Trump on Carrier: Says He “Didn’t Mean It”. Nothing he said, He meant

It was all news to Trump, who was taken aback at the idea that he promised to keep Carrier jobs in the United States.

“I actually said I didn’t make it. When they played it I said, ‘I did make it, but I didn’t mean it quite that way,’ ” Trump said. It was, he explained: “A euphemism. I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in, because they made the decision a year and a half ago.” How Donald Trump forgot about his promise to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S.

He “didn’t mean it”. I wonder how all those Leftist Trump Apologists feel now. They were explaining Trump’s  transparent lies to the working class as just ‘corkiness‘ on his part. They believed his pseudo-anti-globalism too.

I guess it’s a matter of time when the Don tells his deplorables and the foolish Marxist Leftists that he “didn’t mean” that either.

Actually, he didn’t mean anything he said.

You can bet that he didn’t mean either that the “agreement” with Carrier “saved jobs”. You must have misinterpreted him there too. He was not intent on “saving jobs”, only the CEOs contracts with the government.

But his faithful followers will not lose faith in that he will ‘come around’. And if they do, the MSM is ready to manage that anger.

The “I didn’t mean that” presidency. But the Left voted for him, indirectly AND directly.

Nothing sadder that Marxist Leftist idiots.

Hillary told you so; his were fake campaign promises.

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