Intolerance in US Political Parties

The US establishment’s duopoly. Two political parties that supposedly deny each other. Unity is forbidden, having similarities is forbidden. It has to be ‘all or nothing’. Negate each other, hate each other. Divide and conquer.

Somehow it’s not working for the moribund middle class. Despite the duopoly  and its mutual hatred and mutual negation, the billionaire class continues to suck all the money from down here, enriching themselves to historical proportions. Clearly, the duopoly works for them.

It’s the minions who can’t understand that they have something in common: that they are minions. And so they go on voting for one or the other party, hating each other, denying each other, negating each other.

The cartoon minions are “buddies”. The human minions hate each other.

Image result for minions buddiesImage result for brawl at trump

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