Anti-feminism: the place where Infowars and Counter Punch go to shake hands

“their protest…perfectly aligned with the aims of the global neoliberal establishment…relentlessly delegitimizing Trump” CJ Hopkins at Counter Punch

“What where we going to protest? That Donald Trump won the election? That Hillary lost?”  Ann Garrison at Black Agenda Report (BAR)

“The “Women’s March on Washington” is actually an anti-Trump march” Alex Jones at Inforwars

It is a scary day when, in the beginning of a historical political crisis in the US, the white supremacists’ anti-women and pro-Trump sentiments, expressed in alt-right websites like Alex Jones’ Inforwar and WND, are shared and echoed in so-called leftists sites like Counter Punch, Black Agenda Report (BAR), World Socialist Website (WSWS) and Information Clearing House, and OpedNews, to mention just a few.

Perhaps you didn’t notice in the scant articles the leftists dedicated  on their websites to the Women’s March on D.C. (most of which have been deleted!) and passing as ‘correct’ Marxist analysis, that  they could find NOTHING positive about that historic event. When Marxists and the racist ultra-right conservatives converge to  characterize about six million people marching in the US and worldwide  as mere anti-Trump and ‘neoliberal’ Democrats, the march as ‘identity politics’ (a ‘bad’ thing  that ‘Hillary’s fans’ do); and when both of them ridicule the female marchers (reason for articles being deleted?), it’s time progressives start asking themselves  ‘WTF is going on here?

Below is a sample of other opinions shared and published by America’s extreme right (in leftist jargon) and ‘left’ wings on their respective websites (as always, grammar police need a warrant to enter this blog):

  • We are hypocritical if we accuse Trump’s anti-Muslim ban and immigration policies  as racism because we never complained about Obama’s racist anti-Muslim and Mexican immigration policies. So shut up now, I guess.
  • The democratic party must be destroyed because it represents Hillary Clinton’s and Wall Street’s interests. That leaves Trump with a one-party (GOP) nation because no one, not even the leftists, is demanding the destruction of the GOP. But the leftists are OK with handing the nation to the white supremacists, I guess.
  • It is a false analogy to compare Trump to Hitler. Trump is anti-globalism, i.e., a revolutionary. The WaPo reported about Jeff Session, Trump’s candidate to AG: “Sessions’s ideology is driven by a visceral aversion to what he calls “soulless globalism,” a term used on the extreme right to convey a perceived threat to the United States from free trade, international alliances and the immigration of nonwhites.” So, according to our leftists, Sessions must also be a revolutionary. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • We should give Trump a chance to go after the criminal globalist class. The leftists believe he is about to do that. The poor things haven’t heard what he said the other day about his promise to “punish” Carrier.
  • Trump will unite with Putin to avoid the world war Hillary Clinton and the pro-war neoliberal democrats want to start. Don’t wait standing for that one. President Bannon, I mean, Trump said there will be a war with China or Korea “soon”.


  • Identity politics (issues related to gender, race, nationality, etc.) is a distraction created by Hillary Clinton and the neoliberal Democrats to attack Trump’s anti-globalism message. That’s why we got distracted with the ‘non-identity issue’ of Trump’s refusal to name the Jewish people as victims of Hitler’s war on women and gays (not an identity issue either, I guess) and ethnic nationals. If you don’t have a salary (economic issue), you are not important. OK?

Glen Ford and BAR are against identity politics, except when they are for it.

This unanimity in pro-Trump and anti-feminist sentiments between the opposing extreme right and the left-wings is no coincidence, unless our Marxists are comfortable openly aligning with white supremacists without qualifying the alliance. Marxists are aware of their meeting of the hearts with right wingers; they can’t claim ignorance of it. They (Counter Punch in particular) constantly invite people, like Paul Craig Robertson, for example, without telling their readers the “guests” are white supremacists. They allow these people to taint their website with their veiled racism and anti-feminism, all in leftist jargon to better cover their right-wing propaganda.

And finally, Trump and white supremacists blabber against ‘political correctness’, but, ask yourselves, how many times have you seen them inviting leftists to their websites to share with their readers Marxist ideology, just to prove that they too are anti-political correctness?

So, if it isn’t coincidence, then what is this meeting of the hearts between white supremacists and Marxists? Could it be:

  • the result of a stealthy alt-right/Marxists alliance against globalists? That would be utterly  dishonest, wouldn’t it?
  • the alt/right and third-way conservatives infiltrating the leftist space? That would make the Marxists look like zombies, braindead, i.e.
  • CIA/FBI psy ops a la COINTELPRO? Haven’t  the Marxists learned their lesson yet?
  • mere ignorance on the part of old-fashioned Marxists? This is the ONE reason we can’t accept at all. That leaves the others to be considered, or this last one:
  • there is no meaningful leftists movement in the USA, only third-way conservatism passing as leftists.

There is a reason for everything, and I intend to discuss on my next post some of the reasons behind the meeting of the hearts between white supremacists and the disappearing American leftist movement. For the moment, I will close this post by clarifying who I define as the pseudo-leftists and who are the Third-way alt-right passing as leftists. My conclusion next time will be whether there is a leftist movement at all in our nation if it is anti-feminist and anti-identity politics.

From Left to Right

Who is “the pseudo-left”?

I define ‘the American pseudo-leftists’ as the owners of most of the so-called leftists websites, Counter Punch, BAR, OpEd News, Information Clearing House, and World Socialist Website among others (am excepting The Nation because during the elections they showed balance of ideas); and the various socialists/communist parties and intellectuals (of leftist think-tanks) supporting anti-feminist positions, and labeling identity politics as ‘reactionary’.  Andrew Levine and most of the Counter Punch intellectual elite are included in this group, people who give us Marxist gems like this:

“In my opinion, it turns bolshevism on its head by using race or ethnic identity instead of class identity as the supreme, mobilizing force in national life.” Peter Lee at Counter Punch. [Typo in source, highlights by me.]

Maybe these old-fashion leftists forgot the early 20th century international socialist movement: women, people of color and ethnic nationals were part of the movement, and their needs were  integral part of  progressive demands they made. In the new millennium, the American leftists have closed its decaying doors to that same group of humans as not-welcomed, their needs relegated to the kitchen, not worthy of fighting for.

Who is the “alt-right”?

I define them as the white supremacists and ‘third-way’ conservatives, whether members of the GOP or not; people of the like of Bannon, Paul Craig Roberts, Glen Beck.  Third-way and paleoconservatives are mostly the same people. What follows is a useful description of this third-way ‘movement‘:

Craving the legitimacy that an alliance with progressive forces can provide, reactionaries seize on ostensibly shared positions, chief amongst them opposition to corrupt élites, to create the impression that progressives could benefit from making common cause with them.

Today’s (crypto)-fascist and other hard-right suitors, for example, focus on the commonplace left themes of opposition to war and corporate globalisation, the depredations of the ‚banksters‘, civil liberties, and Palestinian solidarity. Because the problems described by Querfront propaganda overlap so well with left-progressive causes, it may even superficially appear to be standard left-progressive discourse.

If – as is the case with many of today’s (especially US) left-progressives – one lacks the historical knowledge and analytical tools to recognise this propaganda for what it is, it is quite easy to be sucked in. [All typos in source.]

Next: Can a movement be called ‘leftist and progressive’ if it is anti-feminist and anti-identity politics, and pro-Trump’s policies?






Empowered Women, and the demise of the American Left: the new revolution

Calculations (by organizers) are 2.5 million people, mostly women, in Washington, DC. They can’t even march: they are stuck shoulder to shoulder all over the city! There was fear of a stampede due to inability to move, per Malveux, a CNN reporter.

Image result for women's march

I was there yesterday for inauguration protests by the working class. There were maybe two or three thousand people. ANY ONE can organize a march against the first lewd president except the American leftists.


From UK’s Independent: “Women’s march: Women hate Donald Trump so much they are even marching against him in Antarctica”

What this means is that WOMEN are the new revolutionary force in the USA, and in the world (see at the end of post).They will be the target of psy ops by Trump’s minions, they will suffer efforts at dividing them and their movement.

But they will learn as they go to exercise their power and fight their terrified  enemies.

Those enemies include the pseudo leftists, who have become fascists themselves.

Not only they dismiss women’s issues as “identity issues” to be ignored. They now feel empowered to ‘strip’ people of their dignity and historic contributions if they don’t show love for Putin and express hatred of Hillary Clinton. They did it to Angela Davis (The Zombie Left Trashes Angela Davis For Supporting Hillary Clinton), now to John Lewis:

Black Agenda Report

“Revoke” his “pass”? Did he mean to say revoke his ‘past‘?

The issue here is not that Lewis has become a negative element in Black politics, which I agree he has. The problem here is the leftist’s attitude that they can tell people who to HATE, and to engage in re-writing history by erasing people they don’t like out of collective memory. That is so Putin.

I don’t need the left to tell me who to hate. Even though I disagree with Mr. Lewis, I don’t feel the need to tarnish his past, nor to kill him and hang him in a bridge for all to see as a warning  like the fascists leftists are doing, FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, with other leftists who don’t do as they tell them to do. They want to kill Hillary Clinton, NOT figuratively speaking.

The reasonable and rational humanity are being pushed against the wall by both the right and leftists fascists. There is no difference between today’s white fascists racists and the pseudo-communist/socialist leftists. They both love Putin and hate anyone who don’t love him AND Trump. Remember this: the American leftists LOVE Trump; they don’t like ‘some’ of the things he is doing, but they love that he LOVES Putin. So, be careful not to express negative comments against Trump and Putin in front of a pseudo-leftists.

They are misogynist too. The American leftists treated women as sex toys in the 60s, and they haven’t change much.

The REAL  men are men with the attitude that drove many of them to the Women’s March and to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Stay away from the pseudo leftists, please.

A new revolution with a new ATTITUDE is developing: It is feminine, compassionate and inclusive.

NOW I’m hopeful!




The Zombie Left Trashes Angela Davis For Supporting Hillary Clinton

In Black Agenda Report (BAR), Margaret Kimberly trashes Angela Davis; she felt compelled to tear off from Angela’s chest all the medals the 1960s Left had awarded her, and declared her ‘Persona non Grata’ of the new zombie American Left. Angela’s big crime: supporting Hillary Clinton.

Free Angela Davis from the zombie American Leftists

Other ‘crimes’ committed by Angela, per the article, include her support for Obama in 2008. Funny thing is, the zombie Left, because they are unnatural brain-dead creatures, don’t remember that THEY were there with Angela rooting for Obama. True, BAR was one of the few who didn’t support Obama. But the rest of the American Left, and just about every Black progressive group and individuals, supported him,  even the Communist Party.

You see, you are allowed to commit those ‘mistakes’ as long as you don’t commit the mortal sin of supporting that woman, Hillary Clinton. You can support EVEN TRUMP, a billionaire elitist who supports the oligarchs and lies through his teeth. But you are not allowed to choose Hillary Clinton. Why? Well, the fact that she is a woman weight heavily in their hatred of her.

The American Left in almost its totality attacked Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries with the same vengeance and hatred and misogyny they are doing today, when at that time there were no email scandals nor any of the crimes they attach to her today. Angela Davis was there with them too, but, for the zombie Left, nothing can redeem you if you don’t join them in their zombie world.

Today, the zombie Left is attacking Angela Davis as a whole person, nothing in her is worth anything anymore to these unnatural people. Denouncing Trump as racist and fascist is anathema to the zombie Left, and so they have declared Davis  guilty of that ‘crime’. The past is forgotten, your good deeds are erased from history if you exercise on your own the power of your brain. Zombies, they envy the living people’s brain.

The American Left has been a non entity since the 1970s. No one listens to them because they became inefficient, lazy and ideologically corrupt. Today’s millennials can’t relate to the American Left because it is a phantom in their lives; the Left have been forgotten because they made themselves IRRELEVANT.

It is common knowledge that when the working class is considered defeated when  the progress it made in the past with blood is taken away from them; that’s their situation today, defeated by the oligarchy and globalists. Rest assured, the Left is part of the reason for the slow defeat of the working class. Just like in Nazi Germany,  when the Left could not stop bickering over who had the best interpretation of Marxism and allowed the Nazis to build a coalition with the military elite and corporations; the working class had nothing to protect them from the excellent Nazi propaganda machinery and their powerful coalition. The leftists were staring at their navel. The rest is history.

Today, the absence of an ideologically honest Left, capable of assessing their strength and weakness to engage in coalitions with the Dem party and other groups, is one of the reasons the working class supports Trump, but not the Left which have been talking about globalism for years.

The American working class has no one to support its interests in the Left. The Left is compose of pseudo-intellectuals who will support Trump if he wins.

I discussed the American Left’ support for Obama in my 2008 blog

This blog is about the zombie Left, about how they became zombies the day they ate the Trump ‘anti-globalism’ lie.

UPDATE: The American left is supporting Trump after the elections. See my recent posts about that. Shame on them.