Explaining Trump’s ‘victory’ for dummies

This post is in reaction to the NYT article Sorry, Liberals. Bigotry Didn’t Elect Donald Trump.

OK. Let’s start from the beginning. Memorize this sentence:

The Donald LOST the popular vote. He was elected by the Electoral College.

In the USA, as we have come to realize since the beginning of this millennium, the presidency is decided by the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. That’s the only DIRECT deciding element on who is to be the next president, that’s the only element that MATTERS. Understand, a majority of votes do NOT DECIDE the elections, as we saw in 2000 and 2016.

Trump WON the presidency on a TECHNICALITY, that’s the ugly and unpleasant reality, the truth. A candidate wins either by popular vote AND the Electoral College, or by the electoral college alone. No candidate wins by majority of votes and minority of electoral votes. Trump won by the electoral college alone.

Any statement or political analysis to the effect that Trump won by the popular vote, that he was elected because Hillary was ‘incompetent’ or whatever, IS A MYTH created to be included in high school history books of the near future. It covers up the truth about how the so-called democratic process was subverted by the elite class using their media and the “faithless” elected politicians who voted against the people’s expressed wishes.

People will accept and believe the myth the more it is repeated.

To understand this myth, we need to define ‘winning’, the same as ‘victory’.(Caps for emphasis, not screaming.) There are rules that determine the winner, and the PSYCHOLOGICAL element of victory, the one that can be manipulated with words and images.

The definition of winning the presidency has always been “the people choose democratically who will be the president”. That’s the foremost value of democracy, the thing we go to war for, to make other people learn to live by this democracy. But the rules are tainted: you must vote for the one the elite and our elected politicians want and approve; if not, the electoral college makes the decision for you.

That is NOT winning.

The perception that the democratic process was followed is missing when that happpens. It creates a sense of collective anger; you don’t normally get angry when you believe you won, do you? The people are angry with the results of the elections because they correctly see it as undemocratic. We go to war for ‘democratic’, the brainwashing worked. Now the elite has to explain why they are treating us like any third world dictator treats his people, taking away the people’s democratically expressed wishes.

But there is the other element in the definition of ‘wining’, the PSYCHOLOGICAL one. It is the one that makes the ‘winners’ by technicality distort that same reality with their misplaced conceit. Trump’s followers didn’t give Trump the ‘victory’. Almost three millions more votes went for Hillary Clinton. Also, they, his followers, constitute part of the ‘people’s vote‘, the popular vote. Trump didn’t win with their popular votes, he won by elected politicians of both parties who voted for him.

This psychological element is used by the media continuously. Every time they publish opinions upholding the idea that Trump won, period, and his administration must be respected as that of an ‘elected president’, they are adding pieces to the myth of his presidency as that of the people’s, and the myth of the democratic process. You must accept him as president because rejecting him is rejecting the democratic process; the mythical one, i.e.

Also, he can’t be a dictator if you accept him and the process. It’s what happened with Bush Jr. The media refused to publicize the people’s discontent and his inauguration day mess. The oligarchs’ ORDER must be protected, no matter what. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be getting trillions of dollars in a perpetual war justified on the actions of a president not elected by the people.

No analysis can change that reality. Saying that he ‘won’ because people hated Hillary is the worse of the myths. She won the popular vote. PERIOD. People didn’t hate her. People HATED TRUMP, that’s why he LOST the popular vote. The emails are the INDIRECT reason of him ‘winning’. The second element deciding the elections is the indirect one, the MEDIA and any other hanky panky going on, like the emails bomb.

The media continues to publish the MYTH that the people hated Clinton. If they tell the truth, then Trump can’t govern as the people’s president, and his administration is in danger. But keeping the myth that he is there because Hillary is ‘corrupt’ and the people hated her, provides psychological cover and argument against reality.

The psychological element is the one we live by, the delusion that OUR VOTES count for something. The elections are SUPPOSED to be won by the one with the majority of votes. That’s the PSYCHOLOGICAL winning. We think, and correctly so, that our president is the one elected by ‘we the people’. That’s the propaganda about our democracy, that’s why it is “correct” to think that ‘we’ decides the presidency, because we have been brainwashed into thinking like that. It’s a nice delusion, I don’t deny it.

But when the majority of the votes go to one candidate and that candidate is not confirmed by the Electoral College, the elected president is as good as appointed, not the ‘winner’ of the ELECTIONS. Here, elections means the people’s votes. Hillary Clinton got almost three MILLIONS more votes than Trump.

So, it is a myth that Trump was elected by the people. He is not the people’s president. He can’t claim ANY of his policies are supported by the people. He doesn’t have the people‘s authority to rule.

It is being said that the Electoral College was created to prevent some crazy populist candidate be elected to subvert the status quo. Donald Trump is that crazy ‘populist’, and the DUTY of the electoral college was to uphold the people’s wishes. Almost three million people gave Hillary Clinton the victory, the ONE THAT MATTERS to the people. The Electoral College should have affirmed the people’s wishes.

So, Trump won on a TECHNICALITY. He is NOT the people’s president. He has no mandate from the people.

So, please, stop feeding the MYTH of Trump’s victory. It sound as if he won by a majority of the people’s votes.

This is the ugly reality. We are doomed as a nation thanks to the the electoral college. The over-sensitive one, who lashes out at people who don’t kiss his ass, is ruling over the people who hates him.

Now, chew on that for five minutes.


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