The White Misogynists in the Media and in Sanders’ Political Revolutionaries Win (Men’s Power is Safe with Trump Again)


Congratulations to Bernie Sanders and his followers, and to the living-dead American Left, oh, and to the millennials who voted for Trump or for the other supreme loser leftist organization or for Johnson, because in their sweet youthful ignorance, they confuse ‘liberalism’ with ‘libertarianism’ and ‘socialism’. They can’t tell the difference, the poor things. Their ignorance will cost them this time.

But hey! With Trump they have achieved their ‘political revolution’ because he was talking about anti-globalism, (and is a masculine man a la Benito Mussolini to boot) wasn’t he? Cheers to you!

You showed us that you know how to destroy, but don’t know yet how to rebuild. The ‘minorities’ didn’t show up because they bought the Left’s and Sanders’ “crooked Hillary” and the mainstream media’s (MSM)  “dishonest” Hillary propaganda. And Black men? Chances are they didn’t show up to vote because they were at the bar with their white bros (who voted for Trump) ’cause they are not gonna vote for no bitch to be their boss.

It don’t matter to them that Black women’s interests were at stake (for them, as for Trump, women interest them only as steak).

No, the interests of the mothers of the BLM movement are not a priority for men in the next 500 years. Women are good only for crying for black men (they don’t care about black women assassinated by the cops) killed by the same cops that Trump is going to further militarize against them. No, ‘identity politics‘ (discussed below) has no place in the economic revolution.


Identity Politics. No need to worry about it.

Men Win, Women Lose

So, the result of the elections showed how effective you all were at making people believe that Hillary is the enenmy. Congrats again! Men win, women lose. That was the hidden battle in this election: the battle of the sexes. The rejection of Hillary was the rejection of feminism and  the empowerment of women.

The Disorganized Progressives Feel The Hope, Again

Some zombie Left groups are celebrating Trump’s triumph, BAR (Black Agenda Report) so far, let’s wait to the morning after. They are so delusional as to think that they, who can’t organize a baptism, who can not recognize their political weakness as shown by their inability to form coalitions with the Dem party for the benefit of working class and ‘identity groups’, they think they can get organized to battle Trump. Well, they are not even thinking about ‘battles’ with him because they believe in his promises to ‘attack globalism’.

How are they going to face a fascist racist billionaire with the surveillance police state in his hand? With anarchic groups like OWS and BLM? It’s too late for that. The oligarchs have militarized the police, you are not going to get crap.

If you think that scamming-Trump, who has done nothing for anybody but for himself and his family, will suddenly become less racist and more humane, you deserve the shit you are about to get from him. See Social Security privatized soon. But hey! Trump is less dangerous than Hillary. Good for you!

OK, enough celebrations. I want to talk about how Hillary Clinton lost.

Who Is Killary?

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because she is ‘crooked’, or ‘more dishonest than Trump’; she didn’t lose because she ‘killed  babies in Iraq’ nor because she is ‘sold to WS’ or a ‘liar’. She didn’t lose because of the policies she was advocating or because she is so evil that she wanted to win the presidency with the sole purpose of bringing WW3 to the planet.

No, she didn’t lose because she is those things because those things are lies about her. She lost because of lies about her, the lies you spread about her in your glorious and revolutionary ‘social media’ and Leftist online propaganda magazines, complementing the lies in the mainstream media (MSM).

Had you attack her for her policies without misogyny, I wouldn’t be writing this. But you used misogyny, the hatred of women, to portray her as ‘flawed’ and ‘evil’; as if all the male presidents you have voted for are ‘less evil’ than what you put on her. But you don’t hate them as men, do you?

Hillary lost the election because of misogyny.

A Turn to the Right

But there are other reasons, as discussed below, that explain why  the angry American voters, including many of you, rejected her and took a right turn, giving Trump the presidency, and Congress to boot. Ah, the emails, yes. They are a big part of this story. Let me start with the Left and then the MSM.

Sanders and ‘crooked Hillary’

Part of the blame for America’s turn to the right is owned by a wide segment of the white American Left, the white and angry millennial ignoramuses, and the aging  blue-eyed  ‘progressives’ who hide behind those eyes their true contempt for minorities and people of color. (This will be explained below.)

They carry part of the guilt for throwing the US and the working class they claim to love to the abyss with an elitist misogynist racist scamming billionaire who dreams to be a mini Hitler.


Thelma and Lady Liberty – Sussy Sarandon, who infamously said that Hillary Clinton is “more dangerous than Trump”, and “there’s no need to fear Trump”, jumping off a cliff with a terrified Lady Liberty in the car with her. I’m sure Sarandon will be employed by Trump as, probably, cultural attaché.

Identity politics” is anathema for the living-dead American Left, that’s why they hated Hillary’s focus on ‘identity issues’, and loved Trump because he talked only about ‘the economy’, ‘class identity’ issues.

“In my opinion, it turns bolshevism on its head by using race or ethnic identity instead of class identity as the supreme, mobilizing force in national life.” Peter Lee ‘Trump: We Wish the Problem Was Fascism‘ at Counter Punch

First, notice that the vast majority of those who are against ‘identity politics’ are men of all races and ethnicity, but mostly white. Of course, identity politics was fine with men in the 1900-1930s, the ‘proletarian movement’ had the interests of women and oppressed blacks in their agenda. But not today.

Second, The assumption by the Left is that when Trump talks about the economy, he is doing it from a conscious understanding of  the supreme “class identity” issue. That is what I call being a Trump Apologist: the pseudo-intellectual living-dead Left explains to the ‘ignorant’ working class what Trump means, when he actually doesn’t mean it.

You have to be a zombie Leftist to believe and trust that Trump, the capitalist, knows what he is saying and will do what he is promising; that he has the interests of the working class in mind. He, who makes money from evicting poor people to open a casino..he is a friend of the (white) working class. Maybe, but not of Blacks and women and immigrants…

‘Identity Politics’ and Fascism

This is what those who rail against ‘identity politics’ forget: That Hitler’s triumph, as Donald’s, was based on “identity politics”. It was Hitler’s hatred of every group who was not white that united the beloved white working class around him. The rest is history, isn’t it?

You can use identity politics for good or for bad. Hillary Clinton was using it for good. She understood that economy is part of the problem, but we also live with race and gender issues that determine who gets the biggest slice of the economic pie. For example, White workers don’t have the same economic problems as women, especially Black women. That’s why we talk about equal pay…an economical issue dismissed by the Left because, well, it is a an ‘identity issue’ for women and they don’t care about ‘identity issues’, do they?

Only white people don’t care about ‘identity politics’. That’s what I meant about the blue-eyes ‘progressives’. You have the luxury to ‘postpone’ issues of race and gender and ethnicity because you don’t suffer them. You don’t see the connections of ‘class’ issues and identity issues. But rest assured, Hitler and Trump care about them.

Image result for hitler ethnic cleansing

I will continue this discussion later today. I’m totally…depressed by the Left giving a hand to raise fascist Trump. This much I can guarantee you: I’m done with sticking my neck out for men of any color and ethnicity. My support will be saved only for the men who stood with women during this presidential cycle. Leftist men…you know what you can do with yourselves.



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