Want to know who hacked Clinton’s emails? You can’t handle the truth.

The email hacking-blame–games is quietly disappearing from our fake news purveyors’ sites, so, before it totally does and you forget about it, I will leave for posterity my observation on how the ‘issue’ was managed by our media.

Who knows the truth about who hacked Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC’s emails with the intention of manipulating public emotions against her and influencing the outcome of our presidential election process?

Answer: Assange and Wiki, Obama, the CIA, Putin. And of course, the elements involved directly or indirectly in carrying out the instructions.

Who doesn’t know the truth about the hacking and will NEVER get to know it?

Answer: We the people. Please note that the truth about this hacking conspiracy is, by design, meant to not reach you, not available to YOU.

Consider that we live in a global cyber warfare environment, and we have been told that it has to be a secretive warfare. All nations deny it, both Russia and the USA deny they engage in cyber warfare against each other to influence each other’s citizens’ political opinions against their own governments. It’s called propaganda, mind control by the use of technology. Everybody is doing it! And everybody is denying it!

What is news about this hacking conspiracy is not that it exists at all, but that it was SUCCESSFULLY used against we the people of the USA. News is that we lost that cyber war with the help of our government and the media. And the people around the globe ought to be scared shitless, because they lost too. What was done to us here is the evidence of the effectiveness of the cyber war, AND that it is directed at the citizens who have no means of protecting their heads against the intrusions of cyber propaganda aimed at manipulating their emotions.

Who knows the truth about the emails conspiracy?

They all (governments and Assange) are lying to we the people about who knows/don’t know who inflicted the coup d’etat on them, because they all played a part on it, directly or indirectly, including the US media. Actually, it was the media who IMPLEMENTED the coup.

The owners of the media (Bezos, Murdoch, Slim of the NYT, and the rest of them) could have chosen not to propagate Assange’s hacked material 24/7 last year.  The day after the elections, they stop writing about it, they had finished their ‘hacking’ job. They even had Assange on record saying that he didn’t  want to show the other candidates’ emails; he didn’t want us to judge them.  The media knew Assange had the power to do that, to let us judge the other candidates, to influence the elections, but they chose to play his game in support of Trump. They are complicit in the coup to install Trump. Period.

You can’t get the truth from the media, the only place most Americans go for nformation. They don’t give you the truth because, truly, you can’t handle the truth – at least in their eyes. They feed you fake news mixed with pieces of truth hidden in carefully chosen words accompanied with images for maximum effect. They are the willing tool used by those with the power that you don’t have, to reach you…because YOU are always the aim they are shooting at to get their ways. That includes Assange.

Putin, Obama and the CIA are up to their ears with cyber warfare. They know what they did or didn’t do about the hacking, and what part was Assange’s, but tell you they won’t. Shhh. It’s a government secret. You get the lies, try to find the truth there.

Like children playing with toy guns, the global governments’ misleadership are pointing their cyber guns at each other and shooting, except that we the people are the ones who really get hurt. That’s the nature of modern politics; is not like in the medieval times when the kings actually went out and fought the battles themselves. They discovered they had the power to force their minions to go and die in their names. So, here we are, the victims of the cyber warfare, forced to tolerate a mentally unstable soon-to-be dictator.

Why they did it?

A lot of power and interests were at stake in this presidential election cycle. Apart from calming the ‘angry voters’ threatening an uprising, and the candidates themselves, battling for control of our government were globalists, conservatives of all flavors, war and armaments mongers…and Assange.

Assange, you see, needs sun light. Seriously, lack of exposure to sun light for such a long time have an impact on a person’s mental health. So, not only he is a prisoner there, he is also (probably) mentally unstable, which puts him closer to Trump. That may explain his hatred and vindictiveness against the people of the USA. That’s right, is not only Hillary he hated.  He was and is still willing to throw his supporters, people like me, under the Trump bus of fascism for his freedom. (Of course, he doesn’t have my support anymore.).

Assange is working hard for Trump’s pardon. Not only he helped putting the presidency in his hand, now he is proposing helping him use Twitter, Trump’s favorite mind control tool, to black list his opponents. Who would have thought that our minds are so easily controlled;  all you need is 140 characters well organized, and voilà! People vote the way you want.

Please, if you are thinking Assange did his evil deed out of love for humanity and the ‘truth’, STOP.  It’s all about himself.

Edward Snowden was absent during the elections. He still has my support, for he is not playing with our minds, as Assange is doing.

As for the other participants in this conspiracy to use cyber warfare to manipulate humanity into doing what the powerful controlling our politics and economic policies want, well, I trust you can figure that out too on your own. Suffice it to say that Putin had an interest, personal, in Trump winning the elections. Also, men who hated the idea of a feminist woman running the nation (the white elite men, of course) also had an interest in letting Assange hack her emails. Obama, well, let’s say he wants to stick it to Putin, although there’s more to it. A sector of the globalist are having a field day with Trump, putting them directly in control of our government. Those are the ones who will help  cover the truth about the hacking, for they want you to believe that Trump won honestly by popular vote, another lie.

The battle between the other globalists, the conservatives and Trump is a long discussion. I have addressed some on this blog.

Well, that’s all folks. I hope you made it to the end of this post.

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