Trump’s Afghanistan war strategy: Perpetual war

Trump’s teleprompter speech to Americans on his ‘strategy’ on the continued undeclared war in Afghanistan was about, well, he’ll do things his way. “No time limit”, just when the “conditions” change, then the war ends. Good luck with that.

First, the war party continues. Of course, being in the Oval office ‘changes’ everything for him. What he means is that the war industry, government and private, found another excuse to continue the war: to kill terrorists. Is not about democracy any more.

He is a “problem solver”, and the Afghanistan ‘problem’ will be solved, one way or another.How?

Second, it will be a SECRETIVE undeclared war. He will not tell terrorists, nor the American public, of course, about how many American citizens will be sacrificed to continue funding the war mongering corporations. So we don’t know how he will solve the ‘problem’, except…

Third, more BILLIONS of dollars to arm soldiers here and there. That’s music to Grumman and the Pentagon ears.

Fourth, he will let somebody, maybe the generals and the Pentagon but probably Prince, run the war. He can’t be bothered with it.

Because the war will be a secretive war, the fact that he announced that BILLIONS of dollars will be spent in the undeclared war, and that he will let ‘others’ run the war, leads to the reasonable conclusion that he signed Prince into a private war, giving him what he asked: 10 billions a year to run the war.

Yeap. In so few words, that’s what the greedy amoral man in the WH has just told you. Permanent and private war. You don’t need to know ANYTHING else about it. Put the war off your mind. 

So there you have it.

Go fight and put your life in danger for this greedy immoral corrupt amoral man occupying the White House.



U.S. Senator Cotton’s doppelganger is Norman Bates

To the left is Senator Cotton, to the right is Anthony Perkins, aka Norman Bates. Mr. Cotton loves the movies. I’m sure he is a fan of Mr. Bates.

Trump declares war on women after Historic massive Women’s March against him: Cuts funds for abortion

Donny told us so, that he is vindictive. You didn’t want to believe him.

So, he said NOTHING about the Women’s March on DC, well, except that “the elections are over….”

I knew he couldn’t take that PUNCH in the face that was the more than 3 million human beings marching against him here and around the world.

So he is punishing you, girls. His first salvo:

Trump reverses abortion-related policy to ban funding to international health groups

“President Trump on Monday reversed the Obama administration’s 2009 decision that let the money flow. The decision means nonprofits abroad will either have to end patient counseling in which abortion is mentioned or forego the lost U.S. dollars”

This was today, and is a DIRECT attack on women for their historic march against him. This is the beginning of Trump’s war on women. You ‘deserve’ it for humiliating his over-sensitive ego. He will NEVER forgive you for that HERSTORIC  march.

Get ready to rumble, people. It’s going to be a NASTY  war against women.

Trump unveils true cause of Syrian war, no one noticed; keeps his private detail, just in case.


Politico: Trump drops Twitter bomb on Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet


I’m baffled by this news; must admit I don’t know where this orange man is going with these attacks on the military…oh, wait, I know! It’s called EXTORTION. He wants these globalist warmongering corporations to share their loot with him, or else he throws the angry anti-globalist deplorables on them. But he is playing with fire. More on this below.

First interesting detail about that headline news: Politico doesn’t tell the public the cost of that jet program. The WaPo did. It costs $400 BILLION dollars……….

OK. Did it hit you yet? What’s the first question that came to your mind when you read about that? I’ll tell you mine.

That amount of money represents the true reason why we are, using Obama’s words, in a permanent war. The first question in my mind was this:

What are the chances that Lockheed Martin’s CEO wants to end the Syrian war, or ANY war for that matter, and give up that amount of money back to our society as ‘peace dividend’? How badly do these warmongers want peace? Or do they believe, like Mussolini did, that it is good for humanity to live in a permanent state of war, and that peace is an obscene word?

Marillyn A. Hewson is Chairwoman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lockheed Martin. In 2015, Hewson was named the 20th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. Wikipedia

It did take me by surprise finding out that a woman is heading that mammoth war machine that is Lockheed. Oh, well. Live and learn, folks.

Vietnam and the new millennium wars

Many people, not all, are aware, thanks in part to The Pentagon Papers, that the Vietnam war was a fake war to feed the Pentagon and military warmongering vultures. It seems ‘we the people’ didn’t learn the lesson of that war, or maybe we are more powerless as citizens to stop the madness than we were at the time of the Nam war.

When Trump disclosed this and Boeing’s price tag for their fighter jets, he did it, and the media discussed it, in terms of “the budget”. Too expensive, let’s bring the price tag a few notches down. It was not discussed in terms of the wars price tag. How many notches down are the vultures willing to go without blowing a gasket? A billion dollars? Can he really scratch the contracts and start new ones and live to tell how much he ‘saved’ the ‘public’?

Is Trump the con, the one who said that evading paying taxes makes him intelligent, truly working on behalf of the ‘deplorables‘? Can you trust his intentions?


“I didn’t mean it quite that way,” Trump said. It was, he explained: “A euphemism. I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in, because they made the decision a year and a half ago.” How Donald Trump forgot about his promise to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S.

The cost of the war is not open for discussion, it is taken for granted, just as it is taken for granted that we will be at war for the next 20 years, at least. Neither is open for discussion how this expenditures on military armament creates an elitist class that INVESTS on:

  • Media coverage of the war – These people PAY journalists, retired military personnel to speak at CNN and MSNBC and other MSM outlets as ‘private’ experts to ‘inform’ the public about the state of the war.
  • Surveillance companies to spy on members of any anti-war movements, blogs, or online chat against the war.
  • Lobbyists to promote war dividends in the form of legislation that keeps their wars going, but also legislation that curtail democracy.
  • Hollywood and pro-war movies. Movies that portray soldiers as heroes.
  • With their TRILLIONS of dollars in military investments, they OWN our political system.

For them, every aspects of our social life is a war scenario. Don’t you go on thinking they invest only on direct war issues. They permeate our lives with their war propaganda, ‘terrorism’, maintaining the status quo…


“If it seems a little creepy to you that the same company making ballistic missiles is also processing your taxes, accessing your fingerprints, scanning your packages, ensuring that it’s easier than ever to collect your DNA, and counting you for the census, rest assured: Lockheed Martin’s interest in getting inside your private life via intelligence collection and surveillance has remained remarkably undiminished in the twenty-first century.” Mother Jones

Trump the Con

By now you may have noticed the pattern: the media reports Trump says the big globalist companies (Carrier, Boeing, Lockheed) are ‘robbing the public’, the deplorables and Berniebots have an orgasm, Trump then denies he promised to make these companies ‘pay’ for their crimes, the CEOs meet with Trump, the issue disappears from the news.

If you think that Trump is straightening these people out, I’m sorry for you. Will you stop it, giving him the ‘benefit of the doubt’?

Trump is extorting these people. And they will make him pay for it.

Trump and JFK: Is there a shared future looming ahead?

Trump is messing up with the powerful military vultures. These are people who own TRILLIONS of dollars in military investments. Remember TSA’s Michael Chertoff and his airport full body cameras? He and his pals used the ‘war on terror’ excuse to build his private camera company and then influenced his department and federal government to buy his product at an exorbitant price. The cameras give you cancer, but who cares. It’s not about protecting you. If it were, they would protect your money.

These people own the planet, well, together with the other vultures at Wall Street. They decide whether we work or not, what types of jobs and at what meager salary. It’s not conspiracy theory. It’s our lives.

So, it boggles my mind seeing him playing this dangerous game. It’s plain logic, people.

If you mess up with the guy with the bigger gun, even if you are just kidding with him, he is not gonna like it. Eventually you are going to really piss him off (pardon my English).

Then what? JFK was assassinated for a little less. Well, if you belief the lone bullet theory, you don’t believe these military vultures have evil ways to protect their trillions of dollars. But I think Trump’s decision to keep his own private security detail, he will use the government’s too, but he keeps his own security guards, say something about him. He doesn’t trust ANYONE. Smart of him, isn’t it?

But I think Trump is playing with fire. Not all globalists are on his side. Remember, the oligarchy and the conservatives ARE experiencing an existential moment. Trump seems intent on acting like the bully he is, demanding the vultures share their loot with him. He has surrounded himself with military brass, put them in civilian government positions; and keeps the deplorables happy with tweets about chastising the oligarchs. They are his true army, or at least he think they are. But in the US, the people can’t prevent a coup d’etat. 

That was the JFK lesson.

Amy Goodman clears WaPo and MSM reputation as purveyors of fake news

[Attention, grammar police: you need a warrant to enter this post.]

This article at Democracy Now illustrates how the media is covering all the bases, going everywhere to clear its reputation as purveyor of fake news after the beating it got from the public for demonstrating during this presidential election cycle that they are nothing but publishers of propaganda. Amy Goodman is working with them to save the credibility of the corrupt media by attacking Trump for ‘attacking’ the “lying media”.

Amy Goodman,  who has suffered in her own skin the media barons and the government punishing ‘alternative’ journalists, seems to have been coerced into bending over to defend the Bezos and Murdoch and Slim’s barons of the media.

Instead of using the opportunity to denounce the media, she joins in the effort to cleans their corrupted souls. You don’t have to agree with Trump, just use his own propaganda to show the truth about the media. But that’s asking too much from the zombie left.

Amy Goodman interviews Robert Reich, who is thoroughly offended by Trump’s cojones to call the WaPo and the media purveyors of propaganda. She tells us who Reich is:

“Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Bill Clinton. Reich, who now teaches at University of California, Berkeley, has emerged as one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics. He recently wrote a piece headlined “Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media.”

I read the article happily anticipating Amy engaging in a powerful indictment of the ‘presstitute’ media, but not such luck. Au contraire, I got another heartburn by reading how the pseudo-leftist media is a tool of the big media conglomerate. Prove me wrong.

I’m giving you this quote from the article, and warn you not to look for Amy correcting this guy’ statements, for you won’t find any corrections:

that is designed to undermine the credibility, in the public’s mind, of anything that The Washington Post might publish. It is an absurd allegation. There is no reason to believe that the Post‘s reporting turns upon Jeff Bezos’s concern about Amazon and any antitrust issues. But, you see, by creating this kind of conspiracy theory or this kind of paranoid notion about the press and planting it in the public’s mind, the public, or at least a portion of the public, is led to think that anything that The Washington Post, or another paper whose credibility the president-elect tries to undermine, says is [not] justified or is [not] true. And again, that is terribly dangerous in a democracy.

How dare ANYONE undermine the credibility of our media? Reich went to Amy to help him protect the crashing credibility of our media conglomerate.

How dare ANYONE question the credibility of our media, the same one that lied to the public on behalf of Bush and Cheney to “plant in the public’s mind” the idea that we had to invade Iraq because of the WMD?

And finally, how dare ANYONE question the credibility of the media that gave us Trump by engaging in the practice of character assassination against Hillary Clinton and the 24/7 coverage of the fictitious emails scandal that caused a significant part of the public who trust the WaPo and the NYT to not vote for her, costing her the presidency?

As I commented in my previous posts, that coverage of the emails was tantamount to a premature coup d’etat. They were getting the bed ready to have Hillary Clinton impeached for the emails had she won the elections. But the FBI jumped the gun, and they got her before she set foot on the White House.

But don’t expect Amy Goodman to mention any of this. She agrees with Reich that Trump is ‘vilifying’ poor Bezos and the media.

There is no discussion in the article  about the idea that the owners of our media conglomerate, elitist billionaires themselves, have good reasons to lie to the public, mainly to protect their class interests  from the ‘deplorable masses’, the ‘angry voters’ who are threatening to put their heads in a pitchfork.

There is no discussion either of how Trump is playing a game for the deplorables, pretending to hate the media, just as he pretended to hate the globalists but is filling his cabinet with the biggest and most corrupt of them. Trump may be lying, but he is not lying about the media as propagandists; he knows them because he uses them for propaganda.

Those who know the media shouldn’t be attacking him for ‘attacking’ the media. Use the opportunity to unmask the media, not to protect its corrupted soul.

Maybe my post about the theatricals between Trump and the NYT pretending to be at war can help you read between the lines when he ‘attacks’ the ‘lying media’.

MSM (Fake News) and Trump: The Truth About Their Secret Meetings

Jeff Bezos (WaPo) Covering Up for their partners in the 2016 election coup

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post; nothing of political weight can be printed without his approval. That’s a fact, and inability to recognize it or willingness to ignore it is the result of the public having been trained to not question the intentions behind the information the owners of the media conglomerate feed them daily.

Under the guise of ‘journalism’, The WaPo published today Sari Horwitz’ article The attorney general could have ordered FBI Director James Comey not to send his bombshell letter on Clinton emails. Here’s why she didn’t. It’s about covering up what amounts to a premature coup d’etat, not only against Hillary Clinton, but against the people of this nation, by the FBI, the Department of Justice and those who are yet to be uncovered.

It bears mentioning that Horwitz, a WaPo award-winning journalist, was found guilty by the WaPo of plagiarism in 2011.


Her article today is nothing but opinion passing as information. Its goal is to exonerate FBI Director James Comey in the public’s eyes for a behavior that was, without a doubt, politically motivated. The public knows it was, Bezos and Murdoch and Carlos Slim know it too; they often stated, after him releasing the now infamous emails letter to Congress, that Comey “must have known the repercussions of his actions”.

That’s why Comey is protected by a wall of media articles exonerating and casting him as a ‘well intentioned’ ‘worker’. If it is found that he acted out to influence the outcome of the elections, it would implicate many more people in what amounts, again, to a premature coup d’etat. For, remember, he is not just any ‘worker’, he is the director of the FBI. And we all know the first image the word FBI conjures in our minds is the opposite of political honesty.

One example of stealthy opinion passing as fact to exculpate Comey and the Justice Department:

But Comey and Lynch repeatedly underestimated how much their actions would reverberate in a closely contested presidential race.

How did Horwitz arrive at the conclusion that these two highly intelligent politicized bureaucrats “underestimated” their actions, and not that their actions were politically motivated? It seems an innocuous assertion from her part, and many readers would not take notice of the opinion being fed as fact. That’s the problem: it is not an innocuous assertion. It was written to manipulate public opinion about the players’ intentions in this   must horrific case of collusion between the media owners spewing their propaganda and the cover up of the political crime.

Horwitz said the following as if agreeing with Comey, never questioning whether the director’s present or past behaviors  confirm or put in doubt his self-perception

Into that vacuum stepped Comey, an FBI director who prides himself on having a finely tuned moral compass that allows him to rise above politics.

Comey’s sense of obligation to Congress was the key factor driving his decision.

When journalists and media editors want to cast blame on any one, politician or not, whether deserved or not, they don’t go pussy footing around it: They charge the person with the crime and repeat their verdict enough times as to making it become  a fact. And when they want to exculpate some one, they tend to succeed. This is the verdict in favor of the Director of the FBI:

Comey’s sense of obligation to Congress was the key factor driving his decision.

There you have it. It is a an opinion; he acted out of ‘duty’. Keep moving folks, there’s nothing else to see here.

When Comey did  his disreputable deed a week before the elections, The WaPo was not the only one to come to Comey’s defense. There was, and continues to be, consensus and agreement by the owners of the media in casting Comey as a good FBI worker caught in the jaws of party politics, and in particular, in Hillary’s ‘web of deceit’, which is how they characterized her involvement in the scandal. You can google Comey and this is what you get:

Comey a Good Man, But He Made a Serious Mistake

Comey’s unintended consequences…

Of course, Hillary Clinton was cast throughout the campaign as dishonest and corrupt by choice. When it came to cast the blame on the outcome of the elections, Comey was a victim, and Clinton lost because, well, she had to.

For one, why are Democrats making Comey the scapegoat when their own presidential candidate was disliked by 56 percent of the population? WaPo’s Cilliza

Comey is “the scapegoat”, and the public shouldn’t complain about manipulations of their democratic process by the media or by a cabal of politicians acting behind the curtains. The message there is simple: We the media told you that Clinton is disliked even more than Trump; that’s a fact and shut up.

Of course, Hillary won the popular vote by almost three million votes more than Trump. The public didn’t want Trump, but the message, even after the facts, the MYTH is that the public didn’t like her and Trump is the people’s choice.

It is the curse of mass of humanity that it can be manipulated at will by a handful of powerful men.

I don’t see how this is going to change any time soon.

For the moment, Comey is the good guy and “scapegoat”.  Hillary is the evil doer. Trump is El Duce.

Enjoy your bizarro life.