Do You Remember The GOP’s Hatred of Trump?

Sure, they dragged him through the mud.

Now they are shining his shoes.

If you are like the American Left, who thinks that Trump will put the globalists in their place, think twice.

Not only the GOP is making nice with Trump, the globalists and Wall Street will follow the example. Wall Street already expressed their “certainty ” that Trump will be good for them.

Hitler was an anti-capitalists but ended up working hand in hand with them.

The capitalists, the oligarchy, the conservatives and the elite billionaire class never, but NEVER ally themselves with the working class, even less with feminist women, blacks…

But don’t say that to the Left. They are so sublimely ignorant, they think Trump will deliver on his pseudo-anti-globalist campaign promises.

Shhhh! Don’t wake them up; they might hurt themselves on waking up.

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