History of Male Violence: From the Rape of the Sabine women to today

(WARNING: Photos below may be disturbing to some people.)

Some feminists today feel their heads spinning out of control every time they hear men talking about women or behaving towards women in this new and ultra-mobile 21st century of the 3rd millennium CE as a caveman from 100,000 years ago would. Not me; I don’t get discombobulated like that anymore. Why is that? Because, after reading some classic history books, I’ve stopped looking at today’s men as the pigs they resemble and emulate, and more as the perennially most imperfect, brutish and mindless half of the human race.  If one wants to move this human race/society away from its drive to self-destruct, one has to look at men, not in any of their ‘patriarchal’, ‘capitalist pig’ or religious douche personifications, but as humans. As irritating and taxing as this ‘project’ may sound, we need to see them as humans, for it is our (men and women’s) inability to manage our human condition the cause of ALL of our problems as individuals, as citizens and as a society.

Our problems with men violence today are not the product of capitalism, or communism, or liberalism. This violence has been here since ‘day one’ of humans on this planet because EXISTENCE IN THIS PLANET IS CHARACTERIZED BY ‘VIOLENCE’. Everything that lives here depends on the OUTSIDE of itself to survive: without food there is no life, and to feed, all animals, including us, must kill. Humans, as a species, contrary to ‘inferior’ animals, have NEVER stopped migrating, for whatever reasons – economic, environmental, wars…It’s a human thing, but we go through periods of killing each other for migrating, whether by choice or forced to, as if it was something we can stop doing (migrating, i.e.). As many migrating birds, we can’t stop continuously moving around the planet, even less now with our mobile technology that facilitates travel.

Sandhill Cranes breed in Alaska, Canada and Russia, migrating to wetlands and meadows of southern USA and Mexico for the winter (Leslie Reagan)

Early modern human migrations based on the distribution of mitochondrial haplogroups.[!!]









Image result for crisis of human migration

Roots of the Migration Crisis Aptly titled “World at War,” the U.N. report names wars and persecution as the drivers of forced displacement. https://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/The-Making-of-the-Migration-Crisis-20150619-0019.html

But we can stop forcing masses of people to migrate by stopping our wars for profits. What does it take to agree to stop forcing masses of people to migrate? It’s doable, you know.

The difference between humans and animals, well, we all know it: We are the only animals capable of inventing TGIF.

I think that when one puts in perspective men’s history, it becomes clear that our next frontier is not interplanetary travel (where we are doomed to bring with us our historical murderous colonizing tendencies to other planets) or creating invincible robots-thinking-and-behaving-like-men (now THAT’S scary). Our next frontier is human moral psychology, our mind: to understand that we can raise above what moves everything on this planet , our bodies dependence on the environment, i.e. Life is about attaining the desirable and avoiding the undesirable: those are the two main objectives of our empirical lives on earth, and the two OBJECTS we deal with: desirable and undesirable objects. How we define the ‘desirable and the undesirable’ is part of the task of human moral psychology. Humans have a particular advantage over the rest of the animals here: I think it was Evelyn Reed who coined the term “biology is not destiny” in the 1970s. We humans share an invisible gift by nature: MORALITY. Without it we are just pigs.

We need to observe the recurrence of the same mistakes and behaviors throughout history and understand that to correct them we need to have a change IN ATTITUDE towards our humanity. Or not. In which case there is really NO HOPE for this humanity: perpetually living in a state of greed for power and victimizing each other like mindless animals.

Humans themselves, LET ALONE MEN, have not changed an iota since the day they somehow showed up on this dialectical planet, around 1.8 million years ago. Every deplorable thing men did in, let’s say, 750 BC they are STILL doing it, in the exact fashion, three thousand years later; the only thing that has changed is the TECHNOLOGY they use.

Every barbarian clan (men) around the globe, from early human migrations (east to west and west to east, north to south and south to north) to antiquity (from 750 BC to early pre-medieval barbarians invasions), plundered and then massacred the civilians – women and children – of the cities they invaded, every clan without exception, including the Romans from the first day they invaded Gaul (“Pax Romana”). Women and girls, of course, got the privilege of been raped before getting cut to pieces by these men, or sold as (sex) slaves. Also, in antiquity it was a tradition to sell the civilians of entire cities into slavery, and to demand hostages – the valuable elite of the cities; and forced them out of their cities en mass. But not all men participated willingly, something I intend to discuss in an upcoming post.

Nothing has changed. Neither capitalism nor communism will change it, for they are both based on male violence; we’ve seen it, haven’t we.

We need to start the conversation with the good men out there to get THEM to challenge the other men who think like cavemen. The way we are going is taking us nowhere. We need to start with our sense of morals.


Image result for RAPE OF THE SABINE

Rape (abduction) of the Sabine women. Per Livy’s history, it is clear that they were abducted as sexual slaves. Romulus knew there were not enough men to keep the new town, Rome, alive for one generation. He built the city with a few homeless and rejects from nearby towns. there were few men and they needed women to ‘reproduce’ themselves.  The homeless got lucky, didn’t they?

Abduction and rape of women and children in our new millennium, not to “build towns”. These are sexual slaves too, but they get ‘discarded’ (assassinated) after having been tortured.







Image result for boko haram girls

Abduction and rape of women and girls. “Boko Haram Appears to Be Using Abducted Girls as Suicide Bombers: Experts” That AFTER having been sexually assaulted.

Genocides and massacres









Image result for my lai massacre photos

My Lai massacre in Vietnam

Taking a city.











US taking Vietnam.









Image result for . https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-crisis-the-picture-that-shows-the-true-extent-of-the-devastation-inside-palestinian-refugee-9154455.html

A picture showing thousands of refugees queueing for aid has emerged exposing the shocking conditions endured by 20,000 people trapped inside a devastated Palestinian camp in Syria. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-crisis-the-picture-that-shows-the-true-extent-of-the-devastation-inside-palestinian-refugee-9154455.html

Image result for concentration camps

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