We The People of Russia and the USA: On the Siberian mall fire

I, as many, many US citizens, am heart-broken by the death of Russian children in the Siberian mall fire a few days ago. I have read the American people’s comments in the mainstream media, the Washington Post and The New York Times, among others.

Let it be known to our fellow citizens of this planet earth in Russia that most of us, an overwhelming majority of us, are in pain for your loss in that fire.

“Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that coordinated U.S. and European expulsions of Russian diplomats yesterday showed disrespect for the dead. “We have learned a lot about the politicians of Europe and America today,” she said. “We have always sympathized with the Americans and the Europeans during their moments of grief. . . . This is hard to believe and to forget.”

‘We the people’ of the USA are NOT represented by this putrident’s misadministraton (I can’t even use the word ‘president’ to refer to this conniving man). We didn’t elect him. His actions are, if you have followed the ‘news’ here, around 100% against the wishes of the people.

The people of Russia is like the American people, like any other people in this planet for that matter, when it comes to politics: Some are mindful and aware of how politicians play with us; some are mindless and adhere to conservative lines (in Russia, I assume that to be ‘conservative’ means to support the government BLINDLY).

So, please, don’t let your politicians divide our humanity. The peace-loving and mindful Americans stand with you in your moment of pain. Like us, and maybe with more success, you will gather and DEMAND answers and changes to what constitute government accountability for what happened there.

Maybe we differ in opinion about Putin’s policies, but rest assure: The mindful people of the USA can separate him from you. No matter where we live, politicians take decisions in our names with which we disagree, some times. Then, as a consequence, we are forced to choose between our independence or to stand by our flawed politicians in the face of international billionaires’ interests manipulating our lives.

At the end, we all suffer equally, with a different accent.

My heart goes to you in this horrific moment of pain, and so does many American’s heart.


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