Trump, the conservative elite and We the People, so far.

It looks gloomy from here.

[Grammar police, stay out of this post.]

The mainstream media (MSM) is playing a dirty game with the people. It is keeping the public as passive observers of the infighting between conservatives, globalists and Trump, and it is presenting itself as the ‘victim’ of the ‘angry’ Trump. There is no information in the MSM  about how the people are or are not organizing any form of resistance to this fascist administration. Clearly, they don’t want the ‘regulars’ to have any ‘crazy ideas’ about challenging Trump, especially not with those economic boycotts.

I know women around the nation are planning activities for the International Women’s Day (March 8) , but not because I read it in the MSM or the  ‘leftist’ media. Don’t look for the American zombie “leftists” to be involved in informing progressives about these activities. They are against feminism because feminism is  ‘identity politics’ and the men in the left think women’s issues are not a priority… for them.

So, this is what the political territory looks like here in the USA.

The American people are not ideologically motivated against Trump; not even the zombie Marxists are.

What we have is a disorganized fight to preserve a few of the gains achieved in the last century (wow! it sounds so far away in the past).

Gone is the word ‘socialism’. The last time it appeared in the news was in the beginning of the primaries when Sanders flashed it like a pervert flashes his ‘junk’ to little school girls. He quickly hid the stuff and never again did he use the word, for fear people will not elect him president.

The point being, there is no working class struggle for the ‘means of production’. Hell, there’s no ‘working class’; no one wants to be that. There’s only a ‘middle class’ doubling up with the poor in their low income neighborhoods.

We are here just to make capitalism more humane. The zombie leftists define that as not attacking Putin, not engaging in identity politics, fighting only for the ‘economic’ well-being of the white and racist blue-collar working men of the American mid west.

There is no leftist movement in the USA: So let’s destroy the DNC!

What passes for ‘organized left’ here is a handful of old fashion (zombie-like) intellectual ‘Marxists’ who own and edit some ‘prestigious’ online leftist’s websites-magazines. The image we had of what used to be “organized left”…gone. If you want to see what it looks like now, go to any of their websites: that’s about it.

Anyone who dares mentioning the ‘communist party’ as a living-leftists political force, is living in the past century.  All the activities going on since 2008 have been spontaneous, anarchist-like actions by non-affiliated people. Around them you can usually see the handful of ‘leftist’ parasites distributing their ‘leftists intellectual’ analysis of how the unaffiliated active people ought to organize the ‘resistance’.

These ‘intellectuals’ are intent in attacking, not the GOP, but the democratic party! They have join the paleo-conservatives in their effort to leave Trump in a ONE PARTY USA. The ‘intellectual’ leftists can’t build the ‘workers party’; instead of trying to use the DNC for coalition building, they agree with the conservatives in that the democratic party is “corrupt and controlled by Wall Street”. Now, don’t be rude, reader; we are not talking about the GOP. They are OK. They are for Putin. See? Conservatives and Marxists have something in common.

The zombie “Marxist left” has join forces with third-wave-paleo-conservatives white supremacists

Who benefits from attacking the struggles against misogyny and racism as ‘unimportant’? White  male racists elitists. These conservatives, call them what you prefer, have joined the ‘leftists’ media to propagate their ideology, passing it as leftist; but not the other way around, you don’t see leftists in the conservative magazines. I invite you to ponder on why is that happening?

Most of Counter Punch articles are by third-wave conservatives using what used to be leftist’s lingo. This is no new; it actually started in the early 1900s when right wingers joined with fascist left wingers. Look it up. I have written many posts here about today’s merger between right and left extremists.

The point is: there is no leftist movement in the USA, only a stealth coalition between Marxists and anti-globalist conservatives. They have in common their love for Putin and their hatred of everything that smells like ‘identity politics’. See them attacking the women’s march to Washington DC  in particular. When they say ‘identity politics’, they mostly mean women’s politics.

Quoting Lenin: What the fuck is to be done?

I hope you are not expecting me to answer that question. I’m just saying.

But I have some ideas. I’ll let you know if I get to go out and spread them. Try to work with the idea of COALITIONS. That’s all I see for the near future. Get some groups to unite to force some agenda on the DNC. I must say I’m for making ‘capitalism humane’, because that’s all we can do at the moment. But TODAY, it is women who can charge the movement against Trump and fascism. The male leftists are burn-out, can’t follow them.

That’s all for now. Keep the hope alive.



Bernie Sanders Lost the Primaries: He Moves Towards the Sunset of the Gods

[See  my 2019 Update on Bernie Sanders (he is still trying) ]

There is an update to this post as a result of the presidential elections: “Sanders: I’m Willing to Work With Trump”.

Also, as I predicted somewhere else, the pseudo-left is now accusing him of being a ‘democratic right winger’. During the elections Sanders was a demi-god, but after he helped in the coup against the people of this nation, now he is ‘trash’. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bernie is, for all practical purposes, gone: he lost.

And the (rightfully) angry millennials who raised him to Sage status and put the fear in Hillary’s and the DNC’s hearts, they lost with him.

At the end of his magical mystery  tour, Bernie leaves the millennials behind in the same condition in which he found them when he boarded them into his coach: disorganized, with no future and no movement.

Actually, he left them in worse situation, for now they are angrier and feeling betrayed by just about everybody. Theirs is a sense of not-belonging, of not being wanted, a sense of being alone born of a not-yet-matured sense of having been manipulated by politicians.

Sanders is 70+ years old and owns a fancy multi-million dollars home to retire to after the dust settles down. His millennials have nothing. He benefited financially from the millions of $27 donations: his wife derived a juicy salary as campaign manager paid from it. Everybody got richer at the top of his campaign HQ…the millennials got the joy and pride of becoming $27 poorer for him.

Bernie’s house.


Rachel Maddow at Bernie’s.

Sanders is going nowhere but to retirement, he will not be part of anything millennials do from now on; maybe he stays in the Democratic party, maybe not. He didn’t even support progressives down ballot because it was all about him.

But millennials are not going to complain about him (bless their hearts). Why?

Because they know that theirs was a symbiotic relationship with Sanders: they raised him and, in exchange, he paid them with a vivid-dream, a new form of Hope and Change: ‘doing the revolution’. The millennials refused to listen to anyone but beloved Bernie. Anyone who didn’t join them or who dared to ask questions about his political record was immediately cursed and publicly humiliated a la Trump.

And the American Left joined them in the dream because they are political zombies. They have nothing else to do but drawling for the millions of followers Sanders has and trying to drag the youngsters into their lairs: the Green party and any of the assorted decrepit socialist tombs passing for ‘workers party’. (I’m not too fond of the Left any more, does it show?)

Hinting Betrayal

The first missed hint that they were being had by Bernie was how quickly Sanders dropped the word “socialist” from his speeches. He made the MSM feel safe to prop him up with free coverage, and leave him unvetted so he could be their attack dog against Hillary Clinton. It was a repeat of what they did in the 2008 primaries, they propped unvetted Obama and attacked Hillary with a painful barrage of misogynistic articles. The word ‘socialist’ is now reserved by the media as an adjective – not an idea -to show how a ‘socialist’ almost defeated evil Hillary.

The second hint at betrayal was how quickly Sanders re-focused his campaign away from attacking the oligarchs towards attacking Hillary Clinton as the evil, powerful witch who has corrupted EVERYBODY; she decided every presidential decision –  Obama’s and Bill’s – with her scary feminist power. Gone were the ‘substantive’ class struggle analysis. It became a campaign to destroy Hillary so Bernie could be the nominee.  Instead of attacking the oligarchs, WS, the pharma, or even Trump, he attacked the DNC as the evil ‘establishment’ controlled by Hillary who has caused all the problems of the world.

First I have to win the nomination, I have to put all my energies into winning the nomination; later we can talk about how to do the political revolution.

Third hint: no talk about creating a third-party or how to ‘do the revolution’. If the DNC is such a corrupt place, the dream of ‘reforming’ it makes no sense. Better start a new workers party from scratch. But Sanders promised the DNC he wouldn’t do that; and the millennials don’t want to hear any criticism of their beloved Leader.

Sanders will talk to his millennials tonite; only then we will know how correct or incorrect my observations about his campaign are. Which way will the millennials go is yet to be seen. They may vote for Trump, but don’t expect them to join any of the American Left’s groups. Hopefully they will create something new to replace the old leftist debris.

Either way, Bernie’s campaign was a majestic run towards the sunset of the gods.

Update: In promoting his new book, Sanders promised in October to be a “thorn” in Hillary’s government. I wouldn’t count on it, it was just for promoting his book. He continues to be part and parcel of the “establishment”.

Bernie Sanders and the MSM Attacks [updated]

MSM and Obama
MSM and Sanders
The Big Question: Why?

All presidential primaries have three basic components: the public/voters, the candidates with their respective party, and the main-stream media (MSM).

Generally speaking, the MSM elects the winner and loser candidate with its power to shape public opinion. Wow. That’s some claim, isn’t it? You would accept/reject that proposition depending on your political inclination, that’s a fact. Chances are some progressives would agree with my claim. It is not for nothing that the MSM is called the fourth power, and that governments all around the globe fight to control it: it can start or stop a revolution.

For example:

Protesters scuffle with police along inaugural route WASHINGTON (AP) George W. Bush’s motorcade lurched through the largest inaugural protests since Richard Nixon on Saturday, enduring thousands of protesters who hurled insults, bottles, tomatoes and an egg. Protesters clashed briefly with police clad in riot gear at a few flash points while Bush remained inside his armored stretch car for most of the parade up a soggy, cold Pennsylvania Avenue. Police ordered the motorcade to slow in anticipation of some protests, and then to speed through others. A couple of protesters threw bottles and tomatoes before the presidential limousine arrived, and one hurled an egg that landed near the motorcade, the Secret Service said.

The MSM didn’t show to the public the massive protest (lots of African-Americans too) on George W. Bush’s first presidential inauguration  after stealing the elections (remember?), and the push-and-shove with the police. Here, pick any article.   Because of that omission a people’s ‘spring revolt’ of sorts was crushed and, to  this day, people believe that the American public passively accepted the Florida decision on the Gore vs Bush election. So, let’s take that first sentence in the paragraph above as true, if only for argument sake. (See my post explaining how MSM’s uncritical support is a payout to Sanders for his vote for the Stimulus Package that saved Wall Street.)

MSM and Obama

In addition, for all the ‘hope and change’  and the  revolution of the Obama primary campaign vs Clinton in 2008, the MSM basically hanged Hillary Clinton (HC) to the high tree of misogyny for all to see, and stood by Obama. Even Fox News capitalist owner, Rupert Murdock fell totally in love with Obama.

This is Rupert Murdoch gushing over Obama:

“He is a rock star. It’s fantastic. I love what he is saying about education. I don’t think he will win Florida…..but he will win in Ohio and the election. I am anxious to meet him. I want to see if he will walk the walk.”
The Perfect Storm or How Obama is going to wreck this country

Clearly, when the capitalist owner of news corporation  like Fox News feels like that about ‘revolutionary’ Obama, it could only mean that Obama is not a ‘red threat’ to the capitalist elite. That link is to my blog for the 2008 primaries where I correctly described how Obama was going to stand for Wall Street. Sorry, people, it did happen. I had other hit-and-misses there.

Denying that it was the MSM who gave Obama his victory with its attack on HC, shows lack of awareness of the tools used by its propaganda machine (the use of psychological techniques, manipulation of language and images…), or gross opportunism. Hey, these techniques are in the curriculum of colleges and universities, it’s not ‘conspiracy theory’.

MSM and Sanders

Today’s democratic primaries is deja-vu all over again, with the difference that today the MSM is hanging HC on the tree of ‘dishonesty’. The email gossip has not stuck and, today,  misogyny is not PC, it can’t be blatantly used day in and day out as they used to do in 2008. They have to find something to destroy her, so they hammer on ‘honesty’. [See True Reasons Why Hillary Is Unelectable ] But, they can’t attack one candidate and ignore the other. The MSM follows attacks on HC with propaganda about how ‘trustworthy’ Bernie Sanders is. Three examples:

Bernie Sanders, Your Cool Socialist Grandpa    NY Times

Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem after New Hampshire     WaPo

Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton on honesty, battle against Wall Street  NY Daily News

Sanders has profited from the media’s lack of interest in challenging his self-presentation as a kind of non-politician. He’s similarly benefitted from his mostly-unchallenged self-presentation as a kind of happy warrior — angry and loud, yes, but in a lovably earnest kind of way. The Clinton campaign has desperately tried to get the media to challenge this image.  Salon

Charles Koch: This is the one issue where Bernie Sanders is right [added 2/19/16] – uber elitist conservative capitalist endorsing Sanders at the Washington Post.

The Big Question: Why?

That’s the missing question during both the 2008 and in today’s primaries campaigns: Why did the MSM worked for Obama and is today working for Sanders, two ‘socialists’ supposedly questioning the sacrosanct capitalist system? You have to be dead wood to not have wondered about this, if at least once on a trip to Wal-Mart.

That question can not  and should not be asked by the public because the answer is more dangerous to WS and the ‘corrupt elite’ than Obama and Sanders ‘socialist-revolution’ campaigns. The MSM must keep the elections to the level of personality battles: who is more ‘honest’, more ‘likable’…

A public with no political acumen can’t ask the pertinent questions. The job of the MSM is to prevent the public from going there. There’s got to be a reason why they hate HC more than some ‘socialist’. You can bet your house it is NOT because she is ‘dishonest’.

Why is it that two candidates considered ‘long shots’ are openly supported by the MSM? Why is the historical bogey man, socialism and ‘revolution’, together in one sentence, not causing a barrage of ‘red scare’ alerts in the MSM? Even Silicon Valley tech elite is with Sanders.

Clearly Sanders is no threat to the capitalists. Period.

“In November 2015, Sanders announced that he would be a Democrat from then on, and will run in any future elections as a Democrat.”


Voted YES on $192B additional “anti-recession” stimulus spending. (Jul 2009).Voted YES on additional $825 billion for economic “recovery” package. (Feb 2009).Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight. (Apr 2006) Voted YES on authorizing states to collect Internet sales taxes. (May 2013)Voted YES on keeping Cuba travel ban until political prisoners released. (Jul 2001)In 2000, Sanders voted with republicans for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, a landmark bill that blocked federal agencies from regulating credit default swaps — the complex contracts at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis.