The WaPo agrees with this blog: “conservatism has hit rock bottom”

In my previous post I opined at length about the divisions between our elitists classes, the globalists and the conservatives running the GOP. I mentioned that the media never addresses that division; I think they heard me. Of course they didn’t, just saying.

Michael Gerson, in his opinion article  at the WaPo, The GOP is at its peak, but conservatism has hit rock bottom, hints at the defeat of GOP conservatives, but doesn’t name the victors. I find it interesting that the article comes after the Electoral College appoints Trump as president. That article is a slap in the face from Trump to McCain and the other conservatives. It has no value except that one.  It’s pure nonsense about political values, which no one in government, and least of all ExxonMobile CEO, care about.

Thus, the timing of the article is no coincidence, well, at least not in my view. But as I said in my post, the elites can’t name their war openly; it’s too unseemly to show your house in disarray. But the fact remains: There is a war between globalists and conservatives of assorted flavors.

And the globalists are winning, bigly they are winning. They are buying with their trillions of dollars the conservatives who have only our money to play politics with. But they are politicians, they are selling themselves knowing that there’s nothing they can do against the oligarchs who own the planet.

And the oligarchs have El Duce, the alpha-male leader of the incautos. Oh, and the military, just in case the deplorables become too antsy for that wall that will not materialize. The only wall Trump is building is a wall of generals and military brass surrounding him every branch of government that matters.

Well, there you have it. You heard it here first, in this inartful and grammatically challenged blog. The globalists are winning, the conservatives are kaput.

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