A House Divided 2: Fearing and Loathing Trump’s Cronyism

Yes, the stench of capitalists’ intra-war is permeating the media. The WaPo’s article Trump’s unpredictable style unnerves corporate America is filled with hints of it shouted at you a sotto voce. Not too loud as to not scare you, i.e. Words like these in the article can only hint at ‘something is not right here’:

unnerve a corporate America

worried whether executives can speak their minds about the president-elect or his policies without fear of facing Trump’s rage.

Take outs from the article that points at divisions in the house of the oligarchy (it helps if you listen to the beautiful and hunting theme of House of Cards as background):

Larry Summers must have hired university pals to restate the ‘concerns’ he mentioned in his article.

The article cites various university experts in economics speaking against Trump’s dictatorial styling. First, I have discussed on this blog Summers’ hatred of Trump. Second, he is a Harvard U. professor; his pals at that Ivory Tower are willing to stick their necks out for him. Evidence? They all used almost the  same words Larry used in his own article to attack Trump:

Twisting people’s arms is inherently problematic

The president has so much power, you always wonder if there’s some implicit threat to individuals, and that goes beyond what I think a limited government should do,” Mankiw said.

When a politician rewards his business friends and punishes his business enemies it’s called crony capitalism,” Hennessey wrote in a blog on his personal website Monday.

“When a chief exec is making individual calls to individual companies, he’s in some sense acting like a central planner,” Mankiw said

Capitalists are AFRAID of Trump

Now, that’s scary, that capitalists are afraid of one man. If they, with all the power of government at their disposal, feel bullied by Trump, what can we expect for ourselves? um, no; he is not going to treat us any better. Hello?

Jim Cramer, the chief executive of Carrier’s parent company confirmed that it had made the deal in part out of fear.

I propose to you that they can use the power of government to give Trump a coup. They are not going to seat there and wait for him to have pity on them, are they?

Trump is BULLYING corporate America

That came an hour after Boeing’s chief executive was quoted questioning Trump’s stance on trade.

That’s right; Trump threat to cancel Boeing’s Air force One contract came after the CEO spoke against Trump’s policies. And that has “unnerve corporate America”…

worried whether executives can speak their minds about the president-elect or his policies without fear of facing Trump’s rage.

A house divided: we’re gonna have to clean that mess

There should be no doubts on anyone’s mind that our oligarchy is felling threatened at home, not by the people, but by a mentally deranged man who wants to be a modern El Duce. The problem for them is that Trump has half America’s voters on his side. That’s a problem for the other half too. Can’t you see it coming?

If a part of corporate America and globalists want to get rid of El Duce, they have to pass through the deplorables first. (I’m actually laughing! at the SAD situation we are caught in.)

That means an open propaganda war on us, let alone economical. First, instill fear in the public: bad economy, crime, sudden increase in ‘terrorist’ threats, crime…Then a fight to cut our social safety net.  Then, and the most effective tool, pit Americans against each other.

Look, if you want to continue sleeping the sleep of the innocents, fine with me. But these are the tactics globalists and corporations like Boeing use around the globe. What makes you think they will not do the same here?

Globalists and corporations see themselves as owners of the planet. They have no patriotic loyalties for any one nation. Money is their ‘moral compass’.

The rift will become larger and more clear soon. We will have to clean up their mess at below minimum salary.

Mark my words.


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