Watching The People’s Movements Die On TV, And The Education Of Donald Trump

You have to hand it to the media; they really REALLY know how to kill a movement and leave you owning only your bowel  movement.

Have you noticed how there is no more talk about the GOP’s angry voters in the mainstream or not-so-mainstream media? Shhh…wait… listen to that:…It’s the sound of no more ‘walls’ in the air. Wow, it’s actually relieving. Oh, no more nicknames for the Donald in the air either: he is more ‘respectable’ and ‘presidential’ now.

Neither Trump nor the media talk about his ‘movement’ any more. Angry voters must be ignored from now on or else he would have to address their anger and listen to their real complaints, not the ones he guessed  from polls before entering the race, as he himself said.

Instead of keeping the movement ‘alive’, as Jessie Jackson would say, Trump is now parading through the hallways of the elite’s institutions and homes. He consults with Kissinger and is making behind-the- curtain deals with them, and being ‘educated’ in the art of politics by conservative think-tanks. His followers have no idea with whom he is talking because they don’t matter anymore. Now they are NOT A MOVEMENT: now they are simply VOTERS.

Remember the GOP voters’ desires to ‘own’ the party? Fait accomplished, sort of. Trump owns it now, it’s as if they own it themselves, isn’t it?

The process of pacification of the angry voters  is complete, the party and the oligarchs can exhale: their personal necks were saved by no other than crazy Trumpo.

And Trump knows it, that his followers are now simply voters. There in his decision to make the presidential elections like a reality TV show. There’s no ‘movement’ anymore, only spectators who happen to vote. The anger must be managed and subdued; no better way than with ‘entertainment’. Because that’s all the man has to offer you.

He will be trained by the GOP’s advertising gurus, the ‘donors’, i.e., the owners of the party, by conservative think-tanks…he will receive a crash course on the few political facts he needs to know  to keep his followers hypnotized, and con them into voting for him.

His boogeyman  from now  on until November will be…tah tah! Hillary Clinton, not the ‘establishment’ or the ‘dishonest globalists’. He will continue the character assassination job perfected by Sanders, who in turn benefited from the job the MSM started since she was FOTUS. The old anti-Hillary YouTube videos I mentioned in other posts here are being undust as we speak.

The only worry still keeping the oligarchs angsty is whether he will actually do, as president, all the things he promised to the angry voters. I’m pretty sure they are not worrying much about that anymore.

You just witnessed, without noticing it, how the knife of the masses’ righteous anger is manipulated, contained, dulled and rendered safe to handle by politicians and the media. You just witnessed how political movements go to the two parties to die.

We still have another moribund movement crawling towards its ‘finish’ line. The death of  Sanders’ movement will be more painful to watch.

Is There Life After Death For Sanders’ Movement?

Have you noticed how BORING Sanders speeches feel when he is forced to stop attacking Hillary and he complies by attacking Trump?  Also, have you noticed that the MSM NEVER reports on the particulars of his attack on Trump? That is no coincidence or mistake. Sanders is there to attack Hillary and he has been more than effective at it. Once Hillary is not there, the TWO candidates will have nothing meaningful to talk about, or anything credible to offer to the voters.

Yesterday, a day after the primaries and the barrage of public recriminations against Sanders for the Nevada debacle, Sanders had one rally in California: the media informed you that he DID NOT attack Hillary and spoke only about Trump. Did they tell you what he said about him, have you hear any soundbites of him ‘bashing’ Trump repeated over and over?…crickets….What you may have heard was to show to you that he didn’t attack her, but there was no interest in making him his attacks an effective alternative to Trump.

I have repeated over and over on this blog how the duopoly, the two-party system is the tool to kill the people’s anger. I have discussed how Sanders in particular has been effective at that. Both Trump and Sanders have expressed their pride at bringing all those angry people into their party’s fold to slaughter them with the ‘establishment’.

That’s why I keep repeating that if you want a revolution, you can’t stay on either party. And I will continue to repeat: as long as that party is not created, progressives must vote democratic, and for Hillary.

Sanders promises are utopia, no substance and no means to achieve not even a sliver of the promises because, if you REALLY vetted him, you’ll see he is like Trump. Sanders has no idea of how to run a nation, he has no support, let alone of Republicans, not even of Democrats: only ONE senator has come forward to support him. They know him, his colleagues in Congress, they want nothing to do with his ‘style’.

Sanders’ movement has a better chance at life after death. I watched last night at the Rachel Maddow’ show a discussion with one Sanders supporter explaining a ‘new idea’: creating an organization that would do the work of fundraising and advertising for 400 candidates whom the organization is going to vet and recruit to be elected to push for the issues for which they were ‘hired’ to defend. It’s an interesting idea, it may or may not work…but at least they ARE thinking ahead. Something may come out of the Sanders ‘theme park’ campaign against Hillary.

My hope is that the ‘berniebots’ is a passing phenomenon and that the real ‘revolutionaries’ have learned their lesson and move on to do something constructive and impactfull, other than ‘reform’ the Democratic party.

Until then, I will vote for the ‘least of two evils’. I have a feeling she will be better than expected for the nation, knowing that she is not as bad as the media and Sanders have portrayed her.


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