Adam Schiff is No Friend of Progressives, says Alt Right Counterpunch

You can easily recognize Alt-right-pro-Trump pseudo-leftist websites by their lack of articles criticizing Trump but filled with attacks on Democrats. Counterpunch is one of them; I’ve been saying this since the 2016 elections. It is more evident now during the Trump ‘impeachment’ crisis.

I choose this article, Adam Schiff is No Friend of Progressives, because it’s an example of an in-your-face collaboration of Trump’s millionaire supporters with the pseudo-leftists. I mean, the timing of the article alone is exquisite. How can anyone fail to see that attacking Schiff NOW is a plot to support Trump? Is there any other possible outcome, in terms of managing public opinion, than leading you to see Schiff as a perennial liar and thus weakening his accusations against Trump? They never before attacked Schiff. Why now? I know, you are convinced that Howie Klein, the only source for ‘proving’ that Schiff is an ‘enemy’ of progressives, is a ‘progressive’. Ah, propaganda, the tool of the millionaires/billionaires; it works miracles on their disappearing-middle-class admires.

Forget for a moment that these people consider the Democrats a bigger enemy of ‘the working class’ than Trump and the GOP. Is this the reason why Howie Klein’s Blue America Pac spends no money at all attacking Republicans, but spends more money attacking Democrats than money supporting them, as I show below?

Yes, Howie has made a ton of money in the music industry, and has been using it to attack the Democratic Party, not Trump.  Klein is a millionaire; the poor things have trouble putting their money into public campaigns to seriously and effectively attacking the man that signs presidential edicts to give trillions of dollars in tax break to them. Nope. Instead they are putting your donations into propaganda against the whole Democratic Party. Picking a few ‘candidates’ they know have no chance to win to pretend they are progressives is the oldest trick in politics.

If Howie and the other pseudo-leftists were truly for the progressives, he wouldn’t have used your money to defeat the progressives who wanted to defeat Trump in the 2016 elections. The excuse then was that Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump because she ‘hates’ Putin, and Trump is better because he loves Putin. Don’t tell you don’t see irony there. The love for Putin has been the only card these billionaires/millionaires have been showing you to get you to hate the Dems trying to impeach Trump for colluding with Putin against YOU in 2016. Heck, you should thank Trump and Putin for violating your nation to get that nasty woman out of your way. Yeah, they DO think like that.

That’s why they continue TODAY feeding you propaganda against ALL the Democratic Party. These pseudo-leftists know that dividing the dems will guarantee Trump winning the next elections.

Per OpenSecrets website this is how Howie’s Blue America Pact used their money in the 2017-18 cycle:

Total Independent Expenditures: $17,197
For Democrats: $6,197
Against Democrats: $11,000
For Republicans: $0
Against Republicans: $0

Pardon me if that means nothing to you. It means a lot to me for I understand the deception and amorality that is politics. If you spend MORE money “against” the Democratic Party and ZERO attacking the Republicans…um…yeah, I’m speechless. There is only ONE possible outcome: defeat of the dems. And of course, those monies reported there are just for government reporting purposes, you know its much more money than that, unless they are taking that money and distributing it among themselves. I have been checking their financial activities online and must say, am no expert but it sure doesn’t look kosher to me. My humble opinion, not a statement or accusation.

I don’t trust millionaire ‘Marxists’ or ”leftists’.  For them too it’s all about protecting their millions. Any doubts in your minds about that? Will Howie willingly pay more taxes and help you get music at lower prices??? Nah. I’m not a democrat, am a Progressive. I vote democratic only because there is no alternative against the GOP. I know many Dems are corrupt too, and I don’t vote for them. But attacking ONLY the dems is a sure way of making America a one-party nation in favor of the GOP. The day the leftists present an honest alternative, not one picked by pseudo-leftist millionaires, I’ll vote for he or she. But lying, using the media to deceive the public makes them as dangerous as the GOP.

Whenever you see millionaires/billionaires not-putting-their-own-money in campaigns against the dems, prick up your ears: listen for the lies they serve you intended to keeping them on top of you.

Wolves in sheep clothing.


The Greenland Syndrome: Trump and the billionaire class search for paradise

So Trump-the-snake wants to buy Greenland? (In Buddhism, the snake is the symbol of the poisonous personality trait of anger: it bites and poisons the self and the people who becomes the object of our anger and hatred.) Sure we all reacted first with typical dismissiviness of his words.

Nothing that this amoral human being says or does comes out of the blue. Maybe when he was not in the White House we could have dismissed his idea as inconsequential to us. What possible reason could he have had to buy the island other than personal greed, as a real-estate transaction?  But now he commands in his hands the powers of a nation’s politics and economy, and the owners of the nation’s media are  in a behind-the curtains relationship with him. We all know by now that Trump has no other interests than his personal ones; we all know by now that the idea that he is doing any policy (foreign or national) for the benefit of the PEOPLE of the USA is the idea of idiots and/or dishonest right-wingers.

So, please, put the idea that Trump is pursuing some sort of geographical battle with China in your trash can. The only reason he would do that is if he gets big under-the-table checks and stocks from the military vultures for him to approve their arms-and-debt money making interests. He just gave the ‘Pentagon’ a trillion dollars: that’s money for the armament companies CEOs and he gets a chunk of that under the table. What? You think he gives money away for free to anyone, even if it is not his money?

More in keeping with his scum-bag nature is the idea that the elite gods ruling over us are pursuing their dream to acquire, by deceit, islands around the globe because they are afraid the service is growing restless, and it’s time for them to live totally away from the rest of humanity. They must have approached him with the idea of facilitating the grabbing (he loves that) of the island for them. He has been very good at giving them what they want. So don’t go on thinking that this is just another instance of Trump idiocy. Really, the only ‘idiots’ here are the people who keep thinking he is an idiot.

PUERTOPIANS and the Libertarians’ Utopia

For at least the last 30 years the billionaire class (tech companies CEOs, cryptocurrency, Wall Street CEOs, casinos moguls, among others) has been running out of land on which to walk without bumping into the service – the rest of us, i.e. How many times have you bumped into, let’s say, Jeff Bezos while buying your groceries at Whole Food; or seen him searching for his seat in a movie theater, or waiting in line to eat at the trendiest new restaurant in your area? The chances of you bumping into any of them is basically zero, nada.

These men relate to us as gods; they are way up there in their castles, they don’t move around near the rest of us. They DON’T want to be around us, we are to them only a wallet: we carry the money they take from our pockets every day without us complaining. You don’t seriously complain to god, do you? Your relation to god, if any, is one of submissiveness. Your relation to the billionaire class is also one of submissiveness.

So for many years they have been looking for real estate to plant their castles away from us, own them so that we can’t go near them. They have discovered Puerto Rico as their newest possible paradise. I give you a few links for you to corroborate this.

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

The Battle for Paradise

Silicon Valley Is Letting Go of Its Techie Island Fantasies

Trump’s interest in Greenland is the interest of the billionaire class looking for their own paradise. They want the moon, literally, to plant themselves there away from us.

So really, the talk about Greenland is not about problems with China. It’s about grabbing paradise and evicting everyone else from it, just as God did to the two losers who followed the snake.

There’s a lesson for you to learn, people.


Image result for the battle for paradise

You HAVE to read this book.


New Caribbean geographic command and new Psy ops in Puerto Rico: a new COINTELPRO?

The huge march in Puerto Rico against the now kicked-out governor Roselló was on Monday, July 22; on Tuesday the 23rd the US Congress announced the immediate release of some of the food stamps ‘owed’ to the island as emergency relief after the huracán. The new governor of the island, Wanda Vazquez Garced, was sworn in on August 7, and on the 8th the US Military announced in the island’s main newspaper (rag), El Nuevo Dia (but nowhere else in English), that it has named Brigadier General Jeffrey W. Jurasek in charge of the newly created Caribbean geographic command now located in Puerto Rico. Interestingly enough,

Jurasek fue nombrado al cargo hace unos días, [“Jurasek was assigned to the job a few days ago’]

meaning that he was brought in a few days after the march and during the ongoing crisis in the island. This is no coincidence.

This article was next to the one announcing the new governor of the island, Wanda Vazquez Garced. That relevant was this announcement.

The first action, releasing the food stamps, was meant as a non-violent pacifier to the islanders; the second, naming this guy, is a veiled warning to the islanders that the US will not tolerate any more disruptions of their interests there by the people. Anyone who believes that the US sends any arm of its military complex to Puerto Rico, or to any other place around the globe for that matter, to ‘help the people’ is a poor delusional human being. The main value of Puerto Rico to the USA is, one, to pay the unpayable debt and, two, be a geographic point from which to train and ship soldiers specialized in psy ops around the globe.

First, that guy, Jurasek (park?), is up to his eyebrows with ‘helping experience’ in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and even in Bosnia. What kind of help was he and the US military giving ‘for free and unselfishly’ to these nations? Easy to guess.

You see, what El Nuevo Dia rag doesn’t tell you when it says that Jurasek comes from having been in charge of the “comando 352 de Asuntos Civiles” (“Civil Affairs Command”) is the whole name of said command:

United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command

(Highlight by me.) After reading what this branch specializes on, I call it ‘legal COINTELPRO‘.

I give you these excerpts on this topic:

Used during peacetime, contingencies and declared war, these activities [psychological operations] are not forms of force, but are force multipliers that use nonviolent means in often violent environments. Persuading rather than compelling physically, they rely on logic, fear, desire, or other mental factors to promote specific emotions, attitudes, or behaviors. The ultimate objective of U.S. military psychological operations is to convince enemy, neutral, and friendly nations and forces to take action favorable to the U.S. and its allies.United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”
Psychological operations (United States)

Within the United States Army, reserve civil affairs units are administered through United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), or USACAPOC(A), a subordinate of U.S. Army Reserve Command. USACAPOC(A) contains Psychological Operations (PO) and Civil Affairs (CA) units, consisting of Army Reserve elements.Civil affairs

Among the areas in which Jurasek has helped around the globe, Bosnia and Honduras, e.g., is popular elections, voting. That ought to tell you a lot. Is it to help the people elect democratic governments? Nah, you silly thing.

Civil-Military Operations (CMO). CMO are the activities performed by military forces to establish, maintain, influence, or exploit relationships between military forces and indigenous populations and institutions (IPI). CMO support US objectives for host nation(HN) and regional stability.Civil Military Operations pdf

That’s right: US objectives, not the native‘s (“indigenous”) interests. It includes infiltrating ‘indigenous’ political and cultural groups to “exploit relationships” and “to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

My point is this:

The US military is in charge, behind the curtain, of running the government of the Puerto Rico. Through the “Civil Affairs” branch, they will be telling the new governor what to do and how to handle the “threat” to “their interests” personified in the people’s democratic mass movement against the cut-throat fiscal impositions on the working class to pay the un-payable debt. The island is a colony, the governor has to follow the orders from the military and US Congress. And they don’t want any more marches and threats to their order. They will infiltrate the groups forming the people’s front, the women’s and the LGBT organizations to divide and conquer. That’s their psy ops, which always work for them.


This “new” command is there for two reasons: to prepare the soldiers who will be deployed in Latin America and Puerto Rico to quash violently and surreptitiously with psy ops the  people’s movement, and to continue to deploy around the world. Interestingly enough, again, these two news were released recently:

The first “training” announced the day following the swearing in of the new governor is a psychological training on, above all things, “applied” “suicide prevention”. How is this a priority in these political times? I expect a lot of ‘suicides’ in the ranks of political adversaries in Puerto Rico and Latin America. Maybe Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide was a ‘test’ by the Caribbean command.

And then this one:

Caribbean Geographic Command starts off the year with a deployment to Afghanistan

Courtesy Story
1st Mission Support Command
Subscribe 10

FORT BUCHANAN, PR- Approximately fifty Soldiers from the 166th Regional Support Group (RSG), U.S. Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, departed from the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, Jan 1, with Afghanistan as final destination.

If I were a social scientist in Puerto Rico, I would keep an eye on the statistics of suicides in the island since January 2019, and on suicides by active soldiers. These psy ops ‘trainings’  historically have tended to be tested on soldiers themselves and in the general population.

If the food stamps are not enough to calm the people (it worked in the early 1970s to diffuse the threat of possible victory of the pro independence party in the elections due to US induced poverty in the island), then any organized and pacific actions by the people will be violently repressed by the military police and the Civil Command.

I’m not too optimistic about the future there. The US has put itself, with the debt, in a dead-end situation, as discussed in my previous two posts about Puerto Rico. It can’t blame the chaos in the island to the communists, as it usually did. Clearly the problem is the colonial status of the island. Will the US move to give the statehood, which I doubt; or the independence?

Something has to give.

The future of Puerto Rico is in Promesa

What is Promesa but an eviction notice from Wall Street (WS) to the Puerto Ricans?

The WS sharks own us and our island. Period.

As such, our politicians and governor must obey WS/Promesa orders. Who do you think cut Roselló’s head? Why do you think he was left hanging to dry like a wet dirty rag?

In the answer to those two questions is the key to the future of Puerto Rico, at least as I see it, of course. I discuss this below.


As I said on my previous post, Roselló was been chased by both the WS mafia and the furious people of Puerto Rico. I gave as evidence that WS had judged him and found him guilty of insubordination the article at the Wall Street Journal, the official voice of WS’s CEOs, written by the WSJ editor board, June 25. The subtitle of the article headline says it all:

Puerto Rico’s political melt down: The island needs leaders who will work with the federal control board

For those of you who enjoy deconstructing written material, I propose that the phrase ” who will work” implies that Roselló was not working with the board, and that’s the reason that the island is in a political melt down, because WS/Promesa can’t find a ‘leader’ willing to obey their orders to the t. That is in the article.

Had Wall Street been satisfied with Roselló, they wouldn’t have ridiculed him in the American media. Even billionaire Murdoch, owner of Fox and and big WS gambler, trashed him.


Accepting the reality that Roselló was kicked out by the combined action of WS and the furious people may be of help to the boricuas to get ready to the next phase of this struggle: defining the political status of the island. This phase will be accelerated by WS/Promesa as a consequence of the impossible position in which they had put themselves and the people of Puerto Rico.


In so many years the Americans in Puerto Rico, only on two or three occasions were they near to lose the island to the independentistas. The last time was in the late 60s when the pro-independence party, el PIP, almost win the elections. To prevent this ‘almost’ from happening again, the US sent the food stamps to the island, and that took care of it.  And yet, the US could hide the colonial status of the island to the world by simply claiming that the problems in the island were caused by a handful of  communists.

But today’s political melt down in the island can’t be blamed on the communists: the colony is almost naked with Promesa.

The economic and political conditions imposed by WS on the island can be tolerated by NO NATION or people. But WS’ sharks disagree with me. They say that the people must follow their conditions as dictated by them in Promesa. Their capitalist arrogance will lead them to their own crossing of the Rubricon in Puerto Rico.

Any governor of the island, elected or not (from either of the two main parties) must obey WS/Promesa or have his/her chopped off, like Roselló. Even if the candidate has good moral intentions to protect the people, it can only be done by disobeying cut-throat Promesa’s rules. If the future governor obeys WS, the people will mince him or her; if obeys the people, WS will be doing the mincing.

There’s no exit: calle sin salida. 

The US and WS can’t be putting and removing governors in the island as it pleases them; it’s bad optic. The only way of doing it is by manipulating public opinion using the newspapers, TV, Youtube, social media…just as they did with Roselló.

So you can expect a public war against the women in the island, for they are truly at the head of the movement. They should be ready to engage, for the war is for sure. And don’t expect a peaceful treatment by the police. I expect blood in the streets of San Juan. WS controlled the cops in the island during the marches to let the people do their part. But don’t expect that to happen again.

Another unforeseen problem for WS: the people of Puerto Rico have become heroes worldwide. Manipulating the people’s emotion with the intention of making sure Roselló would not be reelected had the surprise consequence of the people saying NOW, not later to kicking him. Now it will be more difficult for WS media to denigrate the people of Puerto Rico, not impossible, but not as easy as it has been up to now.

When Promesa shows its teeth, the world will understand that the problem here is the colonial status of the island. That debt can’t be paid; the colony can’t be repaired; it’s not the ‘communists’. It’s the colony, stupid.

The people will find themselves in a dead end street. They will be forced to make a decision about the status. Only and independentista in the government can force the status issue because independentistas are not looking to patch the colony nor will allow WS/Promesa to take our nation.

There’s no other choice for us.





El futuro de Puerto Rico está en Promesa

Qué es Promesa si no el aviso de desalojo (eviction notice) de Wall Street (WS) a los puertorriqueños.

Los tiburones de WS son nuestros dueños, punto.

Y como tales, nuestros gobernantes tienen que obedecer las ordenes de WS/Promesa. ¿Quién creen ustedes que le cortó la cabeza a Roselló? ¿Por qué creen ustedes que a Roselló lo guindaron a secar como trapo sucio?

En la respuesta a esas dos preguntas está la clave a nuestro futuro politico, según yo, claro está.  Presento esto para su consideración.


Como dije en mi post anterior, a Roselló lo estában velando ambos: la mafia de WS y el pueblo encangrinao de Puerto Rico. Puse como evidencia de que WS lo había enjuiciado y encontrado culpable de insubordinación el artículo en el Wall Street Journal (WSJ), el vocero oficial de los tiburones de WS, escrito por los editores del periódico, fechado el 25 de julio. El subtítulo lo dice todo (mi traducción literal):

¨Puerto Rico se funde políticamente: la isla necesita líderes dispuestos a trabajar con la junta de supervisión¨ (The island needs leaders who will work with the federal control board.)

Para los que gustan de practicar ´deconstrucción´ y ´paratext´ de lo escrito: la frase ´who will work´ implica que Roselló era un líder que NO estába dispuesto a trabajar con Promesa/WS, y por eso es que la isla está ´fundiendose´ políticamente, porque Promesa/WS no encuentra un líder que obedezca al pie de la letra las ordenes de los tiburones. Eso está en el contenido del artículo.

Aceptar la realidad de que Roselló fue expulsado por la acción COMBINADA de WS y el pueblo de Puerto Rico puede ayudar al pueblo a preparar la próxima fase de ésta lucha: la definición del estatus político de la isla, la cual será acelerada por WS/Promesa como consecuencia de la encerrona en la que ellos se han puesto a sí mismos y al pueblo de Puerto Rico.


En tantos años los Americanos en Puerto Rico, solo en dos o tres ocasiones se vieron ellos a punto de perder la isla a manos de los independentistas. La última fue en los 1960s cuando el PIP por poco gana las elecciones, pero los tiburones soltaron por vez primera los cupones de alimentos y ahí quedó todo. Aún así, el estatus colonial de la isla podía ser escondido bajo el manto de ´son los comunistas causando problemas´.  Pero ese FUNDIRSE  Puerto Rico políticamente hoy NO puede ser atribuído a los comunistas: la colonia está casi desnuda con Promesa.

Las condiciones económicas y políticas impuestas a la isla por WS no la pueden tolerar ningúna nación. Pero los tiburones de WS dicen que sí, que los puertorriqueños TIENEN que aceptar esas condiciones tal y como están escritas. La intransigencia y arrogancia de los capitalistas  va a ser la barca en la cual van a cruzar el Rubricón boricua.

Cualquier político boricua electo o no (Popular o PNP), tiene que obedecer a WS. Incluso si uno de ellos tiene la intención honesta de proteger al pueblo, eso solo se puede hacer desobedeciendo las medidas económicas opresivas; sencillamente, no hay otra manera. Si obedece a WS, el pueblo le va a cortar la cabeza. Eso es de ahí. Y si se pone del lado del pueblo, WS le corta la cabeza.

Es una encerrona.

Los Americanos no pueden descabezar la isla políticamente abiertamente, quitando y poniendo gobernadores, porque es terrible para su imagen internacional. Solo pueden hacerlo por manipuleo de la opinión pública. Para eso está la prensa, TV, Youtube, social media…como hicieron con Roselló.

Esperen una guerra pública contra las mujeres, las que están empujando al pueblo. Las mujeres deben de prepararse para esa guerra de opinión pública en contra de ellas, es cosa segura. Y lo segundo es que se puede contar con más sangre en las calles de San Juan. WS controló a la policía, eso es de ahí. Pudo haber sido peor, como en otras ocasiones. Pero WS necesitaba dejar al pueblo hacer su parte. No esperen que se repita eso.

Otra encerrona para WS: el pueblo puertorriqueño se siente envalentonado, y la opinión mundial ve a los boricuas como héroes. Estoy segura de que WS no se esperaba esto. Les hace la tarea de denigrarnos más difícil.

Cuando Promesa enseñe sus dientes, el mundo estará claro que es la condicion de colonia lo que está en juego aquí.

La deuda no se puede pagar. No hay manera de salvar la colonia. No son los comunistas. Es la colonia.

Cuando el pueblo se encuentre en esa encerrona, va a tener que tomar una decisión. Solo poniendo a un independentista en la gobernación se puede forzar el estatus porque solo un independentista está dispuesto a confrontar a WS, solo los independentistas no aceptan curar la colonia ni aceptan a WS como sus dueños.

No hay otra salida.




Qué pasó in Puerto Rico?

As proud as I’m at how my people raised to the task of kicking that S.O.B out of office, a historical feat  indeed, a bit of ‘putting the feet back on the ground’ is now necessary. What REALLY happened there?

Image result for marcha puerto rico

This is my take on it.

First, one has to keep in mind that Wall Street/Promesa owns the island now. At it’s root, the people’s fight is a fight against those two. Second, WS/Promesa wanted Rosselló out, not for him being a corrupt politician; WS wouldn’t exist were not for corrupt politicians. They wanted him out because he was not following the script. My argument here will be that WS could not give him a coup, so it choreographed the only way he could be kicked out: by the people. FBI and WS leaked the twits. But in the process, the people now feel empowered, and WS will NOT allow them to continue being an example to the world of ‘people’s power’. At the end, based on WS/Promesa’s cut-throat capitalist goals of enslaving the people, will let the blood spill next time.

To get a hint at the answer to the question up there, go to Wall Street (WS), not the street but Wall Street as in the masters of the universe. Take as example this article by the WS Journal‘s editorial board (the masters’ official voice) discussing the ‘origins’ of the Roselló issue, Puerto Rico’s political melt down. The root of all problems in Puerto Rico, as they see it, is:

“Puerto Rico’s main problem is democratic socialism”

First, WSJ makes it look as if Puerto Rico is an independent nation which happens to be ‘socialist’. Puerto Rico is a colony of the USA, what happens there is because the USA lets it or wants it. Second, the fact that the island is a colony of the USA is not a problem for the WSJ, that’s OK for WS, they actually like it like that. All capitalists and imperialists love to have colonies, it’s kinda a prestige thing for them, it has always been. Remember WWI? The war was fought in great measure to the fact that the allies and central powers wanted each to keep their colonies, and those who had none wanted to get some because natives are cute, not.

So what’s the definition of “democratic socialism”, according to WS?

“Puerto Rico’s main problem is democratic socialism, and Mr. Rosselló is typical of a political class that buys votes with handouts.”

The answer is “handouts“, democratic socialism is a verb, is the act of handing out something for nothing, according to the capitalists masters of the universe own dictionary. Is there any other way for politicians to get elected, apart from  outright lying to the public to protect Wall Street interests? GOP, anyone? Old dems? Wall Street honchos pay for the handouts to get the people elect WS’s representatives, and remove them from a politician who doesn’t obey the master.

Interestingly enough, that‘s Roselló sin, he sinned in a way that WS could not save him from himself despite having tried. Roselló failed his masters where it hurts them the most: in their Ayn Rand philosophy of inhumane excessive greed for money and power; in their stocks, i.e. Don’t jump to conclusions yet; Rosselló is the scum of the earth. He might have just been set up, though, by Wall Street.

When you read the WS Journal’s list of crimes committed by Rosselló you understand why he got kicked out, why he was framed by WS. You see, WS didn’t and doesn’t care about his or anyone’s political and financial crimes against the people of Puerto Rico because said crimes are actually MANDATES from WS. Let me give you a taste of mandated crimes against the people, as listed in the article:

Yet Mr. Rosselló has fought and flouted reform. The board last year eliminated Christmas bonuses for public workers, but Mr. Rosselló paid them anyway. He has refused to implement furloughs demanded by the board. As Mr. Rossello quipped in a leaked message to an aide: “Dear oversight board, go [expletive] yourself.

The board has slashed spending, but the Governor has sued to block the board’s labor and fiscal reforms” 

Had Wall Street been satisfied with Roselló, they wouldn’t have ridiculed him in the American media. Even billionaire Murdoch, owner of Fox and and big WS gambler, trashed him.


Poor Rosselló. It would seem as if he got shafted not only by WS but by THE PEOPLE too; he could have been the people’s hero with that quote about the “expletive“.

Of course not; the man is podrido (rotten) to the core. He was “shafted” by the greed and amorality in his DNA inherited from his father. But let’s admit too that greed and amorality is the other half of the human condition, together with the possibility of moral attitudes and choices. There is no difference between them and him: WS CEOs are as he is, the difference being that they are his bosses and he is their servant.

His political and financial crimes against the people of Puerto Rico (translated into death when it comes to his abandoning the people after the huracán) are his, his choice. He deserves more than just being kicked out of office because he has no sense of shame to make him regret his actions. He needs to be put in jail.

This is where the cookie crumbled for him and WS and Congress: they forgot the lesson not learned in the Cuba’s Bay of Pigs incident: listen to the natives you have rented to do your dirty work for you.

You can’t just dictate from outside the poverty of a nation and expect the people to stay on their knees all the time. That attitude or belief that it can be done is mere imperialist’s arrogance. In Bay of Pigs the Cuban soldiers of fortune told the CIA that the Bay was the worse place for landing, but heck, ‘we are the CIA, we know your nation and people better than you know them’. The rest is history. The same thing is kinda happening here in good old Puerto Rico, that’s why the WS Journal calls it “a melt down”, as in ‘something got out of our hands’.

The Promesa (now there’s sarcasm from Congress and WS) was created to feed Wall Street’s shark-bondholders of Puerto Rico’s debt:

“The mess drove Congress in 2016 to pass legislation called Promesa that established a seven-member bipartisan control board to restructure government operations and debt.”

It’s the debt, stupid. “Government” there means the empire’s political and financial control over the island in order to make the colonized pay for a debt which they didn’t ask for in the first place. That’s the point of having a colony, isn’t it, force them into poverty, educate them into thinking that they are worthless and need US’s WS to run their lives, and then use their politicians to accept a ‘loan’ which can’t be repaid except by expropriating the island’s infrastructure and cultural real estate property; and keeping the natives in a state of slavery. WS always pays the loan processors a percentage for selling a debt-trap loan to the innocent consumers, in this case the loan processors are the elected politicians. Rosello was their man.

Related image

Wall Street main CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, has been salivating for years to get the island into bankruptcy to take our public University of Puerto Rico and turn it private. They keep trying, but the students have held strong, despite propaganda that turns the public against them.

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Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein.

The minimum salary in Puerto Rico is a ‘huge’ $6.55 an hour, but cost of living is the same as in New York, and unemployment is actually manipulated by the masters in their interest ( “implement furloughs” fancy word for ‘unemployment’). And yet “The board has slashed spending”  in an island sinking in poverty in order to send the federal money to the sacrosanct “bondholders”. The problem is not “democratic socialism”, it’s not handouts; Rosselló knows this to be the biggest contradiction facing greedy men: I can’t draw more blood from the dying!

The board dictates from afar, Rosselló promised WS, in exchange for the governor chair, to do as they wanted; then he found out that, in order to embezzle mo’ money from the feds BEFORE been kicked out in the next elections, he HAD to throw some crumbs -handouts to the people. Any corrupt politician in his place with a smidgen of greed would have done the same thing. This is what WS sharks can’t see from the tip of Manhattan, that Rosselló couldn’t withhold the crumbs if a revolt was to be prevented.

Promesas’s cut-throat capitalists orders will keep the island in a permanent “melt down” situation because the real thieves are them, WS masters of of Promesa. But WS is not interested in keeping the island functioning for the Puerto Ricans. WS wants to get the island as a trophy, and put the people to work as slaves for WS. That’s why there is no discussion about the political status of the island: it’s immaterial to WS. 


Rosello had it coming from both sides, the poor thing, but it was WS who choreographed his ousting. And as in Bay of Pigs, they got a whacking from the natives. They WANTED Rosselló out for not following their orders. They tried keeping him in place until the next elections, but what for, if he was not following orders, just stealing everybody blind? WS wanted Rosselló out NOW. So they leaked the twits to manipulate public opinion. The people already hated him, but there was still support for him from the typical right-wingers. We know the island is run by corrupt men, there is no secret there. The capacity of the people to tolerate them is painfully enormous.


Short of a coup directly from WS/Promesa board, they leaked the material. The people were offended by his disrespect to the dead from Maria and how he embezzles the federal money; by the outright amorality of that S.O.B. Now there was a ‘coup‘ rolling, never before seen in the USA.

Except that they underestimated ( a typical mistake of imperialist capitalists) the people’s anger. And now they have a hot potato in their hand: the people feel empowered.

Wall Street/Promesa didn´t listen to the people nor to Rosselló and walked in like an elephant in a small gift shop. Rosselló thought he could clip some money from the top of the WS mafia money and, somehow, believed he could get away with it without ´Gotti´´s ire.

So they set him up. And now, if WS/Promesa don’t want to see more ‘melt down’ in the form of blood running through San Juan, they will have to roll out those damn handouts.

You see, it all comes back to the US way of appeasing the people: handouts. That’s how we got food stamps in the first place: in the 60s, when the people were ready to vote for the independence of the island, the US flooded it with food stamps. Voila! And then they shame the people for being kept in poverty.

The people of Puerto Rico need to examine this historic moment with complete emotional detachment after the celebrations. These are some of the problems they will be facing:

  1. The #rickyrenuncia movement was spontaneous, lacking political organization. This type of success can seldom be reproduced in a a sustainable fashion.
  2. They must understand the power of WS to manipulate them through the media. The artistic class (they didn’t start the marches but were instrumental, the credit is not being given to the rightful people who started this on July 10)) can’t be relied on as political organizers, unless this a truly new form of political organizing never seen before. WS and the US government prefer to see politics in Puerto Rico run by the artistic class, not by a some umbrella organization uniting all the different political flavors. It’s exactly what happened in the 2016 US elections: WS and the tech billionaires were terrified at the possibility of a coalition of women, workers, people of color, immigrants all under one umbrella challenging them. So Trump got appointed. It was an early coup to the people, not to Hillary Clinton.
  3. The status is the root of the problem in Puerto Rico when it comes to the inability to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. You can’t be ruled by a WS and Congressional “board” and expect benevolence and compassion.
  4. Puerto Ricans want to work, they are intelligent and brave, but the fear sowed in their heart by the capitalists since 1900s is eating their dignity. There are times when dignity is the tool that can set you free. Making the colony ‘more efficient’ is an illusion. They know it: Rosello is the tip of the iceberg.
  5. It’s not “El Grito Boricua”. The difference is enormous. El Grito de Lares (to which el grito boricua is referenced) was a short lived victory of pro independence effort to separate from Spain. There is no ‘independence’ or cries to separate from the USA here; the colonial status is intact, only the men running it are being judged, not the status, at least not yet.

But how do you break with 100 years of colonial brainwashing?

It might be that we are closer than never before to it. If we can just ditch the delusions.