Let’s Face It: It’s Beyond Trump Now

By this time, you are probably wearing that Munch face day-in-and-day-out. I call it ‘the face after reading to whom Trump is handing the keys to our Federal government.’

The menace to our democratic society now comes from the white dudes surrounding Trump.

The Apprentice President knows shit about running a NATION, so he is relying on ‘advisers’. Already knowing all needed to be known about le petite-Mussolini, we know that, right at this moment, these experienced and extreme-right wing advisers are buffing Trump’s ego to get nominated by him. That’s all you need to do to get El Duce‘s attention: buff that ego spotless, baby.

Funny thing is, even comrade Sanders is vying for attention from ‘el lider‘:


Let me be clear — I happen to think that Donald Trump is a very smart person, and he would not have been elected president if he were not a very smart person.” Sanders said.

“The evidence is pretty clear,” Sanders continued, “that when you lose the White House in a campaign against a gentleman [WTF, Sanders?]

Trump doesn’t know many of these people; they have been suggested to him by the DEPLORABLES in the GOP (their elite, i.e.), by divided conservatives, and by the owners of this nation: the oligarchs (name them, please),and Murdock and the elite conservative MSM.

He knows what he wants, he is not ‘innocent’ nor a victim. But, at the same time, he is extremely malleable. If there was an ounce of good intentions in this man’s heart, rest assure that, by now, it has been obliterated.

This s the dangerous scenario that Hillary Clinton was warning us about,  where a man, inexperienced and psychologically unfit to be president,  will be manipulated by the D.C. weasels.

The big problem we have is that the white dudes in the (R.I.P.) Democratic party are marching towards this modern Nazi government.

Angry Voter, where are Thou?

If you believe that the Democratic party is the party of WS and voted against them, where is your outrage now? I know where: Waiting for that alpha-male paternal figure you see in Trump, and whom you elected, to deliver the lies.

Bernies and white ‘progressives’ and the zombie Left: you DID vote for him. Come out of the fascist closet.



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