been convincing, for the last 30 years, a sector of his state’s progressives and working class to elect him as their representative in the oligarchs’ house of political power…that politician is commanding a whopping 6,045,960  followers, mostly youngsters (as of 4/6/16) who want to elect him president of the USA.

Our socialists look at that picture and, because they are human beings, can feel nothing but envy… because they haven’t been able to appeal to their own family in that way for the last 30 years.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination success  in reaching millions of youngsters with a left-wing message is prompting a lively debate among socialist organizations about questions that have been around for some time:

Should socialists work inside the Democratic Party, with the hope of transforming it into a party that genuinely represents workers’ interests? [Highlights by me.]

‘Hey, look what Bernie is doing, let’s go there too, what the heck, we can do it too.’

Except that you can’t.

Don’t even bother registering as a democrat just because you are daydreaming that you can be a ‘subversive’ force in the Democratic party. You have demonstrated all these years that you, socialists and communists organizations,  are as painfully unappealing to the working class as a mole in the middle of your interlocutor’s nose. Do you need any evidence?

Well, funny thing is that something similar to these primaries’ ‘feel the bern’  happened in the 2008 primaries, except that on that occasion the populist ‘progressive’ candidate had fewer years of political experience, and yet, he won. You found many reasons to support Obama who, like Sanders, had nothing to show that he was a trustworthy ‘progressive’ who would bring the  elusive “change”. But that didn’t prevent you from joining the deluded masses in their ecstasy:

Frank Chapman, CPUSA supporter, hailing BO’s victory in the Iowa caucuses:

“Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary “mole”, not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.”

(It thoroughly shames me having to bring that quote out again.)

So, for the last eight years there have been a mass of angry discontented voters – on both sides of the aisle – expressing their desire to follow ANYONE who can utter the right words. They are so sweetly ripe to the right words that they are falling for Trump, Trump! Even Trump can find the right words to appeal to the angry masses!

But you can’t.

Joining Them in Their Delusions

After Obama won, how much did you, socialists and communists, advanced your ’cause’ by organizing the masses who voted for him? Did you reached out to those masses to  organize a viable and appealing revolutionary third-party to prepare you for this election cycle? Any efforts at coalition building? You had eight years to do it.

The masses are passing you by again, and here you are discussing whether to join them there or…nowhere.

The reason why you are so impossibly unappealing to the masses is because…you join them in their delusions. You joined them with Obama, and now you are joining them with Sanders, just because you see him with all those kids following him as religious people follow charismatic preachers, and you want to have that. Otherwise you wouldn’t bother to ask whether to join the dems or not: it’s all about the masses you can’t handle.

What is the trick? What is it that Obama and Sanders have that you, socialists and communists, don’t have?

Have you asked yourselves that question? But seriously asked yourselves that question?

To Hillary or Not to Hillary?

I take it for granted, I expect and HOPE that you guys are not going to vote for Hillary, so that you prove some consistency. Only the ‘common’ masses should vote for her because they function within the duopoly party system. They are perennially obligated to choose for the least of two evils, and that’s the way it should be until YOU give them a real alternative, which you don’t have right now.

But you voting and asking them to vote for a pseudo-socialist, an unvetted politician, is doing a disservice, not only to the people, but to the socialist movement in general. Going the anarchist way, like Susan Sarandon and her ex hubby are suggesting (“vote for Trump to cause anarchy”) is irresponsible, is playing politics with the people’s lives. These personalities agitators don’t have much to lose; they can just pick up and leave the country when the repression is unleashed on the people.

So I expect and HOPE that you will not vote for Sanders either. Why? Haven’t you learned the lesson from the Obama debacle?

Lenin’s Dream And The Damage Caused by “Hope” and “the Bern”:

These two politicians, Obama and Sanders are the pablum the oligarchs need. The oligarchs see an angry populist movement ready with the pitchforks, and they quickly find ‘populist’ candidates to channel and neutralize that anger. They did it to the original GOP Tea Party movement. Every time you support one of these ‘populists’, you set the ‘movement’ 20 years back. These populists candidates are the reason the angry voters don’t want to venture outside the duopoly: these candidates stain the image of a socialist movement in general with their undelivered promises, with their becoming more-of-the-same with-different-color, and make the movement a non-alternative. Why trust socialists, they are as good at delivering as the oligarchs, maybe worse.

Most of us leftists agree that Obama killed the anti-war movement. It happened because, well, you can’t attack your elected history-setting ‘socialist’.  Sanders is part two of that picture. Why? Because of your ENVY. Once you commit to them, you own them, in the sense that you have to pay, with the image of your movement, for what they break. But you want what Sanders has, access to the millions of (rightfully) angry voters; so you join him thinking you can get it from him.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” Well, it is there, the young generation, burning to change the present. Oh, but you are not Lenin.

Look, get ready for the next wave. Forget that you, once again, missed that train. There is always another arriving behind that one. Your job is to make yourselves appealing to the masses so that when they decide, on their own, to take down the ‘establishment’, they know there is an organization ready to support and provide structure to their energy.

One of the reasons the youngsters in the OWS and BLM refuse to organize in the old fashion political party format (they prefer no ‘leaders’) is because of your failure to offer them real participation in your organizations. It is you, socialists and communist, who have destroyed the working class movement in the USA.

You accuse Hillary of being untrustworthy: I say it is YOU who have proven to be untrustworthy to the angry masses, that’s why they don’t follow you.

The masses are still out there! Go get’em!

But please, first extirpate that mole off your nose.