Trump’s Taiwan Connections

Note: WaPo removed the article discussed here from its front page in a few hours. That’s interesting; they don’t want you to see it anymore.

It just so happens, according to the WaPo’s article Trump’s Taiwan phone call was long planned, say people who were involved, that while Trump was running as an “outsider” during the primaries, he was very much an insider.

We can also glean from that article that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and the Donald’s advisers (the ones we didn’t know about because they were behind the primaries curtains) were taking for granted that he was going to be the next president. I doubt Mrs. Ing-wen had that type of conversations with Hillary Clinton during the primaries, although it is possible.

The plutocracy squid’s tentacles over Asia

According to the article, one can deduce that Trump was getting advice from foreign policy hardline Conservatives (globalists?) since, at least, he decided to run for president.

Priebus is reported to have visited Taiwan with a Republican delegation in 2011 and in October 2015, meeting Tsai before she was elected president.

Remember Priebus’ reluctance to ‘disown’ the Donald during the primaries? Well, that explains the mystery. The two of them had been planning that conversation, according to the article, since when? Since at least 2015 when he was running for president, like Tsai.

The American arm-dealers-and-financiers squid, represented by the GOP, has been incessantly moving its tentacles, positioning its chess pieces on the Asian board ahead of  time.

It is astonishing the power these people have to decide who will become head of state in almost any nation, including the USA. But I’m digressing.

If Priebus and the GOP’s big donors (arms dealers and WS financiers, which explains Trump’s cabinet filled with them) were already positioning the pieces, you can bet your RV that they had already approach Trump by then. He tried running for president, again, in 2009, so, all he did was postpone the race. Everybody was already in place waiting for his signal.

What did they offer Tsai?

For that woman to have been in conversations with the GOP’s mediators before having been elected, some form of financial agreement must have been on the table. They would help her win the presidency in exchange of…her taking a ‘loan’ from Wall Street’s (WS) financiers to buy arms from our arm dealers. That’s usually the deal, what else could it be? Dinner for two in USA’s Chinatown?

By the time of their meeting in 2015, the Donald was already on board, since he was already running for president and a ‘friend’ of Priebus.

Two examples of Shameless propaganda

Of all the appalling behind-the-curtain hanky panky this piece of news reveal, in my opinion, the worse is the lie that Trump ran as “an outsider”. That lie is an example of propaganda. The mainstream media (MSM) is the tool of propagandists, and the MSM never questioned the myth that Trump was an outsider. I discussed the myth of Trump the businessman as an outsider here. It’s a myth the elite media promotes because they benefit from it.

The other appalling piece of shameless propaganda was telling the public that the telephone call was simply a head-of-state congratulating another, when we know now that the call had been plan for months ahead of time by this two characters, even before winning their respective campaigns.

The only reason Trump and Tsai would have any conversation is if they thought Trump was going to win the presidency.

Hillary was toast since Trump entered the race

It is difficult for the regular citizen who trusts its government and its oligarchs to accept the fact that there is a shadow government and a shadow oligarchy pulling the reins behind the curtains, even when the evidence is given to them in spoonfuls. That’s why all those myths must be protected by the media with its story-telling skills. This article is pretty revealing of those behind-the-curtain hanky panky, but few will be able to discover one lie in it.

The ‘inexperienced’ outsider’s plan to take over the planet

Our capitalist ideology is based on the preeminence of the individual over the social group. Its focus is on the myth of  the one man who takes the world by himself. Except that he can never do it on his own. That’s why during the primaries the focus was on him, the virile alpha-male ruthless outsider orange businessman.

But if he was an outsider and inexperienced in government, how come he was surrounded by top-level government bureaucrats and ultra-conservative think-tank personalities?

  • Walter Lohman, director of the Heritage Foundation’s
  • Richard Grenell, a former State Department official
  • Peter Navarro,  economic and Asia advisers
  • Edward J. Feulner, a longtime former president of the Heritage Foundation, has for decades cultivated extensive ties with Taiwan and is serving as an adviser to Trump’s transition team.
  • Reince Priebus, “Taiwan Foreign Minister David Lee called him a friend of Taiwan and said his appointment as Trump’s chief of staff was “good news” for the island, according to local news media.
  • Stephen Yates, a national security official during the presidency of George W. Bush and an expert on China and Taiwan.
  • Alexander Gray

Clearly, Priebus is not just the head of the GOP, he is an intermediary between the oligarchy and whoever they need him to talk with on their behalf.

So when you take this article and all the implications left unstated in it, don’t you get that awful feeling that Trump’s victory was assured before he even announced he was running? Put together the media propaganda campaign of vilifying Hillary Clinton as less trustworthy than Trump, the 24/7 email coverage, the MSM willingness to publish and give space to Assange’s email dump, and the FBI’s last-minute dump of more emails. We know it was the emails the nail in Hillary’s presidential campaign coffin. Plus, the male oligarchy NEVER wanted a feminist woman as their boss. There are hardly any women in Trump’s cabinet, are there?

The media portrayed Trump as a lewd, greedy and corrupt buffoon. Even the zombie Leftists jumped into the propaganda wagon and called him an immature buffoon of whom no one should be afraid; that Hillary Clinton was the real evil bitch looking to destroy the planet (they did say all that). The masses are brainless, they bought that the clown they know from TV programs was less threatening and disgusting. The propaganda of associating the word ’emails’ with ‘corrupt Hillary’ worked. By November 7, people didn’t want to hear about emails NOR about her.

That, my friends, was a masterful display of propaganda skills. The art of moving people to behave as you need them to do. It’s not only about ‘brainwashing’; it’s about moving people into action or inaction. Staying at home or voting for the opponent is both of those.

Finally, it is appalling to me that these people and Trump were already enacting our nation’s foreign policy before we even had a chance to vote for president.

More appalling is the internal divisions in the oligarchy about Trump’s foreign policies. That is the other hidden element here, the divisions between globalists and conservatives. The media never talks about it.

Well, that’s all, folks. Who knows what other ‘explosive’ surprise is awaiting us from the buffoon.

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Note#2: It’s The Globalists, Silly.

It is pretty accurate, IMHO, to say that the planet is in a state of chaos, both environmentally and socially. See France’s Nuit Debout youth’s revolution, the Middle East, Latin America…to the USA. The malaise is global, and so is its origin: globalism.

It’s not just me saying it. As I have discussed on this blog, it is the globalists themselves who have diagnosed the problem. Our current presidential elections crisis (both parties are being shaken by popular anger), according to globalist Larry Sanders, is evidence that the success of globalism has peaked, and is high noon time for the elite to step back and re-think how to cope with the consequences of its success if they want to have more of it:

This [globalization] has proved more successful than could reasonably have been hoped.

…Elites can continue pursuing and defending [global] integration, hoping to win sufficient popular support — but, on the evidence of the US presidential campaign and the Brexit debate, this strategy may have run its course.

…And they see the disintegration that accompanies global integration, as communities suffer when big employers lose to foreign competitors.

…The core of the revolt against globalintegration, though, is not ignorance. It is a sense, not wholly unwarranted, that it is a project carried out by elites for elites with little consideration for the interests of ordinary people — who see the globalisation agenda as being set by big companies playing off one country against another.

…The emphasis can shift from promoting integration to managing its consequences.

This is likely to result in a hiatus in new global integration

…efforts to preserve what is in place while relying on technology and growth in the developing world to drive further integration.

The globalists have their think-tanks to give them the information/data needed to assess, in the words of former mayor of NY Ed Koch, “how am I doing?”. They have been talking, among themselves only, about the impact of globalism on human beings, culture and society at larger since at least 1970 when they were beginning to carry out their global take-over of our lives. We, however, base our political decisions on the facts given to us by FoxNews, CNN…We certainly don’t have time for heavy thinking after a hard work day. If we let them, they will ‘fix’ the problem for us.

We need to get off the two-party system, educate ourselves about the nature of globalism and how it is changing  our society, personalities and even how we perceive reality.

We need an organization where fighting globalism is the first point in the platform, then the environment, animal rights, children and women’s rights, the right to work, health services…all of them on one platform.

Sit there peacefully if you think you can get that from the duopoly, ’cause you’re gonna get tired of waiting on your feet for it to deliver. They will give you what they want and you will have to love it.

Until then, Hillary is our only option in these elections.