DIY Rockwool panels for apt. windows a success on today’s winter storm

I live in da Bronx, NY. Tired of the outside noise (mostly ambulances, fire trucks and police cars) I ‘researched’ how to sound proof the windows. The intention was that the panels would serve also as cover for the wind drafts in the winter. I never imagined this would work. BUT IT DID!

I made the panels removable, but left three of the panes covered and kept the bottom one on and off to let air and the cats in and out to the balcony. It works reducing the noise. And today, Feb 30 2019, in the middle of the ‘polar vortex’ winter storm the panels have withstand the wind so far. I just came to my apartment (7:30 pm) with the wind that almost blew me away as I was entering the building. Anxious about finding the panels all over the place and the apartment freezing…YEAH!!

TOASTY apartment!

If you have issues with outside noise and drafty windows, do what I did.

I bought a bat of Rockwool R23, and Owens Corning R-3.0 insulating sheath boards (1 inch is better, 1/2 is fine too). I cut the boards to the size of each window pane (from frame to frame). Then sliced Rockwool insulating material at about 2 inches thick. I used 3M Super 77 glue on the board and put the insulation on top (on one side only). THEN i covered the board with fabric: 3M is good for fabric too. Then put the glue on the window frame where each panel would go. Put the panels and …voila!

It’s my first time. I made a mistake with the door panel: the insulating should go facing the glass.


There is salvation, my friends. Just SAVE YOURSELVES. lol

Now I have to make panels to put on the walls. It will further  reduce the noise by absorbing the bouncing noise waves. You can use fancy fabric. I used cheap one thinking that the project wouldn’t work. Now I’m changing the fabric and use beautiful ones for the walls.

That’s it.


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