Trump on Conflict of Interest And Getting Away With Murder

The Donald once infamously said during the primaries that he could kill a person on 5th Ave. on broad day light and nothing would happen to him. He meant by it that his followers loved him so much that they were willing to ignore all the REAL crimes and misdemeanors uncovered about him. It was a tacit acknowledgment of the misdeeds, without regrets or remorse.

He also bragged about his business acumen saying that combing the tax code looking for every hidden tax loophole he could use makes him “intelligent”.

After having been appointed president by the Electoral College (if they were truly interested in protecting this nation they would vote against Trump, but they will not), the Don has already combed – not his hair but – the federal laws on conflict of interest, and claims he found the necessary loopholes that allow him to mix his personal business with the business of running the government and not be prosecuted for it.

The law’s totally on my side, meaning, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” Donald Trump, interview with the New York. He is right, the president is not allowed to have a conflict of interest, but leave it to wily Trump to find loopholes everywhere, even in a sentence that clearly states the opposite of what he is implying. There’s a lawyer next to him to make sure the spinning is legal.

As president ‘elect’, he is showing the same attitude about evading the laws he had during his campaigns: peace of mind and proud about it. Expect him to show no shame, regrets or remorse as he fattens his and his kids wallets with our money.

You don’t need a magic ball to see that his ‘administration’ will be the most corrupt there ever was. The Donald will use every loopholes and interpret the laws to allow him to fleece this nation. When it comes to scamming his ‘business partners’, and government is a business, his attitude and actions have always been in harmony.

And because he still can kill anyone on 5th Ave., nothing will  happen to him as he fleeces us, his ‘business partners’.

I’m waiting to see who is the first person he is going to kill, and how soon after he signs his brand name on the dotted line of the Constitution.

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