Cornel West Calls Trump™ His ‘Brother’


Mr. West, please do explain, how do you, a Black man, and supposedly intelligent,  find ‘brotherhood‘ with an unashamed white xenophobic, misogynistic and racist self promoter member of the elite ‘billionaire class’?

The basic meaning of the  word ‘brotherhood’ (not delving into its sociological/political meaning) used to be, until you used it to refer to Trump™,

  • feelings of friendship, support, and understanding between people

  • a group or organization of people who have the same interests, jobs, etc.

Now “brotherhood” has the same value as the word ‘politician’. Now it is a word you can use to con people into the false believe that they share with you emotional, historic and political interests.

Firstly, What type of degree, education or life-experience  have you missed in your life that would have  helped  you in learning  and understanding  that Donald Trump™ doesn’t harbor towards you  the same warm fussy feelings of friendship and understanding which you have publicly expressed towards him, as if intending to shame the rest of us for having supported you at any time in this life?

Secondly, if you look a bit closely, you will notice that  he belongs to an organization which has nothing in common with your interests as a Black man. He doesn’t even bother to make an effort to appeal to your race or mine (I’m Latin/Puerto Rican).

Is it Because Hillary Doesn’t Have a ‘dick‘?

The only reason you, a Black man, may have found ‘brotherhood’ with Trump™ is because of what you have in common with him as a human being: a dick. Otherwise, explain how come you feel such intense hatred for that woman, Hillary Clinton, vilifying her and accusing her of all types of crimes without providing evidence, but you have absolutely zero feelings of hatred towards Trump™ ?

It can’t be about ‘morality’. Are you refusing to read and hear Trump™ ‘s last week statements to continue to be blind about him?  How is Trump™ more moral than Hillary, or moral at all?  He is liar! Everybody knows that, except you? Even your other ‘brother’, Sanders, knows it. I hope never to hear him calling Trump™  “my brother”: I would retire from the human race.

Can’t you recognize tyranny, fascism and bigotry in Trump™? What happened to you, man?


‘That’s why Trump is my bro now, he is awakening humanity to…something’.

Money is Trump™ ‘s only interest. When asked by Kimmel on TV yesterday if he was willing to have a debate with your other ‘brother, Sanders, Trump™ asked “How much is he willing to pay me?”

I can’t get my self to enumerate for you Trump™ ‘s many immoral statements. I have a feeling that you are not in a mental state of mind to understand the difference between a contemptible and amoral ‘business man’ running for president, and Malcolm X: for you they are the same entities because, in your puny mind, you see them fighting the “establishment”. Hey, if Trump™ is attacking Hillary, he must be against the oligarchs, just as Malcolm X did. Trump™is your ‘brother’ now.

You are a sad man who is trying to suck up the power that you perceive in Trump™. He doesn’t “say it as it is”, he is a bully. You like that in him, that’s the source of your “brotherhood” with Trump™. It’s not about Hillary “lying”, because then you would have to hate lying-Trump™, but you don’t.

So your hatred towards Hillary Clinton can’t be about morality; it has to be because she is a woman ascending to power, and you can’t bear the thought of the nation being commanded by a strong woman. Stop hiding your misogynistic hatred of Hillary behind her “many crimes”.

Fortunately, there are many more men who feel secure in their manhood as to not being afraid of a woman trying to move this nation forward, than men like Cornel West who fears that his dick will fall off if a woman becomes president of the US.


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