“Bernie or Bust” Millennials and The American Left Bust The Planet: They Voted For Trump

Trump was elected fair and square: Ignorant Democrats, ‘liberals’, confused Millennials, Sanders’ supporters, Black men, Susan Sarandon, Trump Apologist Left…all Hillary haters, did not go to vote, voted for Trump, or voted for nonsense ‘third parties’, including fascist Garry Johnson’s “Libertarian” party.

Image result for bernie or bust

Image result for bernie or bust

You have set the planet on fire. You CAN’T WALK THAT BACK, you ignorant fools.

Susan Sarandon ‘enlightened’ the millennials by telling them that “Trump is less dangerous than Hillary” and she would rather vote for him and not for her.

Millennials are politically ignorant, they don’t know the difference between liberalism, libertarianism, and socialism. You can see on this blog the articles written by them against Hillary and IN DEFENSE of Trump.

So, yeah. Trump won because of you. He IS YOUR president. He was LEGALLY elected. YOU CAN’T WALK YOUR VOTE BACK!

You accused Hillary Clinton of fiendishly wanting to be president with the sole purpose of bringing World War 3, but it was YOU, with your ignorance and hatred of women and of Hillary in particular, who has put us in the path to nuclear annihilation.

You reap what you sow.

I spent this year writing in this blog with my ESL that the zombie Left and Millennials were going to vote for Trump, and they did. They voted directly, they voted for him by not voting at all, they voted for him by voting for nonsense ‘third parties’.

You voted for FASCISTS. Trump and Garry Johnson ARE fascists.

Now go expiate your guilt: Go get arrested and beaten over the head by fascist cops. You deserve that too.

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