From BNR: Trust Me, Hillary Supporters: The Media Will NOT Be Your Friend In 2016

I’m reprinting this thoughtful and inspirational article at the pro-Hillary site BNR.


If anyone had an illusion that a GOP candidate as dangerous and reckless as Trump would mitigate the corporate media’s obsessively negative coverage of Hillary, they’ve been quickly disabused of that notion. Even though the fate of their own families hangs in the balance, the media only know how to do one thing when Hillary is a candidate: slam her. Over and over and over and over again.

Hillary supporters: I woke up today and turned on cable news. The first thing I saw was Donald being given a pass for abusive, bigoted comments, while Hillary was being raked over the coals for an email server. This pattern is repeated everywhere — and it will be that way for the remainder of the 2016 race. A few days ago, I shared my approach to dealing with the incessant media hostility toward Hillary and toward you, her supporters. The full text is reposted below.


Hillary-bashing is one of the ugliest permutations of American politics and the most toxic part of the 2016 election. It pervades the national media — just watch Morning Joe for five minutes and you’ll understand.

Turn on any news broadcast and listen to gleeful pundits faithfully regurgitate lies and smears against her.

Post a positive word about Hillary online and instantly get flooded with insults and slurs. Even threats.

Listen to her political rivals talk about her like she’s the devil incarnate.

If you believe the chatter, Hillary is a terrible, horrible, despised criminal who is losing in a landslide. Of course we know the opposite is true: She is one of the most ethical and lied about political leaders in the world:

No one has ever produced an iota of evidence that Hillary has behaved improperly because of a campaign contribution. No one has produced a scintilla of proof that there is a quid pro quo when it comes to her speaking fees. From Whitewater to Benghazi to her emails, nobody can point to a single instance of corruption or purposeful wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton’s part. None. Zero. Ever.

Hillary is winning. She will keep winning.

Her Republican opponent is a loose-lipped coward desperately begging someone to mount a third party run so he doesn’t have to face her alone (#WomenTrumpDonald). Taking his lead, the anti-Hillary forces have opened the spigot wide and the vileness is spewing forth.

If you are a Hillary supporter who simply wants a better future and can’t understand why so much venom is directed at her, it’s hard to process all this negativity.

So trust me on this. I worked for Hillary for years, I know who she is and how she deals with it. She puts her faith in you. She ignores the pundits and prognosticators. She smiles at the haters.

hrc portrait 2016

Hillary knows that you’ve been there for her and that you’ll continue to be there for her. She looks past the vitriol and stays focused on what matters. She relies on her own sense of self. She draws on her inner fortitude. She is disciplined; she knows that love and kindness trump hate and fear. That’s not just a slogan for her — it’s her compass in the storm that always seems to surround her.

More than anyone in politics, she understands the ephemerality of news cycles. What seems earth-shattering today is a hazy memory tomorrow.

Just look at the Democratic primary. It seems like a lifetime ago, but recall the doom-saying that started last summer: Emails, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and on and on. Breathless predictions of imminent collapse, claims she inspired no passion, hand-wringing over whether a man should jump into the race to save the party from a woman.

Remember all that?

And look where we are now. Hillary will clinch the nomination in a matter of weeks, attaining the first of two milestones on the march to history.

Most importantly: Remember that Hillary bashers have always failed in the long run.

You can make Hillary bashers disappear by focusing, the way she does, on the end game. Trust yourself. Trust her faith in you. Her haters are trying to tear her down, and destroying themselves in the process.

The national media will do everything in their power to normalize Donald, to pretend he’s something more than a bigoted, hostile, intemperate, ill-prepared, sexist bully. It’s all static and noise. All of it.

Here’s the reality: As of this writing, there are three candidates left in the 2016 race. One is mathematically eliminated. The other is a petrified bigmouth who knows he’s outclassed and outmatched.

Of the three, I can assure you that if they had to bet, even her worst opponents would put their money on Hillary as the victor on Election Day.

Yes, her detractors are loud. But don’t mistake volume for impact. Hillary is quietly winning. If you are laser-focused on the prize, the bashers become ineffectual. They are on the wrong side of history and they know it.

If you ever feel demoralized by the endless hate, look at these photos and know who is marching on this journey with you.

hrc supporters 23














hillary hat



hrc supporters 8

hrc supporters 22

hrc supporters 25

Peter Daou

Peter Daou

Peter Daou is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and a veteran of two presidential campaigns. He is the CEO of True Blue Media, which owns and operates Blue Nation Review.

Note #5: A Serious Warning on “President Trump”

If by now you are not having a Trump overdoses, wait another 24 hours; by the end of it you will either be pondering about what a Trump presidency is shaping to be, or frantically trying to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the race.

Did you see what I did to you there? “pondering about what a Trump presidency is shaping to be” is a subtle planting in the mind that a Trump presidency is inevitable: “shaping to be“. That’s what the MSM is doing to you. It’s covering of Trump now 24/7 while erasing Hillary Clinton from their communications tools; it is a stealthy conditioning of the people’s mind to get used, by way of repeating his name and his ‘presidential policies’, to the idea that the man is now presidential.

President Trump Promises Debt, Default And Depression [Headline from Crooks and Liars blog]

The MSM is conditioning you to take for granted that Trump now owns the GOP, fait accomplished. And while until recently the MSM was shaming Trump for not being “presidential”, no one is making fun of him on that point anymore, or at least not as consistently.

People, you are currently going, unbeknownst to yourselves, through a process of mental conditioning by the MSM: you are being BRAINWASHED as we speak, into getting used and accepting the idea of a President Trump.

Notice also that whenever the MSM mentions Hillary, it is 99% sure it is a negative coverage of her: no one likes her, she is dishonest, crooked…I have commented on this blog at least once, here  , why Hillary may lose the elections. Even if she defeats Sanders, which I will not take for granted until I see it happening, the white male oligarchs are not interested in a woman president, especially if she is a ‘feminist’. The Israelis are there too for their own Hillary hating reasons discussed at that link.

You may or may not have had the uncomfortable feeling I had that, for some reason, negative coverage of Trump doesn’t have the same weight as for Hillary, that even though she is not been portrayed as a racist, the negative coverage makes her REALLY look bad. I’ll give you the secret: contrary to Trump, Hillary has been vilified as a woman, a she devil. She has been condemned in the MSM for all the ills of humanity, she is the corrupter of men. It’s subtle but it’s there. I have even read leftist’s blog accusing her of influencing her husband into signing bills he didn’t want to sign.

Killary Clinton, in Russian alphabet, but from our beloved nation. She is not even human.

Trump, however, is an outsider, his crime is to be a buffoon. He is not even peeled off for been an openly admitted corrupt billionaire. Want to stop Trump? Make a connection between  his millions with the promotion of the mental illness called compulsive gambling. Everyone knows that casinos suck the money away from the communities where they are. The MSM doesn’t touch the sources of Trump’s billions, but excoriates Hillary with conspiracy theories about how she has caused the planet to almost collapse.

Please, take a look at my discussion about the myth of the outsider in these primaries.

The reason the art of mind control is so effective is because it is subtle, repetitive and uses coded words implanted sparsely in the messages.

So there, you have been warned. Tread carefully when you bash Hillary, you may just have been turned into a zombie by the MSM.

Is anyone awake out there? HELLO!

Presidentially looking Trump.

Hillary-Hating and Mental Splitting: The Psy OP of Fascists

The now popular noun/adjective ‘berniebots’ represents a collective observation that  Sanders’ followers attitudes towards their ‘leader’ and to Hillary Clinton (HC) show that something is lacking in them, i.e., a mind, that they behave like robots.

I will take a different view on that collective observation  and propose something more controversial: that what ‘berniebots’ are displaying is disturbing and dangerous signs of mental “splitting“, a mark of successful brainwashing technique.

In this post I intend to bring evidence to the fact that there is an anti-Hillary campaign based on that  ‘splitting’ technique, that Sanders’ followers are being used to deliver the ‘all bad-all good’ narrative of that technique, and that it threatens to lead our nation into a new form of fascism.

Splitting is more than just the relational-problem described in the psychiatric diagnosis of Borderline Personality.

In psychology, splitting is a mental schema characterized  by an absolute polarizing view of other people as either all good or all bad, the ‘black and white’ attitude, no shades are possible. Splitting is a  commonly used technique in cults and in advertising; it is a tool for opinion-shaping and political character assassination. It is psychological brain washing because it is done, obviously, surreptitiously.  It involves repetitive exposure to dogma and propaganda.

UPDATE: The discussion at the WaPo about ‘smear’ is not the same as ‘splitting’.  Smear is easily handled by showing evidence to the contrary. Splitting, on the other hand invalidates the target as a person because she is branded as all bad while the other is all good. Think religious fanatics, it’s like that.

In the case of ‘berniebots’, I propose that they have been exposed to the constant online and MSM repetition of an all bad Hillary Clinton propaganda. Karl Rove is the originator of this Hillary-hating art (discussed later)  and his skills have been adopted by both Trump and Sanders’ campaigns.

Splitting Hillary and Sanders

First, let’s consider how ‘berniebots’ display this splitting behavior.

It is common knowledge by now that, for them, Sanders is the pure, perfect, all good, almost saintly political leader. He is the only politician who never lies, always tells the truth; who, in his 30+ years in politics, has done nothing but good for the downtrodden. To them, there is no record of him voting in Congress  against the working class.  Susan Sarandon went as far as saying that “he has no ego”. That is distortion of thinking: they see what they want to see in him, not what he really is.

But he promotes that distortion:

the truth

No one but him is telling the truth. The other people are liars, all of them, according to his and his followers judgment.

His trip to the Vatican this week have cemented that illusory view they have of him.

Sadly, we have also seen berniebots verbally attacking anyone who disagrees with them on their perception of Sanders or who brings evidence of his work in Congress that shows a not-so-perfect Congressional record.

As for Hillary Clinton, they see her as all bad, a witch, a subhuman entity, literally; their shared hatred of her is intense, powerful and all-encompassing.

A cursory research online about HC in this year’s primaries will net you mostly negative articles and opinions. When you go to Reddit and to MSM comment sections, you find that any positive comment about her or about anything good she has done as a politician is immediately and  violently attacked by them, devalued or negated as “lies”.  Even worse, as I have commented in my blog, YouTube and the internet are plagued with offensive videos portraying HC as, literally, a beast.



Notice this one is from the 2008 primaries. It will be discussed later.

 Personality Worshiping And The Electoral Process

With berniebots there is no possibility of having a calm discussion of pros-and-cons about our two democratic contenders for the presidency. This means that in our current national elections there is no meaningful discussion about Sanders and Hillary’s qualifications. The public is being forced into engaging in the  politics of personality-worshiping to prevent meaningful vetting of the candidates.

Personal attacks are inevitable in a political campaigns; it is  ‘normal’ for candidates to engage in it. Also, the lack of consensus on  what constituted personal attack vs  discussing political records aggravates the problem.

But what we are witnessing today in general is not ‘normal’, unless you consider brainwashing normal and written into our presidential election process.

I don’t blame the bots for this; somebody is manipulating and taking advantage of their emotions. But who?

The Art of  Bashing Hillary Clinton Exist: The Evidence is Here

It is a fact that the GOP and its master of opinion-shaping propaganda (brainwashing), Karl Rove, have  spent almost a billion dollars, since the 2008 primaries in the art of vilifying Hillary Clinton, associating her name and image with powerful hateful emotions in the eyes of the electorate. He had become the king of brainwashing since the days of Bush Jr, helping not only elect him, but helping, and this it true, making the public adopt the term ‘climate change’ and ditch ‘global warming’. That’s for a later topic.

In this ad, a narrator ominously warns that scandal follows Mrs. Clinton like a shadow.

In 2008, Rove and his party were certain that Hillary was going to be the dems’ candidate for the presidency. Their job, unbeknownst to them, helped Obama steal her thunder. The amount of hatred and misogyny against her at that time was truly appalling. Everybody joined in the bandwagon of Hillary-bashing, including Obama.

Rove never made it a secret that he was  honeying the art of political character assassination against HC. His ego is so yuuge and he was so proud of his handy work that he even invited the media to witness a master brain-washer at work. He showed us how he trains people to split-thinking.

So, there’s no excuse to be ignorant about his work and about political brainwashing. There is  no reason not to believe that Hillary bashing is happening and is purposely done to brainwash the public into voting against her.

Fascism is Being Tested In The USA With Sanders and His Berniebots

You will recognize those tactics today. Rove is still at work and still convinced that Hillary will be the contender for the dems. But today, Sanders has brought Rove’s tested brainwashing techniques to, let alone to the voters, but  directly to his followers.

It is the berniebots who are enacting the splitting technique; not only they believe their split-thinking, they are the army sent out to the online media to bash and shame Hillary, to deny her record of accomplishments and of efforts to help the regular people of this nation. The berniebots test our mental patience with constant she is all bad-he is all good  brainwashing efforts.

If they were doing it to vet her and accept vetting Sanders equally, I wouldn’t have any problem with attacking her record. But that’s not what is going on here. This is not unlike in that movie “1984”.


I made this video to give a visual idea of the cultish character of splitting. It contains clips of Sanders followers shouting at her.

 In that movie, “1984”, Winston’s,  the main character, daily work consisted in manipulating the nation’s only newspaper, changing historical data and turning heroes into villains and villains into heroes; and the workers were given a daily doses of hate to relieve them from the anger and frustration of living in a totalitarian state. The image of the hateful Goldstein would elicit spasms of intense anger and hatred, only to be relieved with ecstasy at the sight of the protector of all, the Big Brother.

Truly, our berniebots are the manipulated victims of the establishment a la “1984”. They get ‘unhinged’ at the sight of HC and in ecstasy at Sanders. They are willing to vote for Trump and not for her; that intense is their hatred, willing to burn the USA, as some of them have  commented, if Hillary wins the nomination or the presidency.

What you are seeing today in our primaries, which is more extreme than what we saw in 2008, is NOT going to go away. This picture of anarchic angry youngsters sent to disrupt other candidates rallies and activities, because it received the blessings of the MSM, it will stay with us as part of our political process, it will become the normal.

Once you have honed you brainwashing skills to that level, you are deserving of the Joseph Gobblers Medal  of Honor.


Finally, what to do?

As I have been saying all along in this blog, until the middle class and the poor build that third-party not controlled by the elite, we only have the duopoly. Having to choose from the least of two evils, it doesn’t help us to be given charismatic ‘leaders’ who hide their true intentions. That would be Sanders.

As for Hillary, her life is an (forced) open book; there can be no surprises. She is not a ‘revolutionary’ nor is promising socialism. I know that she is not perfect because I  know her story.

She is not all bad nor all good. But she is better, at any levels, than a manipulative saint.

Go build that third-party to see if you can wake up. Get out from the duopoly, they are there to drain your ‘revolutionary’ energy in useless bickering about who represents the ‘establishment’: they ALL do.