Putin and Globalists in Control: Bitch-slapping Obama Over Trump

Well, I never thought I would live to see globalists publicly bitch-slapping an outgoing US president goodbye. Did you see that? Double-slapped in one day:


This is the international ‘leaders’ reactions to Obama’s last effort at castigating Trump (discussed below): They All  decided to PUBLICLY stick their necks out for Trump and tell the world that the globalists trust and support their new commander-in-chief.

Trump is the future, one that sheds all pretenses of democracy and collectivism to openly embrace Ayn Rand‘s philosophy of the elite. The future looks good for them, for Trump is putting the business of government directly in the hands of globalists, not on elected politicians representing them.

Those two pieces of news inform us that the globalists want the world to know that the actions and policies they will enact will follow the ideology of Reaganism and Thatcherism, this time on steroids.

This week, Britain’s ambassador in Washington, Kim Darroch, expressed hope that Trump and May would build “on the legacy of previous leaders such as President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.”

First, let’s not get heartbroken or offended by the shaming of Obama. Him “punishing” Putin and Israel was not an act of ‘justice’. It was plain and simple personal revanchism, revenge on Trump. It was an attack on Trump (I’m not complaining). Believe me, Obama has good reasons for harboring personal grudges against Trump, mostly  for his and his followers racist attacks on Michelle.

Obama has been in power for eight years, that’s more than enough time to do what he did this week, i.e., ‘punishing’ Putin for all the crimes he accused him of, and for voting against Israel. He could have frozen Putin’s money around the globe. That he took these two actions, literally, at the last-minute of his presidency indicates there is another reason for his show of ‘power’.

In my view, Obama failed to come out publicly in defense of his wife after she was called various racist names, including that she “is is really a man“. And, if we all agree that Trump has lowered the moral level of political action and discourse, there is no point in acting ‘politely’ when your wife is being continuously savaged the way Trump and his minions have done to her (he never criticizes racists remarks). That the director of the non-profit organization who used the extreme racist words against her was “fired” is no consolation; Trump can give him his job back (expect that to happen).

This is personal, not business.

Business is the international ‘leaders’ reactions to Obama’s last effort at castigating Trump for his racism. As Kerry said with his jaw on the floor

We are surprised by the U.K. Prime Minister’s office statement given that Secretary Kerry’s remarks…were in line with the U.K.’s own longstanding policy and its vote at the United Nations last week,” the State Department said in a statement.

That’s right, there is no logic behind their slapping Obama in the face when they acted with him to secure the UN vote:

The transatlantic split was particularly unexpected given that May’s government acted as a key broker between U.S. and Palestinian interests ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote last week to declare Israeli settlement construction “illegal…shaping the measure to ensure that the language was acceptable to the United States, Britain’s Guardian and Israel’s Haaretz newspapers reported this week.

What reason could they have to bitch-slap Obama other than they are counting on Trump to put the world OPENLY in the oligarchs’ hands? Obama is the past, they squeezed him and got out of him what they could given the political environment.

With their Rand philosophy, don’t expect them to care for the poor or the broken middle class. If you don’t own stocks in the millions, you deserve your suffering for not being a creative genius.

Putin, well, there’s a wise guy. I don’t live in Russia, so I don’t know how good or bad he is for his people. But in terms of foreign policy, he is just another politician in love with power. He may have better ideas about war, but he is an alpha-male politician. He identifies with Trump in that sense. He is counting on Trump for globalists’ rapprochement.

All politicians ruling the world today are corrupt and working for the billionaire globalists. The people is the last thing in their minds.

So, there. That’s the meaning of this public shaming of Obama.

January 20 is around the corner. Get ready for feeling Ayn Rand’ ghost turning your dinner table upside down.



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