NBC and Joe Scarborough: Trump’s official mouthpiece

I read the news today, oh boy. It was about the media crowning Joe Scarborough as Trump’s official media mouth piece, with picture and all of him (and Mika, of course) posing as the media royal couple.

“Might have” is code for ‘he did’. Joe, and Mika to a lesser degree (that’s what happens to you when you are a woman), is now “important”.

But that’s not the appalling news there. The depressing news is that the article describes nonchalantly how the mainstream media (MSM), NBC and WaPo in particular, deceived the public about their so-called “biased” and “negative reporting” on Trump. It just so happens, it was all a farce. It was the lying media doing what the are expert at: lying and propaganda.

Trump has referred to the duo as “supporters” and thanked them for helping make him “almost as a legendary figure.”

That’s not how you feel when someone ‘attacks’ you as you run for president.

Even worse; as many professional media analysts had described, the article confirms that the media was helping Trump with advice in their ‘reporting’. And MORE! The article hints at their willingness to not be subjected to ethical journalistic standards from now on while they will continue advising him as he performs his presidential duties.

They are old pals, but who knew?

I didn’t. Trump and Joe know each other since, at least, 2007.

After Scarborough was promoted to his morning slot in 2007, Trump followed, as both a guest and fan…they had golfed together…“‘We were friends before the campaign,…” In 2010 they (Joes and Mika) guested on “The Apprentice.”

That wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that Joe (a former GOP congressman) spent the primaries and presidential campaign pretending to hate Trump. He never disclosed his close personal relationship with Trump. It was so close as to involve money. Well, what relationship with Trump doesn’t involve money?

He came to their book parties and donated to their fundraisers…Scarborough and Brzezinski would occasionally dial up Trump on speakerphone during their own speaking engagements to rile up the crowd,

That close it was; they had immediate access to him at all times. But you wouldn’t know it based on Joe’s ‘attacks’ on Trump during the election cycle.

NBC owners paid Joe to promote Trump

The article mildly criticizes Joe for

It’s an odd position, advising and reporting upon a president, sometimes on the very same topic. It’s engendered some bad feelings within NBC News.

But the fact remains that not Joe nor any TV news personality makes any report without the consent of the company’s CEOs. Saying that his lack of journalistic ethics (words the writer would not use because the purpose of the article is not to judge the media as an institution) caused “some” bad feelings (a minor discomfort) masks that he was allowed to behave like that non-stopped. The author calls this unethical journalism “odd“.

Did Joe “lent legitimacy to the Trump phenomenon”?

None of the big media owners, Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, Carlos Slim (NYT) would take responsibility for their lack of professional ethics. They will cast the blame, if any, on news personalities. The WaPo wants you to believe that all those millions of dollars in free press even they acknowledge was given to Trump (24/7 coverage, as they are still doing today) didn’t “lent credibility to the Trump phenomenon”. No, it was not Joe who did that; it was Murdoch and Bezos and Slims…They own their companies, they decide when something will or will not happen in their news reports.

In NBC “Rigid standards of journalism” don’t apply to journalists

She [Mika] maintains that just because they build sources and conduct interviews with newsmakers doesn’t mean they should be held to the rigid standards of journalism.

Well, now we know that that is the case, for there was no journalistic ethics with ANY of their TV news personalities. I guess that’s why Brian Williams is still there.

Not only their ‘journalists’ receive money from politicians running for office, which of course shouldn’t concern anyone watching the news, but they are all friends with politicians they favor.

Scarborough views the criticism as “hypocritical,” he said. “Andrea Mitchell is friends with everyone in D.C. Chris Matthews is friends with people who have run for president of the United States.” No one seemed to mind, he said, that he had off-the-record conversations with President Obama or considers Obama’s campaign strategist David Axelrod a friend.

Clearly Hillary Clinton had no friends in the media. Rachel Maddow was not a friend of Hillary before the elections.

There is no Trump war on the media

 He [Joe] has no regrets…After all, he may already have something more than your average veep.

“I’m good here,” he said. “We have influence.”

How he got that influence matters, for it could not have been gained by dishonoring the source (Trump) nor will it be  jeopardized by ‘attacking’ him.

Trump said that he gets his political information from watching TV, that he doesn’t need to be briefed by the military. You can believe that at your own risk.

The message for the little people: their leader is like them, he doesn’t read and is as misinformed as the rest of us. That makes for a great president, doesn’t it? It’s the old form of anti-intellectualism for the intellectually impaired.

If Joe Scarborough was helping Trump while you thought he was attacking him (Trump thanked him, remember?), that means that you were had. The only way that can happen is if you are not aware of propaganda techniques.

The media will play the game with him, day in and day out. They will complain about how he bashes the media. It’s a winning tactic with the ‘deplorables‘ and the naive Sanders followers. Meanwhile, they continue to provide advice to him for free in the same articles on which they ‘attack’ him.

In that way, the divided elite will keep you supporting Trump or hating him. You can never make your own mind on your own unless you know how these people manipulate the public opinion. Remember, there’s no other place for you to get your information but from the media.

Now is Trump against NBC. Well, it means Trump is happy with NBC.

This WaPo article aimed at giving the impression that the media can self-criticize. But the focus is not on the media owners, the ones who make the decisions; it is on news personalities. The media (decided in the private  meetings of all owners) will continue planning how to divert the public’s attention away from their dishonest practices by focusing on Putin as provider of fake news. Meanwhile, the most efficient fake news we had during the elections came from our own media. The 24/7 emails fake news gave Trump the presidency. That was not Putin, that was Murdoch, Bezos, Carlos Slims…

While Trump was ‘attacked’, it was as a clown. Hillary Clinton was attacked as a ‘corrupt woman’ who had no redeeming qualities. The false equality of two equally dishonest candidates has already been denounced by experts in media ethics.

The art of political propaganda is convoluted. If citizens are not willing to inform themselves about it and continue  relying blindly on the media for their political information, they will only see their democracy thinning out like an old man’s hair.





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