Trump declares war on women after Historic massive Women’s March against him: Cuts funds for abortion

Donny told us so, that he is vindictive. You didn’t want to believe him.

So, he said NOTHING about the Women’s March on DC, well, except that “the elections are over….”

I knew he couldn’t take that PUNCH in the face that was the more than 3 million human beings marching against him here and around the world.

So he is punishing you, girls. His first salvo:

Trump reverses abortion-related policy to ban funding to international health groups

“President Trump on Monday reversed the Obama administration’s 2009 decision that let the money flow. The decision means nonprofits abroad will either have to end patient counseling in which abortion is mentioned or forego the lost U.S. dollars”

This was today, and is a DIRECT attack on women for their historic march against him. This is the beginning of Trump’s war on women. You ‘deserve’ it for humiliating his over-sensitive ego. He will NEVER forgive you for that HERSTORIC  march.

Get ready to rumble, people. It’s going to be a NASTY  war against women.

6 thoughts on “Trump declares war on women after Historic massive Women’s March against him: Cuts funds for abortion

  1. ive dealt with narcissists before, so i get the spite angle. however, i think this better explained by the fact that trump is going to cut everything he can cut.

    in fact he already promised to make this one of his top priorities, to make all the cuts he can, including to planned parenthood.

    when he said it was a priority, and then he does it right away, connecting it to something else (without a pattern) is kind of tenuous. everyone wants to make trump out to be a monster. this isnt an unexpected cut though– the march is (in part) a response to it, so why would it be in response to the march? thats time travel– and we know time travel is disproven now:

    i suppose its possible… what did the elderly and disabled do to piss him off, though? whatever it was, if this is about spite– then hes obviously more pissed off at them as he made those cuts first. reproductive rights and the wall are two reasons id never vote for trump; but they probably arent things he changed his mind about because of a march.


    • Code, politics is a nasty beast. It is disappointing when people refuse to see the connections between politicians and their exercise of power. Trump is beginning to use his political power the way we all feared: to punish and bully people and groups he doesn’t like or hurt his over-sensitive ego.
      He ridiculed the disabled, they didn’t do anything to him. But this women’s march was special. Millions of women and men showing their distaste for him publicly, one day after his inauguration, when he was arguing that there were more people than ever for a presidential inauguration…and then WHAMP, this millions of women saying NO to him….the man is truly pissed off!
      You may want to dismiss thte women’s historical achievement by saying it has nothing to do with Trump’s action about abortion funds for international groups. But reality speaks louder. Trump is pissed off by the march. He will cut everything, INCLUDING women’s funds..


      • so in other words, even though he had already promised to cut womens funds before he was elected and inaugurated– after the march he changed his mind and decided to do it for this other, newer reason instead?

        youre doing it wrong. causality:


      • Look, read the article. He WILL cut more. He “decided” to not cut, but after the march, once again he changed his mind. He said he IS vindictive. What part of that personality you don’t understand?

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      • i didnt realize he was waffling on this– thats a fair point, thanks for clarifying.

        to be clear, i never entirely discounted the possibility of spite. i do understand we are talking about a pretty ego-driven person. my point was based on the idea of sequence of events and trump being consistent with his words– if hes not being consistent, my point is withdrawn.


      • Only time can tell. I’m pretty sure you will have plenty of evidence about his character. Mostly, you will see him lying and mixing truth with lies. Those are the ones that make seeing the truth more difficult to be discerned. Anyway: Thanks for visiting. I appreciate a good and intelligent discussion.

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