Trump™ Just Made an Ass of Brother Sanders: Won’t Debate With Loser “Second Place”


Well, there you have it. Trump made an ASS of “brother Bernie”, punked him. That’s what you get when you beg dogs with flees to play with you: you get PUNKED. Did Sanders expect Trump to treat him any differently than he treats his other opponents? On whose mind does it fit to believe that BEGGING Trump to give you an opportunity to ‘trash’ him would lead to him taking the bait?

Sanders thought that Trump meant it when he ‘showed sympathy’  with him about having been ‘mistreated’ by the party. He thought that now he and Trump were pals, and that he could OUTSMART the king of trickery.

What a YUUGE ass! Now Sanders is trying to save face. His followers are angrier because Trump punked him, and the rest of us will pay the consequences.



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