Commenting the news: “Giuliani returns to Ukraine, signals apparent disregard for inquiry”

Today’s headline news at the WaPo is that, with his visit to Ukraine…

Current and former officials in Washington expressed astonishment at how President Trump’s private attorney — apparently on his behalf — seemed to be mocking investigators,”
Giuliani returns to Ukraine, signals apparent disregard for inquiry

Look people, Trump is going nowhere, he will survive the impeachment proceedings and will be re-appointed to the presidency by a slew of grateful men that includes:

  • the billionaires to whom he has given trillions in tax cuts
  • the billionaires who own the warmongering armament industries who have
    also received billions in contracts via the money given to the Pentagon to play
  • the ‘tech giants’ who have benefited from the two above
  • Jeff Bezos who is trying to buy Trump’s good mood to get the billions of dollars in contracts for war ‘games’ technology. Bezos gives Trump ‘good image’ via his mass propaganda media tool, The WaPo, by asserting, e.g., that there has been recently an increase in jobs, when Jeff knows it is a lie. Propaganda functions by presenting the ‘good’ after boring you with the usual Trump’s ‘antics’ which are dismissed precisely because they are presented as ‘antics’, not as the actions agreed upon with billionaires through behind-the-doors lobbying with him. That’s why Trump’s decisions benefit the billionaires and  not ‘we the people’, in case you haven’t noticed.

Trump is staying there. While the Dems wasted their time this four years, thanks to Pelosi, instead of impeaching him immediately, Trump has been appointing judges up and down that will help him stay in power. If you think that SCOTUS will stand for the people and support the Dems in their impeachment proceedings, you are politically blind.

And the crown of the whole chimichanga: PUTIN.

Yeap. He is ready to steal our elections, again.

And THAT’S why “Giuliani returns to Ukraine, signals apparent disregard for inquiry“: because he knows that Trump is safe in the WH. And Jeff Bezos et al billionaires know it too and are very happy.

If you had the power to name the president, would you name one that gives you money and takes it from the people and gives it to you, or one that will let the people keep theirs and make you pay your fair share of taxes?

Not even Putin is willing to put support someone who is pro-proletarians.

The working class is alone (politically speaking), and adrift, with no help from the politicians they elect.

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