Media ignores the Women’s Day march: Build a Women’s Coalition

[I’m currently plea-bargaining with the grammar police over words and composition style transgressions on this post. So please, ignore them transgressions.]

Well, what else is new? That the mainstream media ignored the nation and worldwide women’s protests about various female and non-female issues during the International Women’s Day is NOT news. They never cover women’s political actions, unless it is to smear them with anti-feminism. But there is a twist to this year’s solidarity of the men in the media conglomerate ignoring women: Trump. Consider this:

Supposedly, just supposedly the media is at  ‘war’ against Trump; or more correctly, Trump is at war with the media. All over the media is this expressed ‘fear’ of Trump “attacking the freedom of press”. The media is not at war with him, they have never ‘confessed’ to such a subversive attitude against the man they have called ‘lewd, unfit to be president’ and even assigned to him ‘dangerous dictator tendencies’. So you would suppose, thinking logically, i.e., that the men of our media conglomerate would use their powerful communication tools to give a voice to ‘we the people’ who are fighting against the policies the first lewd president is implementing. WRONG.

The twist to Jeff Bezos (WaPo), Carlos Slim (NYT), Rupert Murdoch and all other media-men ignoring the worldwide marches in the International Women’s Day is that they chose to ignore the people most affected by the lewd president at ‘war’ with the media. There is no coincidence of ALL of them at unison ignoring the women’s protests: it is intentional. OK. So it is irrational to expect that the men of the oligarchy would give women a space in their world. If you agree with that statement, then, why aren’t you organizing against them?

Women are the ‘bogey-man’ of the men in the oligarchy, and of most men in general, which brings me to the next twist in the men solidarity in ignoring the Women’s Day: the men in the left. Consider this also:

The usual leftists-suspects totally ignored the Women’s Day: Black Agenda Report and Counter Punch. TOTAL SILENCE about the women’s protests. And the few leftist organizations at the march in NYC, well, they were pushing economic issues. These organizations are opportunistically using women’s anger to push non-women’s issues. The chants during the march about violence against women and women’s health care issues were coming from non-organized leftists/non-leftists women.


Women, if you don’t take your cause, which is the cause of humanity, by the horns, your energy will be diffused and used to advance the needs of men. Progress in solving women’s problems  benefit men, but men’s issues don’t necessarily benefit women. There in the humanistic nature and importance of organizing women by women. There are MANY men who will join us. There will ALWAYS be free men, men not threatened by women’s determination to not be abused. So, don’t be afraid to call it ‘women organizing women’; men are automatically included. After all, men and women need each other. So, as Lenin said, “what the fuck is to be done?”

There are many things that women can do to advance their economic and political goals, but I think this one is an IMPERATIVE (yes, I had to emphasize it): COALITION BUILDING.

Don’t be afraid of the phrase ‘feminist movement’

The media, leftists and mainstream, have succeeded in turning the phrase ‘feminist movement’ into a pejorative term. Yes, the 1960s and 1970s women’s movement made many errors, but NO ONE IS PERFECT. Humans have been making mistakes since the day they started walking erect: men have killed each other by the millions since they learned to use their thumbs. Their first mistake was using it to grab…weapons. I’m sure you saw ‘2001 A Space Odyssey‘: men had the idea of the Pentagon cooking since those days. (If you can’t find humor there, I’m sorry for you.)

So, should women stop trying to organize just because mistakes were made 40 or 50 years ago? The labor movement has practically disappeared for the same reasons; should we not revive it? Young women must understand that it is their time to make mistakes: it is their time to carry the movement forward, with mistakes and all.

The women’s and the labor movements are not lost causes; many good things came out from them.

But today, there’s no ‘leftists’ movement to give impetus to the women’ struggle: women are today’s revolutionary force.

So, put all those groups out there (the lecture groups, the pussy hat groups, the leftist groups…) under one umbrella to serve as your collective voice. Coalitions preserve each group’s interests and actions, it serve to give a sense of unity in the common goals.

From there, women can create a Manifesto of goals to be pushed against the power that be. To force politicians to adopt policies we need, etc.

Today’s women’s political energies will not last long unless they find ways to overcome the divisions and complaints against each other. There is elitism, there is racism EVERYWHERE and forever. Women must learn to work from different perspective, coming together united in what they share. Find it. SOON.

You need to be ready for the next presidential election.

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