After Electing Hillary, The US Moves To The Far Right

The mainstream media has informed us as of the last two weeks before the elections that BOTH the GOP and Sanders and his followers are firing salvos against Hillary, warning her that they will confront her in her administration. They both promised, in no so subtle words,  to be obstacles to her come day one of her presidency.

How is this a sign of the US moving to the far right after she is elected president? Is written in the walls, folks. Let’s see.

The Unholy Alliance: The GOP and Sanders’ ‘Political Revolutionaries’

Setting the table

It was Sanders and his followers who initiated the character assassination job on Hillary during the primaries calling her ‘crooked’, ‘sold to WS’, ‘KIllary’, ‘bitch’ ‘you are a liar’…They, including Sanders, have accused her since the primaries  of “rigging” the elections, of “attacking Sanders’ [he wasn’t attacking her too?]. There are no political crimes of which these people have not already accused her of, judged and found her guilty of.

Their intense hatred of Hillary has been out there, unapologetic and unrestrained.

Ever since Sanders lost the primaries, many of his supporters have promised to not let her win the presidency, and if she wins, to not let her do her job. Here are some articles, in addition to all the sources I have used in this blog. You can search on your own, of course.

Stopping Hillary from the left

Liberals are preparing blacklists of appointees they want Clinton to avoid

WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left

Of course Bernie Sanders should pressure Clinton from the left. Here’s why

Then this little conversation:

Sanders said those who still don’t believe Clinton will follow through with the progressive party platform are “going to have to work with [him] to make sure that it happens.”

“This is not trust,” Sanders argued. “We’re not here to trust [her, i.e.]. It is the very opposite of what I am saying: To say, oh sit back, elect Clinton and then trust.”

“No,” he continued. “Mobilize. Educate. Fight.”

They move to the right

Sanders followers, moved by their hatred of Hillary, as i have discussed in this blog, have been constantly and persistently moving  towards Trump, and even towards Johnson, two racists, misogynist and fascist representatives of the American right.

This attraction towards these two is a veritable and painful sign of how the  Sanders’ millennials supporters are ideologically confused, and how dishonest the old Left have become.

It is a fact that a big swath of Sanders supporters are considering voting for Trump or Johnson, even more than for Green’s Jill. It should be of concern for anyone who knows the history of how Hitler took power in Germany that these people are behaving like this. It is the same story, folks. The working class vacillated between the Left and the right every time the economy and politics were against them, and the Leftist parties, who were anti-socialism, could not stop the right from appealing to the working class.

The emails, the bond that ties the Left and the Right together

Sanders supporters were very angry at him for not pursuing the email scandals; they are sure that he would have defeated her in the primaries had he push the issue. Now that Assange and the GOP have squeezed that lemon to maximum results, you can count on Sanders and his supporters to join in with the GOP on an ‘investigation’ to possibly impeach her.

The dream of the deplorables and Sanders followers of ‘send her to prison’ may come true, after all. Both the GOP and Sanders ‘revolutionaries’ will try to impeach her over the emails. It’s not far fetch, people. Just look at what they have said and done.

Hatred Always Find a Path to Manifest in Actions

What will happen in the US when the GOP, Sanders ‘revolutionaries’ and the deplorables join forces to impeach a Madam President? That is yet to be seen.

But what have been seen is the effects of political hatred, of racism and misogyny. The intense hatred in the hearts of Sanders followers and the decrepit American Left will find an outlet because the times are ripe for it. Also, I have left out the MSM as part of the forces moving the US to the right, but they are the tool to disseminate all this hatred in our nation.

In times of ideological confusion, the right wing forces tend to catch the most fish.

In my opinion, the future doesn’t look bright nor pretty.

We will have to protect Hillary’s administration by all means available if we are to cut fascism from sneaking in through the door of the Unholy Alliance.


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