Whose Afraid of Donald Trump? Collective Anxiety As Premonition

People keep discussing whether Trump is or isn’t a fascist (as I’m doing now), and whether he will usher an era of fascism in the USA.

Most people in the American media (MSM and Leftist) argue that he isn’t ‘that dangerous’ and give as evidence anything from ‘we don’t know what kind of president he will be because he has no experience in government management’ to ‘he is just a corrupt businessman who wants to profit from running the government’. Before I go ahead with the discussion about what to expect from Trump’s administration, let me ask you these two questions.

First, from where do people get this idea that if you see a vicious dog barking at you, he will become docile if you move him to a better dog house? I suspend judgment, as most people do, when I watch a Tom Cruise movie, but this is not a movie.

Second, you can’t expect that a man with a heart filled with hatred will become compassionate the moment he ascends the highest seat of power on the planet. Question: Trump-hopefuls, are you out of your freaking mind?!

Spiegel magazine recently published an attention-grabbing article where the author, Dirk Kurbjuwei, tries to divine whether Trump will end up being Adolf Hitler 2.0.  Mr.Kurbjuwei uses Umberto Eco’s last essay, Ur-Fascism,  as Ouija board to see what the future brings to The Donald as president.

Eco’s essay works as a check-list to assess the probabilities that a person or politician is or will be a fascist in the near future. But Mr. Kurbjuwei, even with the help of that interesting guide, makes the same mistake all opinion-writers I have read online commit: He misses the big picture.

The Big Picture

Neither Hitler nor Mussolini’s raise to power happened by their sole personal  effort. Actually, no one rises to power by his/her own effort. Behind the power-grabbing victor there are always lots of people who guaranteed their success one way or another. It is those people and the ones he carefully chooses after winning that tells you the probabilities of him becoming a fascist/tyrant.

All of the people Trump is assigning to his Cabinet are ultra-right wing Conservatives and, even worse, billionaire Libertarians. These are the people who will advice that apprentice president, who will write the policies that define fascism. He by himself can do no harm. Fear the Goebles and the Mengeles in his administration.

The authoritarian personality tyrants show early is only part of the big picture. As Miguel de Cervantes wisely said a few years ago: “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.” (“Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.”)

“Thiel has advocated for technologists to live in offshore ships that would function as mini-nations to escape regulation” WaPo

Also, that Hitler’s and Trump’s victories came  despite society’s dismissing their threats as clownish and their chances of being elected as not-in-this-life-time is evidence that authoritarian personality is not the only predictor of authoritarian administration.

Social, economic and political turmoil are always the engine that propel dictators to the seats of power. These tyrants don’t just show up  from out of the blue; they have always been in gestation for more than nine months.

The style commonly used to study Trump as a potential dictator reflects our individualistic ideology. Our culture holds the individual above the group; that’s why most political analysts ignore the social conditions surrounding that individual, Trump.

Despite having stated many times during the primaries that it was the ‘deplorables‘ who kept lifting Trump against the negative polls, these analysts continue to ignore them. Without the deplorables Trump would at this time be preparing his next season of The Apprentice.

Finally, the Left acted as Trump Apologists, they forgot to consider who these people surrounding Trump were, and the type of men he would bring to his administration. That was the warning Hillary Clinton was sending out. But, hey, the Left told us “she’s a liar”, and voted for Trump. They were right, weren’t they?

Collective Anxiety

No human can live outside a society, and no society can exist without individuals. Humanity’s history is the history of trying to strike a balance between those two extremes.

Trump’s ‘victory’ has created an undeniable collective/social anxiety; it is a collective intuition of things to come. Humans are cursed by their tendency to dismiss ‘premonitions’ as totally irrational. Some times they are real signs of warning, of danger so close to us that our senses can notice it.

Premonitions are based on experience. We recognize, at a not-so-subconscious level, Trump’s behavior as dangerous. Before Hitler’s rise to power, many people kept warning of the danger he posed to humanity, but they were ignored. Ignore the people warning against Trump at your own peril.

My question at this point is Who benefits from telling us that there’s no need to fear Trump?

(Note: With all due respect to everybody, I can’t get myself to insert the word ‘president’ ahead of that man’s name. So sue me, see if I care. Just kidding.)

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