Bernie Sanders to Trump on Carrier: ‘I’ve got your back’

If people were more mindful of how politicians use words, how they phrase their ideas, we would be blessed with decent presidential administrations instead of constantly having to fight-off this swarm of conniving politicians from right to left. Take the case of good old Sanders’ response to Trump’s deal with Carrier company:

In essence, United Technologies took Trump hostage and won.

Did you see it? Its’ right there, I underlined it for you. Poor Trump, he was victimized by that evil and greedy company. It took Trump HOSTAGE!

In case you don’t know, that is a subtle attempt at manipulation of public opinion.

Bernie Sanders Loves Trump

Sanders has always had sympathy for Trump, they share so much in so many ways.

He is telling you there that Trump was ‘outmaneuvered’ by the company, it was not that Trump actively and knowingly planned the details of the labor agreement with the company: He was FORCED, involuntarily into the agreement.

Sanders is playing on the mass delusion that Trump is somehow an innocent businessman with no experience in government politics, the myth of the “outsider” politician. He likes that because he called himself an outsider too. He can relate to Trump’s sad position. Poor El Duce, he will be prey to these barracudas.

Funny thing is that Sanders, paternalistically maybe, shows Trump’s weakness in the area where his followers and sympathizers see his strength, as a ‘successful’ businessman who will use that ‘intelligence’ to get us out of the grip of the globalists.

Sanders, on day one, expressed his joy at the prospect of “working with him”.

Well, here he is, kissing Trump’s knees.

I can’t stand this little opportunist pseudo socialist. He has been betraying the working class he claims to defend, most notably during the elections. Thanks to him Trump is there. Sanders provided him all the insults and lies needed to continue vilifying Hillary Clinton throughout the presidential campaign. He never apologized to her for grotesque misogynistic attacks he launched on her.

Dishonest people like him, they always get caught lying. Chalk this “hostage” statement as the first instance of him lying pretending to dislike Trump.

Sanders has Trump’s back.

There will be many more like this to come, folks.

(Check my post-elections posts about Sanders.)





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