A House Divided: Oligarchs and Conservatives Eating Each Other Out

Of all the important unreported political issues since this elections cycle, the most important, in my view, is the division up there were our gods of money and corruption live. There is a battle going on between globalists and conservatives of all ideological flavors and wallet size. It’s globalist vs globalists vs conservatives vs conservatives vs globalist. Phew!

Politico’s article Trump’s GOP takeover begins barely touches on the topic. A more important sign was Larry Summers’ article in the WaPo last week on Trump’s Carrier deal. It was an all out attack on Trump for his brand of capitalism.

That’s what matter to the oligarchy, their brand of capitalism, globalism. But Trump’s version of it is ‘I do it my way’.

The news that Trump had ongoing ‘conversations’ with Taiwan’s now president since 2015 to influence the USA’s Asian policies before he became president is a bone of contention too. Some current and former generals and members of the CIA, all representatives of globalists’ interests, spoke against Trump’s behavior. The importance of that incident is, in part, that the arms dealers and Wall Street financiers’ front man, GOP’s Pieribus, went there to negotiate some quid pro quo with then Taiwan’s presidential candidate Tsa; it was not for dinner for two in Chinatown.

As Summers implied in the article mentioned above, Trump is acting like a modern El Duce, and globalists are not happy with any forms of ‘state corporatism’. Trump’s version of that economic/political model is businesses run by his decree.

The primaries showed the divisions, but few people noticed, and the media was determined not to make an issue of it. Summers and other globalists penned a letter to the American voters in March expressing their hatred of Trump. (Search Larry Summers on my blog for related posts.) By that time,  the GOP was already broken in half between Trump’ supporters and nevertrump. While they told the public that the divisions were over his racists comments, those who know the GOP better know they are racists. The real divisions were over Trump’s behind the curtain dealings with businesses and, now we know, governments.

Remember Priebus not disowning Trump during the primaries and presidential campaign? He was already working for him behind the curtains with Taiwanese Tsa. That’s why he couldn’t ‘disown’ him: they owned each other.

When the gods that rule our lives bicker with each other, they use the little people as weapon. They take their battles to the mainstream media, each side trying to manipulate our opinions and trying to guide us to act the way they need. Vote for this, no, vote for that…

But more important, who has the power to give Trump a coup d’etat?

I propose the divisions are that bad. I’m trying to collect the ‘evidence’ to prove my suspicions. Until then…

Keep your eyes open, people.




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