Trusting the Trump Brand, Or ‘The Cruz-ification of Sanders And The Democratic Party’

“This is not trust,” Sanders argued. “We’re not here to trust [her, i.e.]. It is the very opposite of what I am saying: To say, oh sit back, elect Clinton and then trust.”

“No,” he continued. “Mobilize. Educate. Fight.”

Yeap. That was fiery revolutionary Sanders telling his Bernies that he had  no trust on ‘that woman’, and, ergo, they should mobilize against her and disrupt her administration, assuming, as everybody did, that she was going to win.

Because words do matter, contrast that with post-elections ‘Cruz-ified‘ Sanders:

“We look forward to working with him 

Let me be clear — I happen to think that Donald Trump is a very smart person, and he would not have been elected president if he were not a very smart person.” Sanders said.

“The evidence is pretty clear,” Sanders continued, “that when you lose the White House in a campaign against a gentleman [WTF, Sanders?]

And, Sanders added, that if Trump… fight to stop countries from moving overseas,he will have an ally with me.


‘Mr. President, you are a gentleman and my man. Can I now be in your Cabinet with Putin? He’s my hero too!’

First, the obvious. Sanders has Trump in yuuuge high esteem, as compared to his feelings towards Hillary, which where of utter hatred and dislike. Trump as a “gentleman”? C’mon! Even after the presidency was stolen from her, he hasn’t had a kind word for her.

Sanders has dropped, as he dropped the ‘socialist’ early in his campaign, the call to the Bernies to “mobilize”. Sanders doesn’t want them to mobilize now against the USURPER; he wants them to wait until he decides that Trump is a fascist, which may never happen. He is the Saintly leader, they must wait for his call.

And, finally, Sanders continues the Leftists’  psy ops of reinforcing the lie that Trump won the elections. He didn’t. He lost by over a million votes. We all know that the politicians in the electoral colleges acted against the will of the people they are supposed to represent. But that is an inconvenient truth for Sanders and the other Hillary-haters. Instead of denouncing the theft, they deny it and congratulates the beneficiary of the theft. Thus, for him to say that Trump “won the elections” because he is “intelligent” is not only a lie, it shows how low Sanders can crawl when it comes to begging for crumbs. Using a Trumpism, “sad”.

Secondly, did you notice that unqualified, mysterious phrase “and fight to stop countries from moving overseas? You know what that means, don’t you? Moving from overseas to HERE, that’s what it means. Sanders is supporting Trump’s racist immigration policies; the wall and anti-Muslims is what it means. That’s the art of deceptive political language. This makes him a crass hypocrite and liar. There’s your saintly leader.

The Dems Become Ted Cruz

Interesting factoid: So far, it has been mostly white men in the Democratic party who have come forward and bowed to the King. These are the same people who, during the primaries and the elections trashed Trump as fascist (except Sanders, of course, who was more gentle in his ‘attacks’). Now, not only they don’t think he is a fascist, now they trust him. All those signs and features of the fascist ideology they saw in him… gone by the magic of the allured of presidential powers. They want a piece of the Trump action.

What Is Left? The Right.

Now, what do we have here? We have men of all colors and nationalities in Congress and in the Left supporting Trump. They will use the power of the media (MSM and Leftists’) to shout the reasons why you must trust them and Trump. They will do as Sanders did in that quote, use unclear language to cover up racist and misogynist messages. Propaganda is its name.

The only thing that matters to Congress and the Left is the well-being of white male workers, and of the conservatives and globalists. It’s not mindless attack on them. They have been talking about making the Dem party cater to and  ‘lifting’ the white workers. These men are not interested in women’s or ‘identity’ issues, are they?

Sanders will make peace with Trump and his class interests because you didn’t see his voting record. Had you seen it, you would have seen him becoming a Trump Apologist.

What was left after November 8 was a Democratic party in the process of being cannibalized by men in power struggle to position themselves in Congress as beneficiaries of Trump’s loco administration. They are shedding their ‘democratic’ garb for a more fitting ‘national socialist’ one, you know, the Nazi party.

I posted a comment here about how America would be turning to the extreme right after Hillary won the elections as a consequence of the GOP, the Left and Sanders attacking her administration.

Now it is clear that we have made that turn. The Dems have joined the GOP and Trump. Class unity is a done deal for the oligarchs and conservatives and the ‘Nationalist Socialist Party’ ideology represented by ‘independent’ Sanders and the Left.

I leave you with this question:

When have you seen the conservatives, the capitalists and the globalists unite to be allies of the working class, of women, of people of color?

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