MSM Dumps Hillary and Crowns Trump President

The very first line in this article at Bezo’s WaPo is designed for you to be put off by Hillary herself and by her campaign platform, highlights by me:

Hillary Clinton’s official campaign platform is now twice as long as “Hamlet”: seventy-three thousand six hundred forty-five words of policy ideas. One hundred seventy-four pages. And growing.

From there, Bezos’ WaPo goes to shred her platform and, more shocking, to praise Trump as a revolutionary and her as the old status quo defender:

But, at its heart, this wordy list amounts to a statement of Clinton’s confidence in two things.The status quo. And the federal bureaucracy.

The other two candidates left in this presidential race want to overhaul American government. Clinton mainly wants to tinker with its parts. In many cases, her plans involve adding small — but intricate — new tasks for the bureaucracy, designed to make government smarter, more generous and more just.

This article amounts to a tacit turn by the MSM and the elite it represents towards crowing Trump the next president of the USA.

As I mentioned in Note #5, the MSM is talking 24/7 about Trump, ignoring Hillary 99% of the time, and bringing her only to portray her as worse than Trump. The idea is to make him so familiar and mainstream that anyone, Hillary, i.e., would come across as an obstacle to this now familiar and ‘revolutionary’ man.

Why would they want to destroy her and defend Trump? No, it’s not for “clicks”; that would be a dangerous naive thinking in the part of the voters. The MSM is not an intangible thing, it is the property of real human beings with real class interests.

As I have argued on this blog, Trump’ apparent ideological position, “anti-globalist”, has been a bone of contention for the GOP; but that would change once he makes peace with the party leaders. He is a billionaire, his alliance is NOT with you. Cheney, who came on board with him, will train him in the art of government by and for the elite.

People, you have to wake up. The elite, via its MSM and the not so mainstream who hate Hillary for being a ‘feminist’ woman, will put you to sleep and guide you to vote for Trump.

BIG MISTAKE  not to wake up NOW.

Clinton’s wonky policies of fine-grained complexity contrast with rivals’ grandiose ideas



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