Counter Punch Mag Almost Says ‘mea culpa’

Andrew Levine (of Counter Punch magazine), one of many zombie Leftists Hillary-haters, apparently looked at himself in the mirror and saw a zombie looking back at him. Or maybe he saw what a yuuge ass he is. Must We Now Rethink the Hillary Question? Absolutely, Not

(Andrew Levine couldn’t apologize for willingly helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, so, I’m not apologizing for insulting him here. This is an angry post; check the badge on the right-side bar. There’s no need to be Pollyanna with people who brought fascism to this nation. These creatures  are unapologetic for having elected fascist Trump and for the havoc he is about to unleash on the rest of us. Levin will not suffer anything, he is white and has the financial means to weather the storm. Not me. So there.)

I give him credit for at least assessing his contribution to Hillary Clinton’s defeat. That’s more than what I expected from the zombie Left, and I haven’t read any other zombie Leftists self-assessment of their contribution to the debacle that is awaiting us the next four years.

Typical of the zombie Left, though, Mr. Levine says ‘I didn’t do that’. He can’t see, because zombies don’t have real eyes to see, where his huge mistakes are. His hatred of Hillary clouds his judgement and intellect, it lowered it to ‘deplorable’ level. As you will see below, his ‘logic’ for voting for Trump (he said he voted for Jill, but the numbers for her tell a different story, and, of course, no one can prove he voted for her) is the same as the deplorables; I’m not kidding. The Marxists have become Trumpists. Pathetic, but I told you so since February here, didn’t I?

The biggest and most offensive of his mistake, which he committed again in his pseudo-apology, is that he and the zombie Left keep talking as if they own some magic ball to see the future: they KNOW what Hillary Clinton would have done. They couldn’t see in that ball what Trump is going to do, but they could see Hillary’s machinations.

And Andrew can’t see that his ‘analysis’ are nothing but innuendo and character assassination. I thought he understood the propaganda technique of ‘character assassination’, how it works, but clearly he doesn’t understand that either.

Along with nearly everyone else, I thought that Hillary would win.

That’s great thinking, man. You thought she would win, so let’s tear her down, what the heck, she can’t lose. Brilliant! That’s Marxist thinking at its highest. Wait. Let me subscribe to Counter Punch right now!

I didn’t think she was going to win for sure. I was reading the propaganda against her coming from right to left. You, Mr. Levine, you read the WaPo and the NYT and couldn’t see the propaganda against her there. Your hatred of her is so profound that it blinds your intellect. Hillary lost votes because the hatred you dumped on her. It was hatred and anti-feminism.

The MSM let you do the dirtier attacks on her, they simply paid for ‘polls’ that ‘show’ that the “people found her to be less trustworthy than Trump”. You can believe that she is that, but that’s because you are an intellectually dishonest Leftist. Or simply as dumb and malleable as the ‘deplorables’.

The pollsters said so, and they seemed to know what they were talking about; they certainly had enough data.

Well, if the ‘pollsters’ said so, it must be true ’cause they NEVER lie. They have no reason to lie, don’t they? You, Mr. Levine, trusted the pollsters paid by the MSM and the oligarchs. Most of those polls said that she will win “despite people not liking her”. There was not one poll where Hillary was not depicted as the most evil of the candidates, even more evil than the GOP 16 candidates.

how could someone backed by the entire power structure lose?

Had you been paying attention, you would have notice that she was not “backed” by the “structure”. Little me, myself, i.e.,wrote about that on my inartful blog. But you, big intellectual man, could not see that, in every news paper “endorsing” her, there were 24/7 email gossips and character assassination. It worked. It’s called propaganda because it’s stealthy and constant. The elite NEVER wanted a woman identified as a feminist as their boss, but they can’t come out and say it, can they? You don’t want a feminist running your government either, do you?

So while they portrayed Trump as a clown, they portrayed her as a dishonest, deeply corrupted woman. The masses are brainless, they went for the clown (as you are still doing), the least ‘threatening’.

I knew that just the opposite was the case: that she had made a mess of nearly every project she has undertaken.

That woman can’t cook, that’s the problem. No man has ever botched anything in politics. She has to be PERFECT if she wants to be president. Of course, you never looked at the things SHE DIDN’T BOTCHED. Also, you could see Trump ‘botching” his campaigns, but that didn’t stop you from accusing her of “incompetency” but not him.

after Bernie Sanders betrayed the movement his campaign got going.

Bernie didn’t betray you; you betrayed yourself. As I predicted here, once he lost, the Left would blame him for their own stupidity. You praised Sanders without looking at this voting record, and you still think he is a ‘revolutionary’; you only hate him now because he stayed in the Dem party, not because he is a  FAKE leader. You also thought Trump is a revolutionary because he spoke his pseudo-anti-globalism. You bought that too. And you, together with Susan Sarandon and the rest of the zombie Leftist, told voters that Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Trump, that Trump is no-fascist. She is the fascist, you all said, without evidence. Even though Hillary accepted and included some of  Sanders ‘policies’, you still hated her.

Trump is hardly a pacifist or an anti-imperialist, but while running for office, he did, for the most part, advance anti-interventionist positions. Who knows if he meant any of it –

Who knows if he meant any of it“? Is that your best Marxist analysis? He ran on a “pacifist” agenda (I didn’t see it, but if you say he did, it must be true), and you trusted him because…he is no politician.There is no difference between you and the deplorables; you have the same arguments they used. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Actually, I bet you DID vote for Trump.

But Hillary is a Russophobe

That’s a good reason to not vote for a person who HAS done something for the less privileged here. If she hates Putin, there’s  NO WAY we should vote for her; defending him is more important than the problems we have here. You set our priorities straight: if you hate Putin and you are not in the extreme left, you are a no-no.

Your pseudo-apology is not accepted. You own Trump and the disaster he will unleashed on this planet. You are intellectually spent. No one should listen to you. You can’t even conceive of making coalitions with the enemy, Hillary in your case. You are close-minded, which is a typical characteristic of zombie Leftists.

You are not Marxists, you are idiots, and a threat to the working class, to women, to people of colors, to foreigners. You will find your way to support Trump because you agree with his racists rants. You think that the only important thing is economic class struggle. Women have been oppressed looong before capitalism, in case you haven’t notice. It has nothing to do with economics but a lot with male primitive psychology.

Anyway, you doubled down on your stupid ‘analysis’ of why Hillary is the more evil of them all. So, too bad. No pity for remorseless zombie Leftists. You secured your place in history: the American Left supported fascist Trump.

Disgusting CounterPunch and zombie Leftists.

“Bernie or Bust” Millennials and The American Left Bust The Planet: They Voted For Trump

Trump was elected fair and square: Ignorant Democrats, ‘liberals’, confused Millennials, Sanders’ supporters, Black men, Susan Sarandon, Trump Apologist Left…all Hillary haters, did not go to vote, voted for Trump, or voted for nonsense ‘third parties’, including fascist Garry Johnson’s “Libertarian” party.

Image result for bernie or bust

Image result for bernie or bust

You have set the planet on fire. You CAN’T WALK THAT BACK, you ignorant fools.

Susan Sarandon ‘enlightened’ the millennials by telling them that “Trump is less dangerous than Hillary” and she would rather vote for him and not for her.

Millennials are politically ignorant, they don’t know the difference between liberalism, libertarianism, and socialism. You can see on this blog the articles written by them against Hillary and IN DEFENSE of Trump.

So, yeah. Trump won because of you. He IS YOUR president. He was LEGALLY elected. YOU CAN’T WALK YOUR VOTE BACK!

You accused Hillary Clinton of fiendishly wanting to be president with the sole purpose of bringing World War 3, but it was YOU, with your ignorance and hatred of women and of Hillary in particular, who has put us in the path to nuclear annihilation.

You reap what you sow.

I spent this year writing in this blog with my ESL that the zombie Left and Millennials were going to vote for Trump, and they did. They voted directly, they voted for him by not voting at all, they voted for him by voting for nonsense ‘third parties’.

You voted for FASCISTS. Trump and Garry Johnson ARE fascists.

Now go expiate your guilt: Go get arrested and beaten over the head by fascist cops. You deserve that too.

After Electing Hillary, The US Moves To The Far Right

The mainstream media has informed us as of the last two weeks before the elections that BOTH the GOP and Sanders and his followers are firing salvos against Hillary, warning her that they will confront her in her administration. They both promised, in no so subtle words,  to be obstacles to her come day one of her presidency.

How is this a sign of the US moving to the far right after she is elected president? Is written in the walls, folks. Let’s see.

The Unholy Alliance: The GOP and Sanders’ ‘Political Revolutionaries’

Setting the table

It was Sanders and his followers who initiated the character assassination job on Hillary during the primaries calling her ‘crooked’, ‘sold to WS’, ‘KIllary’, ‘bitch’ ‘you are a liar’…They, including Sanders, have accused her since the primaries  of “rigging” the elections, of “attacking Sanders’ [he wasn’t attacking her too?]. There are no political crimes of which these people have not already accused her of, judged and found her guilty of.

Their intense hatred of Hillary has been out there, unapologetic and unrestrained.

Ever since Sanders lost the primaries, many of his supporters have promised to not let her win the presidency, and if she wins, to not let her do her job. Here are some articles, in addition to all the sources I have used in this blog. You can search on your own, of course.

Stopping Hillary from the left

Liberals are preparing blacklists of appointees they want Clinton to avoid

WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left

Of course Bernie Sanders should pressure Clinton from the left. Here’s why

Then this little conversation:

Sanders said those who still don’t believe Clinton will follow through with the progressive party platform are “going to have to work with [him] to make sure that it happens.”

“This is not trust,” Sanders argued. “We’re not here to trust [her, i.e.]. It is the very opposite of what I am saying: To say, oh sit back, elect Clinton and then trust.”

“No,” he continued. “Mobilize. Educate. Fight.”

They move to the right

Sanders followers, moved by their hatred of Hillary, as i have discussed in this blog, have been constantly and persistently moving  towards Trump, and even towards Johnson, two racists, misogynist and fascist representatives of the American right.

This attraction towards these two is a veritable and painful sign of how the  Sanders’ millennials supporters are ideologically confused, and how dishonest the old Left have become.

It is a fact that a big swath of Sanders supporters are considering voting for Trump or Johnson, even more than for Green’s Jill. It should be of concern for anyone who knows the history of how Hitler took power in Germany that these people are behaving like this. It is the same story, folks. The working class vacillated between the Left and the right every time the economy and politics were against them, and the Leftist parties, who were anti-socialism, could not stop the right from appealing to the working class.

The emails, the bond that ties the Left and the Right together

Sanders supporters were very angry at him for not pursuing the email scandals; they are sure that he would have defeated her in the primaries had he push the issue. Now that Assange and the GOP have squeezed that lemon to maximum results, you can count on Sanders and his supporters to join in with the GOP on an ‘investigation’ to possibly impeach her.

The dream of the deplorables and Sanders followers of ‘send her to prison’ may come true, after all. Both the GOP and Sanders ‘revolutionaries’ will try to impeach her over the emails. It’s not far fetch, people. Just look at what they have said and done.

Hatred Always Find a Path to Manifest in Actions

What will happen in the US when the GOP, Sanders ‘revolutionaries’ and the deplorables join forces to impeach a Madam President? That is yet to be seen.

But what have been seen is the effects of political hatred, of racism and misogyny. The intense hatred in the hearts of Sanders followers and the decrepit American Left will find an outlet because the times are ripe for it. Also, I have left out the MSM as part of the forces moving the US to the right, but they are the tool to disseminate all this hatred in our nation.

In times of ideological confusion, the right wing forces tend to catch the most fish.

In my opinion, the future doesn’t look bright nor pretty.

We will have to protect Hillary’s administration by all means available if we are to cut fascism from sneaking in through the door of the Unholy Alliance.

WaPo and Media Deserve the Joseph Goebble’s Medal Of Honor

The WaPo has this headline on its online edition


but when you click on it, this is the real headline:

Clinton: Americans deserve ‘full and complete facts immediately’ regarding new email probe

In that long article, there’s only one line about Watergate, Trump’s quote, so why is it so important to quote him about it? There’s more powerful info in that article than Trump’s reference to Watergate, and regular folks don’t care about Watergate.

So, why is The WaPo helping Donald make the connection between Watergate and the emails for the Hillary-haters?

Because Trump and the MSM know that Watergate and Hillary are one in the minds of the GOP and the center-right & extreme right-wing oligarchs. Only they care about Watergate because they know that the history of the Hillary-hating phenomenon starts with Watergate.

Her participation as a lawyer in the proceedings to impeach President Nixon was her first bad political karmic moment. Then as today, it doesn’t matter to the GOP and the 1%ers whether she was successful or not in impeaching Nixon. Being part of the proceedings was the sin that the GOP will never allow her to cleanse; every attack by the GOP and the MSM on her, and Bill’s ‘impeachment’, is the result of that karmic moment in history.

Watergate is what explains the mystery of Why the media and the GOP, who supposedly despise Trump, has been bashing Hillary with more gusto.

This is a rerun of that 2008 primaries episode when Hillary Clinton ran for president and was forced by the media’s constantly bashing her with misogyny and lies created by Karl Rove to concede to Obama, even though she was ahead of him.

As a First Lady, Hillary Clinton was tormented by the Republicans and the MSM, which dutifully  joined in portraying her as a bitch and a lesbian. Karl Rove was the Joseph Gobblers of the GOP propaganda, expert in manipulating the public for character assassination.

I’m convinced that Rove bestowed on The NYT and the WaPo, among other owners of the MSM, the “Joseph Goebbel’s Medal of Honor” for services rendered. They should get it again this year.


If Not Hillary (And Certainly Not A Chance For Bernie), Then who?

I ended my previous post about how the elite is getting ready to quell the people’s anger stemming from the devastation produced by the success of globalism by saying this:

The oligarchs are as deep in this crisis as we are. But they are organized, they have traced their course and goals, they have a VISION. What does the left have?

The left has nothing to offer to the middle class. Well, maybe the Green Party does. Go cast your vote for whoever…

At the end of this elections cycle, we will end up exactly where we started: in the hands of the oligarchs.

That’s the sad truth, that’s exactly where we will all be when we wake up the morning of November 9, no matter who wins: Sanders, Hillary, Trump…

The elite is ready to rumble, but are we?

There are no options, none for the progressive middle class except the democratic party. The Green Party is not ready for its close-up. We have to vote for the democratic candidate. But if Sanders’ misguided and rabid Hillary-haters  followers have their way, the republicans will make the decision for us. Sanders and his followers have tarnished Hillary Clinton because she  lacks Sanders’ purity and perfection (the Vatican approved of his purity  and, in doing so, tried to mark Hillary as the ‘she-devil’), so there’s a risk she may not win the presidency.

They have made her the sole culprit for the debacle caused by globalism, they focus on her alone. Trump’s new moniker for her comes courtesy of Sanders and his followers who have joined the MSM in successfully portraying her as a subhuman entity devoid of morals. Those votes she lost to Sanders as the campaign progressed were lost because people started to believe Sanders’ and his followers’ message that she is immoral.

The leftist movement bears some of the guilt for that situation.

The left’s own monumental failure at reaching the middle  class is appalling because of the fact that, let alone the working class, humanity itself is about to collapse under the weight of the oppression by a handful of oligarchs, which makes them open to  the right message. But the left can’t communicate with the downtrodden they claim to be fighting for, and they seem to have forgotten how to organize the working class. Even Trump, a clownish wealthy entertainer, have easily found the words to explain his version of the evils of  globalism to a big segment of blue-collar America.

Instead, the left finds itself  joining the mass of people  deluded by the MSM’s bumper-sticker messages of ‘hope and change and ‘socialist-revolution’ marching towards the duopoly.

The left has fallen for the ‘Bernie revolution’ because they have not vetted him, just as they didn’t vet Obama. A revolution named after and based on worshiping a politician who has been part of the establishment for 30+ years should have been the first clue to the leftists that something was not kosher with that revolution. The fact that the MSM has refused to vet a ‘socialist’ should have also piqued their curiosity about him and his ‘revolution’.

The progressives have wasted their youth’s energy and money on helping Sanders corral them and march them in to the democratic party, the duopoly.  The left criticizes the ‘establishment’ but marches towards it in every election instead.

I imagine the ‘progressive’ Hillary-haters will spend the next four years, if she wins, battling against her instead of organizing the people so that in the next elections they have an alternative other than the duopoly.

So, if not Hillary and certainly not Sanders, then who, people? Trump? Are you serious? Is that all you’ve got to offer to the disappearing middle class?