Trump’s ‘press conference chaos’, or The Media distracting from GOP coup in Congress

That’s right, folks. All the headlines today (Wednesday Jan 11) were about Trump’s press conference: him ‘admitting’ that Putin hacked the DNC, that he insulted reporters, the BuzzFeed “dossier” on Trump by Putin…and the media is actually protecting Trump from BuzzFeed.

The REAL news were going on in Congress. But ALL the MSM pushed that information  down in small letters on their front pages.

There’s only ONE article in the NYT about the confirmation hearings, one about Exxon’s Tillerson being “grilled” in Congress, all the way down that page.

The WaPo showed a shred of more decency than the NYT by inserting those three articles down there. But they are not the main focus.

Why are they focusing on the press conference?

The media has the power to move public opinion against the coup d’etat that is the confirmation hearings. The GOP is pushing many hearings at the same time to make the confirmations easy by chaos. The media should be covering that. Once those people get confirmed, there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

Ask yourselves: why would the media want to call your attention away from what is going on in Congress? Is BuzzFeed, an “unverified” report, worth much more attention than what’s going on in Congress? Trump is a showman, and this is a show for you, with the media willingly participating in distracting you from the coup in Congress.

We know how the media propaganda works. They decide what is being publicly discussed. They even admit they had the “dossier” during the elections but refused to publish it then. It is Bezos and Murdoch et al media owners who decide whether the information is worth publishing. They decided to publish the hacking of Clinton’s email 24/7, but refused to publish something that would have probably hurt Trump too.

Don’t buy it was because the “dossier” was “unverified”. The hacking of Clinton was illegal, but they didn’t care. No one is asking for Assange to be prosecuted for it. But the media is suggesting that BuzzFeed’s journalist be investigated for “leaking” “false information”. No one knows yet whether it is false, though.

This is the same thing the media moguls did when they had their secret meetings with Trump a few weeks ago. To cover up the secrecy of the media discussing with Trump how they are going to cover him, they gave you a litany of headlines about Trump ‘punishing” the media, a picture of him as powerful and causing them to feel “threatened” by him. But no words about the secret discussions.

Well, I invite you to consider these observations and see if there is something there. The media, in my view, is focusing on creating an environment of public confusion and an anxiety about Trump’s relation with the media, not focusing on his appointment of globalists to directly run our government.

THAT’S WHAT REALLY MATTERS.  But they are waving their hands, calling you to pay attention to the Donald’s first press conference and his ‘battle’ to protect Putin, while the confirmation hearings are going on.

Trump is a showman. And the media loves him. This press conference was a show for you. This is the result of the media’ secret meeting with Trump: laying out how to distract the public from the real issues. It’s perfect. This game can go on for the next four years: ‘Trump hates the media’ forever FAKE news.

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