Putin: The gift that keeps giving our media a cover for their sins

The New York Times’ extensive article about Putin supposedly hacking the DNC is the finest piece of propaganda I’ve seen recently. The only conclusion I could arrived at after reading it is that the American people have lost control of their nation’s politics.

The ‘public’ have been weaponized by all segments in which the elites have divided itself, and used at will as ammo against each each other. The lathe that makes bullets out of the ‘public’ is the conglomerate of mainstream media with its daily propaganda pitting the ‘public’ against this or that elite’s group.

Carlos Slim, owner of the NYT is the Einstein of propaganda, with Murdoch and Bezos following him.

Look, the US media gave Hillary Clinton and the voters a coup, period. It was emails and ‘Hillary the dishonest woman’ 24/7. They chose to publish Assange’s emails dump and comment on them too. The US media relies on the public’s trust in  American institutions, including the media, to sell the lie that it was ONLY Putin who manipulated the media. The media acted willfully and with malice in its coverage of Hillary Clinton.

The media owners chose to print all the emails and comment on them and lead the public to conclude that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt woman without redeeming qualities. Trump was cast as a naive, outsider and clownish, who was never hated because people don’t hate childish ‘immature’, men. The public would accept a corrupt but cuddleable clown over a witch, wouldn’t they?

It is easier for the public to believe that it was Putin, than to believe that the elite in the US manipulated them with the ease with which they manipulate their iPod. They can’t see that when the FBI says that they don’t have ‘evidence’ that Putin did the ‘deed’, it means that all blame stay here at home.

It is less important that someone hacked some computers than what was done with the material. Again, the media took the loot and ran with it. They are the to be blamed for Trump’s coming debacle presidency.

As I have discussed on this inartful blog, the globalists and the conservatives of assorted flavors never wanted a FEMINIST woman as their president. Hillary’s focus on identity issues was a no-no to these men. Her feminism was having an impact on women and on men not afraid of women in power. But we are dealing with a band of misogynist men at the top of the pyramid. They would have NEVER allow ‘that woman’ to be president’. They almost lost, but the emails was the nail that sealed our coffin. She lost the crucial votes needed to win those electoral colleges because people couldn’t take more ‘Hillary corruption’.

The NYT wants us to believe that they were ignorant and innocent in this political debacle, but they were the instigators, not the victims. Now they are using Putin to cleanse themselves of guilt, and as propaganda for the segment of the elite that wants a cold war with Russia so they can give more welfare to Grumman and et al warmongers and armaments builders.

Unfortunately, the public will continue to be prey of the Carlos Slim (NYT owner) and other media owners.

This is the best time for you to read about propaganda; fascism relies on it, and our media has shown they are supporting the fascist president-elect.

I recommend you start with this book: Propaganda by Jacques Ellul.

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