Note #5: A New Party Must Be Born

All that ‘voter anger’ is spilling over the streets. Right and left are dissatisfied with the ‘establishment’. True, the Republican voters aren’t complaining anymore about the ‘establishment’; they are focused now on the economy. The ‘democrats’ of Sanders’ revolutionaries are still bickering about the tyranny of the party (the democratic party, i.e.).

Can it be any more evident that a new party of the ‘working class’ needs to be create? If Sanders and his bullies think they can kidnap the DNC and make it run as they wish, they are delusional…and lazy.

You can’t come to my home and pretend to tell me how to decorate it. What makes you think you can do the same to the democratic party? Not only you don’t belong there, you don’t want to join them.

Sanders and his followers have no idea about how a revolution is made. They can’t even make a new party.

But that’s what is needed in this new millennium: a third and fourth party of the people oppressed by the globalists. It is the height of delusion to think that the duopoly is still a democratic tool for the peons of the globalists.

Stop bullshitting yourselves. Don’t waste your credibility, whatever remains of it, on trying to destroy the democratic party just for fun.


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