A Date That Will Live In Infamy: The Winners In the Presidential Elections Are The White Working Class Men and The Oligarchy

A date that will live in infamy: On election day Hillary Clinton won the elections but lost the presidency. It was an INSTANTANEOUS coup d’etat.

I can’t imagine how this courageous woman feels after winning TWICE by popular vote and seeing her victory snatched from her hands by a cabal of men and the oligarchy. It happened last week and in 2008. Obama knows how it happened, ask him.

And to pour salt on her wound (and ours), the same political criminals that perpetrated this atrocity, including the Left, are blaming her for her ‘lose’.

As I have discussed in this inartful blog, the Left is putting the blame on ‘feminists Mame’. They have declared that it was her beating that dead horse of women’s issues

A second and relatively weak card Democrats played was conjuring up an Imaginary Hillary Clinton, a defender of womens’ and human rights who held hands with The moms of killer cop victims

what lost her the presidency.

Will The Left Get New Lenses to Correct Their Myopia?

I have stated in various posts that one of the Left’s most appalling blemishes is their inability to practice a modicum of self-assessment. And they continue to be as intellectually and ideologically dishonest as ever.

They will not correct their error of claiming that Hillary lost, they will continue to blame her for the coup perpetrated on her.

They will not correct the lie that it was her feminist agenda that tanked her. The Left is anti-feminist, PERIOD. So don’t expect them taking a look at their own brand of misogyny.

They will continue to spread the lie that Hillary is corrupt, a liar and the most distrusted candidate ever. That’s why she ‘lost’, isn’t it? Hillary-hating is alive and well, thanks for not asking.

They will continue to ignore the fact that winning the popular vote means that the true progressives in this country (which I declare exclude the Left, Sanders and his followers) were in favor of her inclusionary Identity Politics, and rejected the Left’s mantra that only class issues matter.

They will continue, despite the electoral results, to push their anti-identity-politics agenda.

And they will join Trump and the oligarchy in pacifying the white male working class in the same way that Hitler did: white men will receive all the benefits, literally and figuratively, and the rest of us will be pushed violently to the sides. This the Left is already doing. You can roam through their websites and see them clamoring  for protecting the white working class that voted for Trump. How dared that ‘evil feminist woman’ put women’s issues in parity with that of white men?

The American Left is definitely a zombie Left. You know what a zombie is, don’t you? They are a brainless and heartless unnatural creature trying to bring the living humans to their hellish underworld.

We need a revolution that will sweep away the scum of the earth that is the American Left.


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