WaPo and Media Deserve the Joseph Goebble’s Medal Of Honor

The WaPo has this headline on its online edition


but when you click on it, this is the real headline:

Clinton: Americans deserve ‘full and complete facts immediately’ regarding new email probe

In that long article, there’s only one line about Watergate, Trump’s quote, so why is it so important to quote him about it? There’s more powerful info in that article than Trump’s reference to Watergate, and regular folks don’t care about Watergate.

So, why is The WaPo helping Donald make the connection between Watergate and the emails for the Hillary-haters?

Because Trump and the MSM know that Watergate and Hillary are one in the minds of the GOP and the center-right & extreme right-wing oligarchs. Only they care about Watergate because they know that the history of the Hillary-hating phenomenon starts with Watergate.

Her participation as a lawyer in the proceedings to impeach President Nixon was her first bad political karmic moment. Then as today, it doesn’t matter to the GOP and the 1%ers whether she was successful or not in impeaching Nixon. Being part of the proceedings was the sin that the GOP will never allow her to cleanse; every attack by the GOP and the MSM on her, and Bill’s ‘impeachment’, is the result of that karmic moment in history.

Watergate is what explains the mystery of Why the media and the GOP, who supposedly despise Trump, has been bashing Hillary with more gusto.

This is a rerun of that 2008 primaries episode when Hillary Clinton ran for president and was forced by the media’s constantly bashing her with misogyny and lies created by Karl Rove to concede to Obama, even though she was ahead of him.

As a First Lady, Hillary Clinton was tormented by the Republicans and the MSM, which dutifully  joined in portraying her as a bitch and a lesbian. Karl Rove was the Joseph Gobblers of the GOP propaganda, expert in manipulating the public for character assassination.

I’m convinced that Rove bestowed on The NYT and the WaPo, among other owners of the MSM, the “Joseph Goebbel’s Medal of Honor” for services rendered. They should get it again this year.



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