How the media binds Trump, Putin, Syria with Clinton’s emails

What do Trump, Putin and our intervention in the Syrian conflict have in common with the now-infamous Hillary Clinton-emails?

Answer: Propaganda; from all sides – the USA, Russia, and China; all for your benefit. Here you have ‘conspiracy theories‘ (was he or wasn’t he hacking the DNC?), and fake news (Putin is controlling the US’ elections, hate him! or fear him!). That, my friends, is psychological warfare, courtesy of you own American media.

After the Trump ‘A’ bomb landed on us on 8 November, the media (MSM and leftist) took a quick look at themselves to assess their responsibility on the election’s outcome. It took them a nano second to evaluate themselves and come to the conclusion that…hey, look there. Is PUTIN!

NOTE: I’m not taking sides on the Putin ‘issue’. This post is about how propaganda is working here in the USA.

How does it work, propaganda and fake news? Emails 1.0

You probably remember, it happened a month ago, that the American media, MSM and pseudo-leftist, spend over 12 months giving the public that consumes their information, 24/7 ‘coverage’ of Hillary C’s ‘crimes against humanity’, particularly speculating on the meaning of the ‘contents’ of the illegal emails dump. That the emails were acquired illegally stopped being an issue from the get-go.

With its constant daily coverage, the media achieved stealthy impressing in the minds of a significant amount of voters the emails as a sign; they were not ’emails’ anymore but actually a ‘code-word’, an image in their collective minds representing Hillary C’s supposed perversity, dishonesty and corrupt personality. By 8 November those voters had it with reports of emails and Clinton’s corruption. They actually had it with the emails stories, but because the emails had morphed into an image of her, they thought they wanted to stop the stories by stopping her, not stopping the media driving them nuts with the 24/7 maddening reports.

It is plausible, this analysis. It’s what propaganda does, it goes after the masses, the ‘public’, with techniques of psychological warfare. This is what professionals who study media propaganda say,  not me.

The genius of propaganda is that its crimes are difficult to prove. It is in your face and yet you (generic you) can’t see it. But consider this: If the NYT and the WaPo and CNN and the rest of the media, all of them, were in agreement that they all should talk continuously about her emails because it was ‘high crime’, how come all of them, in unison, stopped ‘reporting’ on HC’s emails crimes on 9 November?

Clearly, the media owners, Murdoch and Carlos Slim (NYT), Amy Goodman and the people at Counter Punch among a few, decide what we read. And, clearly, what they decide we should read and talk about collectively not always has to do with real morals or real high treason, for they dropped the ‘high treason’ charge the day she lost the elections.

They kept the public talking about HC’s emails for over a year, and guided many of them into concluding that HC is a corrupt woman; “lock her up” was the populist clamor.

The masses were seething with hatred of HC because of the emails stories.

Once you have them, play with them

The media had work the public into a frenzy, a collective feeling which resulted in a particular action: many who were considering voting against Trump by voting for her without liking her either, were so repulsed by the 6 November FBI dump of emails that they either voted for Trump, for Jill Stein, or simply stayed at home. That’s how Trump ‘won’.

Propaganda is not just about manipulating ‘public opinion’. Modern propaganda is about guiding the public into action (voting against HC), or inaction, as was the case of voters who stayed at home. It is also about preventing people from interfering. Read Jacques Ellul’s book Propaganda; excellent source for understanding how propaganda and fake news work.

Emails 2.0: Putin’s turn to be the villain

But the emails and Putin are the gifts that keep on giving the media moguls the joy of manipulating the public like a puppeteer manipulates his puppet. They need your consent to continue the war on Syria, the permanent Middle East war that benefits the war mongers of the likes of Grumman and the CEOs who own big surveillance corporations.

But they also need you to support the elite who wants to continue doing business with Putin. Dick Cheney wants Congress to confirm Rex Tillerson, Exxon’s CEO, as Secretary of State. You see, the divided elite needs you to take sides, but not informed decisions.

That’s right: they tell you “what you need to know”. They mean it, you literally don’t need to know anything else.


Their message to you is this: Hillary Clinton was defeated, period. Forget about that and look here now.

If the public were able to see how the media manipulated them with the HC emails, moving them into doing something they were not planning on doing, they would see a repeat of emails coverage 24/7, and would question Why is the media bombarding them with this new take on emails? Now the criminal is not Hillary Clinton but Putin.

On which direction does the media wants you to move? To which action or inaction are they guiding you? Do they want you to not interfere?

Hey, look here, not there

Propaganda technicians know that one of the most important rules they must obey is not letting the group they are targeting to think for themselves or look away from the object they are presenting them.

Don’t interfere with plans to build more armaments, please

They don’t want you, for sure, to look at them as ‘the lying media’. The don’t want you to consider that it was them who made the decision to cover the emails 24/7, not Putin, nor that they discussed the emails from the perspective of Hillary Clinton as a ‘dishonest and untrustworthy’ candidate, not as illegal material. They don’t want you to see how they do propaganda.

There is a campaign going on against Putin and for the US participation in the Syrian conflict that should not be interrupted by the public’s complaints and criticisms about how their own national media manipulates their emotions.

Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos and Amy Goodman and Counter Punch, they are all engaged in a ‘battle’ for and against Putin, that’s all that should matter to you, per our media owners. Did he do it, did he not do it? That discussion qualifies as conspiracy theory.

Weaponizing the emails

These people have turned the useful emails into both a distraction away from their ‘journalistic practices’, and a political weapon. The public’s decision on war and on our relations with Russia will depend on the emails. But the battle here is not only over Putin, but over the elites’ political divisions. You can see how the representatives of the warring conservative sides are responding to the ‘Putin threat’, can’t you?

There is the question of continuing in Syria for the benefit of  the big corporations that benefit from a permanent state of war: the Grumman’s and the surveillance corporations war mongers. Your consent is needed, folks. Think Vietnam.

In a democracy, there must be two sides to every issue, otherwise it would look like a dictatorship. Some of the divisions you see presented in the media is just for appearances sake. But the public has to be able to see the signs.

The nature of propaganda is that it is secretive and works stealthily, but it exists.Today is the best time to start educating ourselves about how propaganda works. It’s not as it used to be; it has matured.

As Alex Jones says, and he knows about this, “There is a war on for your mind”.



Sanders’ Leftists Embrace Trump and white supremacists: A love-affair made in hell

like it or not, Donald Trump is the democratically elected President” Leftists Renee Parsons at CounterPunch mag

“The destruction of the Democratic Party and creation of a truly progressive political movement is the only hope for black America.” Black Agenda Report

Trump is open about it. He loves money and power. He loves violence. He expresses strong-man charisma. That is why we on the left need to embrace him. Yes, I mailed in a vote for Trump and I stand by that. Go Trump!” Anarchist for Trump by Christopher Ketcham

There is an arrogance in that last quote, an attitude that drips with lack of shame and remorse in expressing what that guy knows we know is morally wrong. The reasons that explain that behavior and attitude are simple, not simplistic, but simple.

The American Leftists (AL), with their online magazines and blogs, allying with the most racist elements of the conservative right-wing movement is the symptom, not the problem.

The problem is that the AL lost, long, long ago, any meaningful connections with the non-white working class and women whose interests they claim to advocate. When they join Trump and establish links with the white supremacists (publishing right-wingers’ opinions), they show it is easier for them to connect with the extreme right, and that they have more in common with the intellectual elements in the racist right-wing than with the ‘proletariat’.

This problem is not without dire consequences for the rest of us. In their frustration and anger, they do what is typical of the powerless masses: they lash out at their own people, resort to anarchism, attack their own institutions, and always come to the party without a plan to restore order.

This is a politics of arson. I’d rather see the empire burn to the ground under Trump,…What’s needed now in American politics is consternation, confusion, dissension, disorder, chaos — and crisis,…
C. Ketcham

Somebody else always has to do the cleaning up after the party for them; usually is the service.

After observing the problem unfold, one ends up with seeds of conspiracy theories in the hands. Conspiracies, they always start with a grain of truth, don’t they?

Bernie Sanders and the leftist’s media continued attacks on the Democratic Party, seeking to demolish it, with nothing to replace it, is the climax of that frustration and anger. Sanders has gone as far as inciting the voters at the Electoral College to vote, not to restore the people’s’ wishes expressed on November 8, but to, instead, appoint Kasich,  a racist, right-wing member of the party of the enemies of the people, the GOP, i.e.

Instead of seeking alliance with the more progressive elements in the DNC, they offer something to the GOP. Yes, they offered them something because alliances imply the trading political goods. It looks as if Sanders and the intellectually-spent leftists want a one-party nation; the GOP as it. Think about the consequences; think about which nations have and had a one-party system.

But we will have to wait 20 years to find out what the deal was. Remember the Pentagon Papers, Agent Orange reports and COINTELPRO? They confirmed so many conspiracy theories. The enemy was within.

There is yet another queer thing going on; it relates to how the right-wing media portrays the leftists as anti-Trump when it is abundantly clear that the left has joined Trump’s harem. Even more; many writers published by leftists’ magazines like Counter Punch, filled with praises for Trump, are themselves conservatives and racists (e.g.,Paul Craig Roberts). They know for which magazine they are writing, they can’t claim not knowing the left is pro-Trump.

These attacks on the leftists and the leftists on the DNC can’t be haphazard in nature; they are repeated constantly and are similar in content.

The leftists contributed to the defeat of the people’s wishes by joining the MSM and the right-wingers in their attacks on Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Sanders never apologized for arming Trump against Hillary with his name-calling and effective character assassination campaign.

The next phase for Sanders and the leftists is to destroy the DNC, and the right-wingers’ is to destroy the progressive movement. That’s division of labor right there. With their movement divided and demoralized, where do progressives go to fight the good fight?