On the Eve of the Elections: Fascism or Democracy?

Will Americans vote for fascism or for Democracy?

This was not a question I had in mind in any previous election since I moved to the ‘metropolis’ from Puerto Rico in 1982. But now, with the high support for Trump, including from  the ‘intellectual’ American Left, who, contrary to the GOP, is explaining to millennials and to the ‘deplorables’ why Trump is NO FASCIST, that there is no need to be afraid of him,  now I fear that these confused voters might elect Donald Trump tomorrow. The ‘progressive millennials’ are so confused that, in their tender eyes that have not yet seen much of life, Gary Johnson and Trump are ‘revolutionary bros’ and Hillary Clinton is the fascist enemy to be defeated.

This is the scary part of this close-encounter with fascism: This presidential election cycle is like a movie we have already seen, the Fascist German period movie, but people seem to have forgotten it. All the elements for a turn to fascism are already in place here, as I will inartfully discuss in this post; including the Left supporting a fascist candidate for president.

For all the rants about Ronald Reagan’s and the GOP’s ‘fascism’ up to the year 2000, it was understood that their brand of fascism was pretty much hidden behind the curtains of government and behind the knowing media. Our political liberties were still there. I participated freely in Leftists activities, I was arrested, and the courts PROTECTED my right to dissent.

Sure, not always works that way; we still have political prisoners here, a surveillance state, and the fights against the oil pipelines and WS are brutal. But this is yet NO OPENLY FASCIST nation. We can still fight and go home and watch a movie. Most of us are not afraid of being surreptitiously scooped off from the streets by the SA.

No matter how bad things are here, the Constitution is still alive. But the nightmare is setting in, maybe not this year, but sooner than we can imagine. The signs are showing.

Cast of characters

We have the masses of people – working and middle and poor classes, the ‘ethnic’ groups, etc., railing about the economy. Yes, our economy is sinking. That proverbial falling feeling you have when you see your paycheck? Is not in your mind, it is happening to you. The middle class is disappearing, falling down with the poor.

As discussed in this blog, even the globalists admit that their philosophy of global economy has worked mostly for the top 1% of the world-wide elite. Even they are looking for ways to slow down (in uber globalist Larry Summers’ words) the destruction that their progress is inflicting in the rest of humanity and the planet.

Two famous ‘logical inferences’ come to mind: One, where there is smoke, there is fire. The other one is Where there is the smoke of economic crisis and profound and sustained inequality, there is the fire of social and political turmoil. Economic turmoil led in Germany to political crisis.

Donald Trump as Hitler

I venture to say that the millennials are too young to recognize the psychological  features of a totalitarian despot. Trump’s followers, some dismissed as ‘deplorables’, are as ignorant of these features themselves. But the zombie Left has no excuse for not recognizing these features.

To learn about these ‘psychological features’, the millennials only have to watch those documentaries about Hitler (reading is not appealing these days, and the zombie Left is more confused about Trump than the millennials) to see him using the same words as Trump. ‘Corporations are taking away our jobs’? Hitler and Trump. “I’m your voice”? “Immigrants are destroying this nation”? Check and check.

The millennials should see Trump’s unabashed expressed hatred of women, minorities and immigrants as the most explicit sign of how this man is a ‘mini-me Hitler’. He is morally unfit to be our president. The fact that they don’t see it is terrifying because of what it means: they are ideologically and historically uninformed and confused. They are the food from which the media, the fascists and the zombie Left feed (you know what a “zombie” is, don’t you?). It leads to the next cast of characters.

The Glorious  Intellectual Left

The German Left was as guilty of the rise of Hitler as was the people’s inability to see the danger lurking behind his promise of ‘order and economical progress’.

Today, the American Left exhibits the same faults and character flaws, and then some, of the 1900-1930 German left.

The most offensive of these faults is their inability to create a coalition against the right wingers because they can’t overcome their petty ‘ideological differences’. They can’t work not even a TEMPORARY coalition with the Dem party and Hillary Clinton because each group feels only they have THE TRUE Marxist interpretation of class struggle, each group thinks they should be the ONE party of the working class; everybody else is wrong and not worthy of their attention.

The German Left was instrumental in defeating  the empire in 1918, but it was unprepared to hold on to that victory. Their continued divisions opened up the political space for a coalition between former right wing enemies, i.e., the military elite, the nascent big corporations and Hitler to unite against the working class. Divide and conquer, it never fails. The battle for the ‘correct’ Interpretation of Karl Marx analysis of capitalism kept the left divided. Same today. The fascists took the candies while the left was bickering among themselves about what Karl Marx meant.

Today, as I have discussed in this blog, the American Left is basically a zombie Left. They have become an unnatural creature  that functions as Trump Apologists. They explain, because they are the ‘intellectual left’ that must ‘teach’ the working class how to do the ‘revolution’, in their online ‘think tanks’ why the working class must IGNORE the attacks on Trump as ‘fascist’ and racist and misogynist, and vote for him. In their miserable existence (literally), they see Hillary Clinton, a CENTRIST at worse, as the enemy.This is their explanation (apology) of why we should not castigate Trump as fascist and racist:

“In my opinion, it turns bolshevism on its head by using race or ethnic identity instead of class identity as the supreme, mobilizing force in national life.” Peter LeeTrump: We Wish the Problem Was Fascismat Counter Punch

Don’t you love it when the zombie Left uses the adjective(?) “supreme”, like in the 1900s: “supreme comrade”, “supreme zombie Left”… The problem with Trump is not fascism, according to the supreme Left. Actually, there is NO PROBLEM with him, according to them, because Trump is talking about ‘class identity’. How is Trump talking about that is beyond my comprehension, but the zombie Left hears from their graves Trump calling them: ‘When I say ‘grab them by the pussy’ I mean grab the working class woman by the pussy.’ That’s good enough for them. Then there is…

The Media

The presidential election process in the US consists of three elements: the people, the TWO parties, and the media. Of the three elements, the media is by far the most important during the campaign cycle: Through it you control what is publicly discussed, you shape opinions with real and/or fake facts. It is from these facts that must people make up their minds about candidates, mainly because the people don’t have the time to ‘research’ the candidates.

The media forced us to talk about Trump with its 24/7 coverage of anything that could be linked to Trump. It is the media’s fault that Trump is this close to the White House. They gave him billions worth of free coverage and legitimized him and his campaign.

In the US the media enjoys an unearned and pernicious trust from the public, which is the same as saying that the American people are easily manipulated by them. When the people complains about the media, as Trump has shown himself, is not about it been ‘dishonest’. The complaint is ‘don’t attack my side’, be dishonest with the other side’.

We have this news snippet to prove this point. Last Wednesday Murdock’s Fox News allowed Bret Baier  to falsely report  that Hillary Clinton “will be indicted by the FBI”. The purpose was clearly to try to influence the outcome of the elections. Trump’s campaign manager, Miss Personality, Kellyanne Conway later stated, and the media agreed with her, that it doesn’t matter that the public was misinformed because “The damage is done to Hillary Clinton”.  In her eyes,  the misinformation by the ‘professional media’ is a good thing if it unfairly damages your opponent: “No matter how it’s being termed, the voters are hearing it for what it is — a culture of corruption,” Conway explained.”

This is the essence of Machiavellianism, but it is Hillary Clinton the one dragged through the media with the label of ‘dishonest’.

I discussed in this blog how the media covered the ‘protesters’ on both campaigns.

The End

Well, tomorrow is the day. If Trump wins, blame the media for propping him up, and start packing your suitcases, if you are non-white, or white who despises fascism.

If Hillary wins, start buying those marching shoes, ’cause there will be a lot of protests to do. I expect Hillary’s administration to be exemplary at home, but a bit less so in foreign policies issues. We will have to both stand by her at home to protect the administration from the fascist coalition of GOP, confused millennials and zombie Left, and nudge her to the progressive center in foreign affairs.

That’s what democracy looks like.

Hillary is NOT the enemy, ignorance is. Hillary will be our finest president ever, if the fascist triumvirate of GOP, deplorables and millennials/zombie Left doesn’t unite to  impeach her. It will be painful to watch the zombie Left working to install, again, fascism against the working class.

For the zombie Left, either get out of the way or start building a viable third party. Or get ready to rumble with the anti-fascist realists.

Madam President, congratulations. I’m here to serve you.


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