What happens when the GOP accuses Dems of being racists?

We are back at it again, at racism, i.e.

This week is about a recently elected democratic governor in the south with an unbeknown-to-voters history of racist attitudes. The WaPo says

  Northam mum about his plans, after a flood of calls for his resignation for ‘racist and offensive’ photo

But is this a healthy discussion about the evils of racism? What happens when the GOP and the media accuses democrats of being racists? As I will conclude later, Racism Invictus.

One would have to first define what “healthy” in this case means.

I, personally, would define  “healthy in this case” from the negative: as long as the GOP is not involved in the discussion it is “healthy in this case’. Why? In addition to the obvious reasons consider the following.

The Politics of Racism

It’s not only that republicans are being “dishonest” and guilty of hypocrisy (as Rubin correctly discussed at the WaPo), we know they are that and much worse. The problem is that, in meddling in the discussion between democrats about this particular instance of racism, they are intentionally politicizing the issue.

Politics is about power, not about philosophies of good and evil.

They don’t bring an honest discussion about the immorality of racism because they are incapable of talking about something they are not: moral human beings. They are the opposite of that. So  what is their goal in paying someone to find in others the dirt that is in themselves and  in the person right next to them and whom they admire, on their own president Donald el sucio Trump, i.e?

“Of human bondage”: The power of racism to grab political power

That’s the height of immorality. Their goal, not that you didn’t know it, is to find ‘moral stains’ in democrats already in positions of power to stir public outrage and force us to politically defeat ourselves. The GOP lost the governorship of the state? No problem, they will make YOU remove your elected official. It’s a temporary victory for them, but a victory, non-the-less.

Finding moral stains on anyone is as easy as finding a MacDonald because ‘moral stain’ is the motor that propels human beings into the search for redemption via religions, philosophies, and mystic paths. Every human being is born with the ‘curse’ of moral stains; we all have sinned in the past and are on our way to do it again in the near future. Most humans feel the ‘call of the flesh’ as a heavy burden, and most of us have an innate desire to cleanse ourselves as much as possible of that stain.

But the amoral human beings don’t have that imperative in life. Theirs is the opposite: how to live a life of hedonism, of sensual self-indulgence at the cost of trampling over other human beings.

Racism Invictus

So the answer to the question What happens when the GOP accuses dems of f being racists is: racism itself remains untouched: racism Invictus. The discussion about racism itself is flipped over and we are forced instead to act, to prove that we do as we preach, but the ONLY proof or evidence accepted by the republicans and the media is that we remove the person in question, even if that person has shown concrete political benefits to society or if he or she has shown remorse. (I am definitely not defending Northam here.)

The racist GOP divide us and make us lose political power when they enter our discussion about racism. The same doesn’t work around for them.

When we accuse republicans of being racists, the accused person is actually leading a life of amorality: they have shown hatred of women, of people of color, of the poor and the immigrants…and they are PROUD of it. They call it ‘not being liberal’. Their policies are aimed at dividing and hurting us, while benefiting the white male racist oligarchs. When we succeed to remove one of them, racism remains untouched because their racist policies remain untouched, their racist agenda continues to live in the rest of the party.

Michael Ertel, Florida’s Secretary of State.

As long as one believes that racism has to be dealt with as a  knee jerk reaction, we will be at the mercy of the republicans’ emotional manipulation machine; victims of their experts in the arts of propaganda and opinion-shaping.

Then it is not a moral issue any more, it’s a political issue.

Find alternative solutions to racism in politics;  it doesn’t always have to be relinquishing political power.






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