From BNR: Trust Me, Hillary Supporters: The Media Will NOT Be Your Friend In 2016

I’m reprinting this thoughtful and inspirational article at the pro-Hillary site BNR.


If anyone had an illusion that a GOP candidate as dangerous and reckless as Trump would mitigate the corporate media’s obsessively negative coverage of Hillary, they’ve been quickly disabused of that notion. Even though the fate of their own families hangs in the balance, the media only know how to do one thing when Hillary is a candidate: slam her. Over and over and over and over again.

Hillary supporters: I woke up today and turned on cable news. The first thing I saw was Donald being given a pass for abusive, bigoted comments, while Hillary was being raked over the coals for an email server. This pattern is repeated everywhere — and it will be that way for the remainder of the 2016 race. A few days ago, I shared my approach to dealing with the incessant media hostility toward Hillary and toward you, her supporters. The full text is reposted below.


Hillary-bashing is one of the ugliest permutations of American politics and the most toxic part of the 2016 election. It pervades the national media — just watch Morning Joe for five minutes and you’ll understand.

Turn on any news broadcast and listen to gleeful pundits faithfully regurgitate lies and smears against her.

Post a positive word about Hillary online and instantly get flooded with insults and slurs. Even threats.

Listen to her political rivals talk about her like she’s the devil incarnate.

If you believe the chatter, Hillary is a terrible, horrible, despised criminal who is losing in a landslide. Of course we know the opposite is true: She is one of the most ethical and lied about political leaders in the world:

No one has ever produced an iota of evidence that Hillary has behaved improperly because of a campaign contribution. No one has produced a scintilla of proof that there is a quid pro quo when it comes to her speaking fees. From Whitewater to Benghazi to her emails, nobody can point to a single instance of corruption or purposeful wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton’s part. None. Zero. Ever.

Hillary is winning. She will keep winning.

Her Republican opponent is a loose-lipped coward desperately begging someone to mount a third party run so he doesn’t have to face her alone (#WomenTrumpDonald). Taking his lead, the anti-Hillary forces have opened the spigot wide and the vileness is spewing forth.

If you are a Hillary supporter who simply wants a better future and can’t understand why so much venom is directed at her, it’s hard to process all this negativity.

So trust me on this. I worked for Hillary for years, I know who she is and how she deals with it. She puts her faith in you. She ignores the pundits and prognosticators. She smiles at the haters.

hrc portrait 2016

Hillary knows that you’ve been there for her and that you’ll continue to be there for her. She looks past the vitriol and stays focused on what matters. She relies on her own sense of self. She draws on her inner fortitude. She is disciplined; she knows that love and kindness trump hate and fear. That’s not just a slogan for her — it’s her compass in the storm that always seems to surround her.

More than anyone in politics, she understands the ephemerality of news cycles. What seems earth-shattering today is a hazy memory tomorrow.

Just look at the Democratic primary. It seems like a lifetime ago, but recall the doom-saying that started last summer: Emails, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and on and on. Breathless predictions of imminent collapse, claims she inspired no passion, hand-wringing over whether a man should jump into the race to save the party from a woman.

Remember all that?

And look where we are now. Hillary will clinch the nomination in a matter of weeks, attaining the first of two milestones on the march to history.

Most importantly: Remember that Hillary bashers have always failed in the long run.

You can make Hillary bashers disappear by focusing, the way she does, on the end game. Trust yourself. Trust her faith in you. Her haters are trying to tear her down, and destroying themselves in the process.

The national media will do everything in their power to normalize Donald, to pretend he’s something more than a bigoted, hostile, intemperate, ill-prepared, sexist bully. It’s all static and noise. All of it.

Here’s the reality: As of this writing, there are three candidates left in the 2016 race. One is mathematically eliminated. The other is a petrified bigmouth who knows he’s outclassed and outmatched.

Of the three, I can assure you that if they had to bet, even her worst opponents would put their money on Hillary as the victor on Election Day.

Yes, her detractors are loud. But don’t mistake volume for impact. Hillary is quietly winning. If you are laser-focused on the prize, the bashers become ineffectual. They are on the wrong side of history and they know it.

If you ever feel demoralized by the endless hate, look at these photos and know who is marching on this journey with you.

hrc supporters 23














hillary hat



hrc supporters 8

hrc supporters 22

hrc supporters 25

Peter Daou

Peter Daou

Peter Daou is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and a veteran of two presidential campaigns. He is the CEO of True Blue Media, which owns and operates Blue Nation Review.

Sanders On Fantasy Debate With Trump™: It’s About “Two Guys” and Brotherhood

“You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently,” Sanders responded.

The subtext to that quote is something like this:

Sanders finds brotherhood with Trump™. The fantasy debate is  about “two guys”,  two special guys, two guys who are different from the rest of the flock because they share a view of the world unlike the regular  people’s.

One could say that he seems to  see himself and Trump™ as the Jonathan Livingston Seagulls of this presidential election cycle.


I can hear Sanders’ followers protestations already: He challenged Hillary to a debate before the California primaries but she refused!; and they are right. But that’s not the point of this post.

What fascinates me, and to which I’m calling your attention, is the  spirit of brotherhood  in which Sanders, not Trump™, has framed his fantasy debate with Mr. Personality. He could have made the challenge without showing such kinship with him…and joy.

“I am delighted that @realDonaldTrump has agreed to debate,” Sanders tweeted on Thursday. “Let’s do it in the biggest stadium possible.”

Is like he is giddy because the cool guy in the class had pity for him and finally recognized him and accepted the challenge…on his own terms, of course.

He certainly doesn’t treat Hillary as his ‘sister’, nor enjoys debating her. He actually hates her guts, as do his berniebros.

We saw Sanders’ ‘brotherhood’ with Trump when he refused to denounce his statement that women who have abortions should be criminalized. Only a man without ‘brotherhood’ towards women could be so dismissive of such a dangerous proposal.

Brotherhood used to mean

  • feelings of friendship, support, and understanding between people

  • a group or organization of people who have the same interests, jobs, etc.

When it refers to male bonding, it is not ‘brotherhood’, it is just that: male bonding. No problem with that, but have the difference clear in your mind, because one includes women but the other doesn’t. And ‘brotherhood’ would exclude people who are totally against your main interests. Brotherhood with Trump requires accepting his racism, xenophobia and misogyny.

Sanders proved, with his ill advised public call to Trump to beg him to debate him, that he doesn’t mind budding up with this ignoramus racist billionaire. That explains his dismissiveness of women’s issues.

As an update: we saw how Sanders paid with humiliation for his brotherhood with trickster Trump. Brotherhood, to be efficient, must be reciprocated. Trump had no problem calling Sanders a ‘second place loser’. Not even SNL could have come with a funny scene like that.

The Men’s Card

That spirit of male brotherhood towards Trump™ is seen in many of Sanders’ followers and in segments of the American left, but not as much on Trump’s followers. That spirit of brotherhood is the men’s card to their exclusive club’. The debate, as described by Sanders,  is not about politics; it’s about the fun of two guys slugging it out, rolling down the mud to see which one remains standing after ‘killing’ Hillary. He wants a piece of the Donald’ show.

In my previous post I discussed how Cornel West uses the term “brother” to refer to Trump™.


…The only reason you, a Black man, may have found ‘brotherhood’ with Trump™ is because of what you have in common with him as a human being: a dick. Otherwise, explain how come you feel such intense hatred for that woman, Hillary Clinton, vilifying her and accusing her of all types of crimes without providing evidence, but you have absolutely zero feelings of hatred towards Trump™ ?

Yes, it shows my frustration with my ‘brothers’ on the left.

I was told that that‘s the way West speaks. Well, that’s the way the Nation of Islam speaks, and you ought to know that when they say  ‘brother’ they mean male solidarity, and when they say ‘sisters’ they mean inferior position as compared to the males.

This ‘brotherhood’ with racists men is not something to be taken as a quirk; it is sexist at its root.

Women have nothing to benefit from that ‘brotherhood’, nor do these men seek women’s interests. If Cornel West can find ‘brotherhood’ with a white man who thinks of women as objects, then what good is ‘brotherhood’ for women?

Women: “You have to treat ’em like shit.” (Trump™ New York magazine, Nov. 9, 1992)

Unfortunately, many men share those views, therefor their feeling of kinship and brotherhood with a sexist and racist white dude. Mind boggling is what it is, that humans are still behaving in terms of sexual superiority/inferiority.

A segment of our Black and ‘colored’ male society have historically sought the recognition of their manhood from white men. Black and minority men have suffered a lot of indignities as men from White men. One would think that today ‘colored’ people (I’m a ‘colored’ person) would be above that need to have white men recognizing ‘our manhood’.

Trump™ doesn’t share that feeling of ‘brotherhood’ with minority men.

Finally, it is clear that an interest shared by Trump™and Sanders is attacking Hillary Clinton and engaging in character assassination against her. This fantasy debate is the fantasy of uniting with Trump™ to savage her…and take the ‘debate’ as a job interview for for the position of Trump’s VP. (It’s not me saying this: many people have noticed how close Sanders and his supporters have come to Trump™.)

What would be the outcome of that ‘debate’? The two of them would agree on focusing only on attacking her and declare it a tie: no one wins, but both ‘kill her’.


Hating Hillary

Watching CNN during Super Tuesday, you would think that the candidate that the MSM says is making the world tremble and would trash the world economy is Trump, but it isn’t.  Hillary Clinton  is the one the MSM hates even more than they claim to hate Trump.

They hate her because she is ‘a liar’, because of the ’email scandal’. That is more threatening to them than the Donald’s hate speech and his outrageous lies during his campaign. He is supported by the KKK, but everybody hates Hillary.

What gives? This hatred of HC is not new, they can’t claim they hate her because of the emails: the hatred has been going on since 2008 primaries. There were no ’email scandals’ then, no Benghazi.

The real reason for the hatred is that she was part of the legal team that impeached Nixon. And that she is a woman.

And don’t forget her stand in support of the Palestinians as a First Lady. The Zionists will never forgive her for that one.